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"Oh shit… I'm so, so sorry. I didn't mean… I…" She took a deep breath as she turned to look the other way. "I thought that you were alone. I… I didn't know… I mean I didn't hear any… anything." Tears were starting to burn her eyes. She forced them to stay back, at least until she was alone. She placed the thick file on the coffee table and said as confidently as possible, "Make sure you look over them before you sign." Then, trying to not look like a complete idiot, she sprinted out of the office.

Cal was just buckling his belt when he called out, "Gillian, come back. We don't need to act like a bunch of school girls." It was too late; she was probably back into the safety of her own office. Cal turned to the woman behind his desk, who was still buttoning up her black shirt. He held his arms in the air and then slapped them across his legs. He slouched his body into the sofa and looked back at the door. It was a couple of minutes before he said anything. He turned back to the voluptuous brunette sitting in his seat and said, "I think that just ruined the thought of an office shag. Wouldn't you agree?"

Sharon Wallowski stood up and walked over to where Cal was sitting. She bent down and steadied herself by placed her hands on his knees. She shrugged her shoulders and whispered, "I thought it was quite entertaining." She lifted herself up and smiled down upon Cal. "I'll see you around."

Cal grinned like a silly little school boy as she sashayed out of his office. He definitely loved the view from the back. After he heard the click from the door, his grin quickly disappeared from his face. A bumpy road laid in front of him and he wasn't too excited to get the motor running.


Gillian spent the most part of the morning in her office, crying her eyes out. She had known from quite some time that Cal and Wallowski were sleeping together. But knowing and seeing are two very different things.

Once she ran out of tears, she wiped her face with a tissue. She stood up and smothered out all of the wrinkles from her black dress. Her eyes glanced over to the mirror and she couldn't help but notice that she was back to wearing dark, boring colors. Despite her eyes being blood shot and red and her face being pale, she still looked put-together. It was a credit to her mother; who after all of the verbal abuse she took from her alcoholic husband she would walk out of the house with a big smile on her face, like nothing ever happened. That kind of stress, however, caught up to her mother, causing her to have a heart attack. She died after her third one.

Gillian placed her hand over her heart to make sure that it was still beating properly. She stayed that way for several minutes. Once she was certain that she was still alive, she grabbed her purse. Before walking out of the door, Gillian made sure that her makeup was flawless and her eyes were back to normal. She was in desperate need of some sweet coffee. Not the best thing for her heart, but it was better than drinking alcohol at 10:42 in the morning. She walked out of her office to an empty corridor. As it should be, since she was there on a Saturday. No rest for the hard workers. At least Cal wasn't trying to chase her down, wanting to explain what had happened in his office.

"Oi, Gillian?"

Her thoughts came too soon. She kept walking, not wanting to look at his face just yet.

"Gillian, we're gonna have to talk about it."

She stopped after hearing his words echo down the hall. Though her tears have dried up, her heart was still crying. She couldn't see him, it was too soon. Then out of nowhere, she felt warmth surround her arms.

Cal had to touch her. He had to tell her that he was sorry. "Gillian, this was neva meant to intentionally hurt you."

Gillian shrugged her way out of his grasp. "Well whatever it was, just make sure to do it on your own time, in your own house. Not in a place where we work together." She cleared her throat and straightened out her dress once more. She was a creature of habit, and straightening her dress was a way to calm herself down. It was something that her mom used to do as well. She subconsciously brought her hand back up to her heart. She had to pick a different habit. When she found her voice, she said over her shoulder, "I'm going out for coffee. I'll be back in 20 minutes."

With her legs feeling like jelly, she walked into the elevator. She pressed 'G' and stole a glance down the hallway before the doors closed. Cal was staring at her with the steadiest of eyes. Right as the door closed, Cal lost eye contact by looking down to the floor. She could feel his sadness creeping in through the ten inch thick, stainless steel door. She leaned back into the handle bar letting her head rest against the mirror.

Was he really depending on her to make the first move? How typical of a man.

When the bell dinged and the doors opened, Gillian briskly walked out into the lobby. With her head spinning in all sorts of directions, she didn't see the man coming towards her. They soon collided. Her purse fell to the ground with all of its contents along with it. Gillian groaned and bent down to retrieve her purse. To her surprise, the man she bumped into bent down to help her. She looked up at him and shyly smiled. "I'm so sorry for bumping into you. I guess I'm just really clumsy today."

