Title: Saving Life
Part: Prologue/12
Author: Usagi-Atemu-Tom
Warnings: angst, romance, suspense, slash, SPOILER for Transformers Movies 1+2
Pairings: Jazz/Prowl

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Summary: When one mech is on the edge of being offlined forever, another mech realises the truth of his past and the destiny he is supposed to have. But what do you do, when you wake up from the brink of death just to stare into the eyes of what is supposed to be the enemy? If you happen to be an ops mech – you collect your answers of course.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine I don't make money with it and write only for fun and to get better in writing English. ^_^

Helpful Pointers:

Vorn - 83 years
Orn - 13 days
Joor - 8 hours
Breem - 6 minutes
Astrosecond - 5/6ths of a second
Klick - 1 millisecond

"..." - Speaking
/.../ – Sparkbond speaking

Please note that I've only ever watched the two movies from 2007 and 2009. While I've 'met' a lot of Transformers from the comics and cartoons, that more often than not show up in fanfics I, of course, have not seen them in action and therefore might not be able to interpret their characters right. I am using mostly what I've learned through the movie (and maybe fanfics) and while catching some ideas here and there I am mainly using my very own ideas for things like energon, space bridges and so on.

And not to forget, much thanks to Taralynden for betareading.

Also, the inspiration for Prowl's and Jazz's past was mostly taken from the fanfic 'Story of a lifetime' written by the wonderful Taralynden. This was taken with her permission. Go and read her story, you'll love it.

Something was wrong. He could feel it again, an annoying sense of wrongness. And of course it had to happen in the middle of battle. If he could only point out what exactly it was, the source of these strange feelings. Pit, to be forced to admit to the existence of these feelings at all. He was a Decepticon! He did not have feelings, nothing besides anger and hate towards the damn Autobots, at least. And a thirst for fight, power and destruction. That was what he was. Still sometimes there was a nagging in the back of his processor that he was missing an important clue. But no matter what he tried, ignoring it, trying to remember, he could not make the feeling go away entirely.

When his superiors found out about his problem, he got partnered with Frenzy. It was the main reason he had ended up with the little glitch here on Earth on their current mission. Every time he got this strange feeling of unease, Frenzy would do something to his processor and the world cleared again. But the small Cassetticon was not here now, therefore there was no hope for help from that quarter.

Dodging a stray shot from Ironhide, he retreated back to the alley he had been hiding in from the moment his glitch acted up again. Lately when this strange feeling surfaced he was not able to fight well. He always ended up distracted, craving to solve the mystery and get done with it. But he could not.

Suddenly the Autobots called out. He vaguely heard shouts of "It's Megatron!" and through a haze he watched most of the hateful enemies retreat from their current position. Oh yes, Lord Megatron was stronger than all of them together. Those weaklings had no chance now.

The unease grew. He watched in a daze as the smallest of the group, Jazz, bravely stood up to the big Decepticon leader. He did not even realise his tanks suddenly seemed to want to purge themselves. He barely registered the unusual panic that overtook his body the moment the small second in command was snatched into the air by the larger Decepticon. He only came to his senses exactly the instant he somehow grasped that Megatron wanted to rip the small Autobot into pieces. His air tanks burned, his spark raced and twisted in an unexplainable amount of unbearable pain.

As if from a distance, he heard the denying scream of "NO!" not really realising it was his own. It took less than klicks for a hidden case in his back to open and two rockets fired up at Megatron. It was far too late – when they finally hit, Jazz's body was nearly torn into two.

Megatron clearly had no idea who had hit him but it distracted the Decepticon enough to throw the mangled body of the Autobot to the ground and turn his senses to the Allspark. By that time he himself was left clutching his sparkcase; the shock of the obviously dying Autobot left him with unbearable pain and activated a program that started to work through his body, fighting against a virus he hadn't even known was there. Memories suddenly surfaced - true memories. His current life was acknowledged as wrong, the past he thought he had known as truth now acknowledged as fake and manipulated. The truth came to light, the real past, the one he had fought so long and hard to not lose. In the end, he had not been able to hold on, his memories put back behind a firewall he was never supposed to break. However he at least had the satisfaction of knowing that he never gave away any information, not even after his personality change.

