Chapter 4

"Where's Michael?" Nate jerked awake upon hearing Fiona speaking harshly to him. He winced wondering how he managed to fall asleep in the uncomfortable chair.

"Uh-what?" He straightened mind still foggy with sleep, his eyes falling on an obviously irritated Fiona.

"Where, is, Michael?" She demanded.

"I don't know, I think he and Sam went somewhere."

"Michael is in no condition to go anywhere." She growled folding her arms with a sigh."Where did they go?"

Nate shrugged and winced again, rubbing the back of his neck."I don't know I-" He paused."I was asleep."

She sighed with irritation and pulled out her phone speed dialing Michael. It rang and rang and rang then went to his voice mail. Cursing softly she hung up and tried Sam.


"It's Fi." Sam said as he pulled his vibrating ringing phone from his pocket.

"Don't answer it." Michael said looking through a pair of binoculars across the street at the club.

Sam sighed with slight exasperation putting his phone away."She's gonna be pissed you know." He pointed out.

Michael knew. But he was feeling a bit better, the Dayquil helped take the edge of his headache though it did nothing for his sore ribs. His nose wasn't so congested anymore and he didn't have the urge to wipe it every five seconds. His chest still felt a bit tight though but the medicine seemed to have taken care of the cough to. He wasn't about to let Fiona stop him from doing this.

"That's Kale's car." He said watching as the man got out of a black car, one of his body guards getting out of the passenger side. He handed his keys to the valet, Michael barely made out the scorpion key chain in the dark.

"Great lets bug it and get out of here." Sam said."I'll distract the valets-"

"And I'll snag Kale's car keys." Michael finished.

"Bingo." Sam said.


"You, hey you, yeah valet guy!" Sam approached the man standing in front of the club dressed in a red suit, guarding a stand with various keys hanging on it."You the one that banged up my car last time I was here?"

'Keeping someone distracted long enough to go through with any sort of crime isn't easy. It helps if your an attractive man or women, or a dissatisfied 'customer'.'

"Look sir I don't know what you're talking about." The valet said holding his hands up as if to fend him off.

"Oh yeah? I want to speak to your boss right now, theres over five thousand dollars worth of damage to my brand new jaguar!"

Michael went up to the board where the keys hung, spotted the tell tail scorpion, and snagged them as he walked by.

"Sir, sir I'm going to have to ask you to calm down!"

Michael made his way quickly out into the parking lot searching for Kale's car spotting it next to a silver Corvette.

He approached it quickly, giving a precautionary look around before proceeding with the bugging, placing it just under the drivers seat.

"Where's your car?" A female voice rang out suddenly.

Michael froze.

"I parked it myself, you can't trust those valet guys."A male voice answered.

The sound of approaching foot steps rang out. Michael winced as he secured the bug, his broken ribs sending a twinge of pain across his chest. He paused to listen, each breath achingly painful. They drew closer the sounds of a women's heels particularly loud on the pavement.

'If you haven't broken any windows and you're in possession of the keys of the car you're braking into, its easier to just act like its yours.'

He stood suddenly making a women gasp in surprise. Michael's head swam slightly and he had to lean on the door a little to steady himself. He smiled at the couple who had been approaching the car next to him.

"Sorry sorry, didn't mean to startle you, just dropped my keys." He said with a smile holding them up.

The guy with the women smiled back.

"Don't trust them ether do you?" The man said continuing on his way.

"No, no I don't." Michael said closing the door. He casually made his way back towards the club.

"-come on lets hash this out right here!" Sam's voice rang out as Michael drew closer. Unfortunately a crowed had gathered, returning the keys wasn't going to be as easy.

Michael clenched his jaw considering his options, then started pushing through the crowed. A man stood close to the stand that the keys were stored on and he made a point to run into him hard, all the while calling out to Sam. The man stumbled into the stand knocking it over and Michael discretely dropped Kale's on the ground with the rest.

"Chuck! Chuck relax man! Its the wrong club!" Michael winced as someone elbowed him in the ribs nearly sending him to his knees. He managed to stumble into Sam though, grabbing onto his arm.

Sam gave him a worried look, but it quickly disappeared as Michael forced himself to straighten, facing the valet and the crowed.

"Sorry, sorry he's just a little drunk, I brought him to the wrong place." Michael said. The valet looked skeptical.

"You brought me to the wrong place? What is wrong with you?" Sam said glaring at him.

"This really is all my fault, just let me take him home, no harm no fowl." Michael said plastering on a smile.

The valet glared at them."Just-get out of here man, before I call the cops." He demanded.

"Leaving, we're-we're leaving." Michael said holding onto Sam's arm and directing him back towards the Charger.

"You all right Mikey?" Sam asked once they were far enough away.

"Yeah fine, let's just get out of here." Michael grumbled.


"I can't believe you left!"

Michael tried not to wince at the volume of Fiona's voice. His head had started to hurt again on the way back to the loft, and any loud sounds pierced through his skull like a knife.

"Fi, relax-"Michael tried to calm her down. Her glare shut him up.

"Michael you need to-"

"I'm picking up on Kale." Sam interrupted, he was sitting at a table with equipment that connected to the bug in Kale's car.

"We are in the middle of something Sam." Fiona growled.

Sam gave her a look."He's talking about the flash drive Mikey." He said.

Micheal got to his feet holding back a wince and went over to him soon joined by Nate, while Fiona looked on with irritation, leaning against the kitchen counter.

Sam turned up the device so everyone could hear.

'-I'd appreciate it if you kept your opinions to yourself Wade .'

Kale's voice was as cold as it had been when he'd last spoken to Micheal.

'Yes sir,'

A pause. ' so what are we going to do with him then?' Wade asked. Micheal placed the voice as the bald guard he'd first met.

'Jason Miles has been a thorn in my side to long, if this Patrick Thompson's client doesn't have that flash drive, I'll kill him myself.'

Sam lowered it looking at Michael. "Jason Miles?"

"The thorn in Kale's side, and maybe his client." Michael muttered. "Keep listening, we need to find out where he's keeping him."

"You need to rest Micheal." Fiona said. She sounded less worried now and looked more concerned.

"She's, right Mikey," Admitting Fiona was right really seemed detrimental to the retired SEAL's health."I'll wake you if I get more Intel."

"You do look like crap bro." Nate said, though with a bit of an amused smirk.

Michael glared at him but knew he was outnumbered on this one, and gave in.

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