"You're alright. I 'ave to admit love, I was preoccupied as well." His English accent was very familiar to her. He almost sounded like Cal but with a deeper voice. Maybe he was from the same region as Cal.

Once her things were safely back in her purse, she stood up to get a better look at the man she bumped into. He was a little bit taller than her (with her heels on) with chocolate brown hair and eyes to match the color of the ocean. When he smiled, dimples pressed into his cheeks. Gillian returned the smile and said, "I'm sorry for bumping into you. Thank you for helping me pick up my purse." She bowed her head. "Have a good day." She walked towards the door leading to the street.

She was about to cross the threshold, when the man called out, "I hope we bump into each other again."

For the first time that morning, Gillian's smile reached her eyes. And it felt good. She didn't have to bother to look back; she knew that the man was staring at her. She swayed her hips with a little more frisk as the sun warmed her skin.


Once Gillian had her coffee in her hands, she sat on a park bench and took her time drinking it. It would have taken her ten minutes at most to get her coffee and walk back to the Lightman Group, but she wanted, no, needed to take her time.

After her coffee was done, she threw her cup away and looked at her watch. She was surprise to find that 15 minutes had passed. To her it felt more like 2 minutes. She started walking towards the office, but she didn't rush herself. All she had to come back to was a mile long of personnel reports to read, financial reports to write up and Cal. The latter part of that list was the most dreadful, but hopefully he took the hint to not talk about what happened.

The walk back went by quickly and she was soon in the elevator pressing the number '4'. When the doors opened, she walked into an empty hallway. She was halfway to her office when she heard her name.

"Oi, Foster." They were back to last names. Perfect.

Gillian turned around to see Cal coming from the lab. "Cal, there's a lot I need to do by the end of the day and I can't stand here and talk to you about what happened this morning. Let's just leave it as me not being polite and knocking before I come into your office, okay?"

"And wot, may I ask, did you walk in to find?" A deep English accent came in from behind Gillian. It was so familiar to her, but his question made her blush a deep scarlet red. When he didn't get an answer, he made his own conclusion. He walked passed Gillian, right up to Cal. "Oh you sly lil' buggar. You were always the naughty one, getting caught in different places, humping like a lil' bunny rabbit." He gave Cal a punch in the arm and then looked back at Gillian. "I'm glad we got to bump into each other again, eh?"

Gillian bowed her head and laughed. "I just wasn't expecting it to be so soon."

The man held out his hand and introduced himself. "John McKnight."

Gillian took his hand and shook it. She couldn't help but feel the electricity building up between them. Her heart was beginning to beat faster. "Gillian Foster." They let go of their hands, but the voltage remained. "How do you know Cal?" She was praying in her head that he wasn't some seedy lowlife with a rap sheet the size of Texas.

"Cal and I are cousins. Well, distant cousins, but cousins at that." He looked over at Cal, who was still looking at Gillian. "I 'aven't seen him since we was kids playing in my mother's garden." John leaned in closer to Gillian and whispered, "And even then, he was gettin' himself into more trouble than he could handle."

Cal shook his head slightly and said, "Speakin' o' trouble, by the looks of it, you're in a spotted heap yourself."

John blushed slightly and nodded his head. "Yes, well, surely you believe me when I say that she is lying."

"What's happened?" Gillian was genuinely concerned.

Cal looked at Gillian with big eyes and a smile playing at his lips, "Apparently, John's best mate knocked up his girlfriend."

"I just want you to make sure. I'm willing to pay whatever your asking price is."

Before Cal had the chance to turn down his money, Gillian piped up, "Shall I get a contract then?"

Cal looked bewildered, "Gillian, he's my cousin."

"Yes and a client." She turned to John and said evenly, "We take cash, credit and checks. Make sure to make the check out to the Lightman Group."

John had a silly grin on his face. He elbowed Cal in the arm and said in a low voice, "Oi mate, she's feisty. I like feisty women. I thought you liked'em feisty as well?" He shrugged his shoulders and mock saluted Gillian, "You will have a check after I know the truth about Ruby."

Gillian pointed to her office to invite John in. "Well, we do require a deposit at the time of signing the contract." Both of them walked into her office, leaving Cal in the hallway to ponder what had just happened.

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