Trying desperately to get air through his vents to cool his slowly overheating body, Barricade crawled out of the alley. The fight had wandered to a further place. A human troop took out Brawl, while that human boy Sam tried to outrun Megatron, an impossible task but one which favoured him. No one noticed his sudden appearance on this abandoned part of the battlefield.

Barricade's movements were slow. The pain that by now was affecting his whole body into the very last bolt kept him from going fast. He was not able run or even walk. It was a miracle that he had not gone offline from the immense pain already. Bit for bit he crawled his way through the destroyed streets, the sounds of the fight not registering in his audios. It seemed to take hours but finally, finally he reached his destination.

Jazz was in a horrible state. His body nearly torn into half, only a few cables keeping the two parts together. He must hurt terribly. Somehow he was still online, his visor shining a slight, soft blue, but the police cruiser was not sure if the saboteur was aware of his surroundings anymore. It seemed, though fighting to stay online, he was far, far away within his processor. And then he felt it. The slight nudge at his spark, like a soft whisper. The bond was open on both sides.

Barricade suspected that his buffer broke when the shock to his spark caused his processor to act and finally purge the virus. In Jazz's case he could only guess. There was love sent to him. Love and an apology. Jazz wanted to warn him, to prepare him for what was going to happen. He did not want to leave his bonded unaware of the hopeless situation.

Jazz did not know that he was already aware, painfully aware. But he also did not know that his reckless actions had saved Barricade's life, as strange as might sound. Sending his own feelings of love back as strong as he could, he also added some determination and a plea to not give up yet.

It took a lot of willpower to fight through the pain but the Ford Mustang Saleen bent down and took the broken frame of his bonded into his arms. He had noticed a building around the corner that seemed to be abandoned even before the attacks on the city. If the humans and Autobots by a higher miracle were able to turn the tides and win this encounter with Megatron, he was sure that that building would be the last to be taken care of when it came to rebuilding the city.

It seemed to take forever to reach the building, his every step a struggle, even though it was only two jumps away for a Cybertronian. Jazz was at the end of his strength. Barricade was barely able to feel their connection anymore, even though he held his bonded close to his chest plates. The Autobot's spark was too weak, the injury too great for self repair to start.

Under normal circumstances there would have been no way to save the special ops agent. However, what Jazz needed was to strengthen his spark, and as his bondmate this was something Barricade could offer. The strengthening and self repair would take time, a long time, especially without the help of a medic. But it was worth the risk and wait if it meant his bonded would live. They could not die yet, there was still a lot to do, be it repenting his past actions or spending time with the one he had missed for so long.

Laying the wounded Autobot saboteur to the ground the police cruiser dragged himself back to the door to close it. The last thing he took in of the outside world was the human teenage boy thrusting the Allspark into Megatron's spark. He did not have time to dwell on the unfortunate fact of losing the Allspark, but a small part of his processor noticed that there may still be hope left for the Autobots. None of it mattered though, when his optics fell back on his dying bondmate.

Kneeling beside Jazz he fingered for the hidden sensors that would open up the saboteur's sparkchamber. It opened slowly, the body barely able to carry out the instruction at all. The light of the spark should have shined into Barricade's face, bathing him with light and energy. Instead there was barely any light left, just a small golden shimmer and even that was quickly fading now.

He did not have time left to waste. Acting quickly he activated the opening of his own sparkchamber and bent down. The last thing he heard before their sparks connected and the strength, needed for this particular performance, forced him offline, was the barely whispered words, a familiar voice and a familiar name.

"M'sorry Prowler."

Then there was darkness.