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Part: Epilogue/12
Author: Usagi-Atemu-Tom
Warnings: slash, SPOILER for Transformers Movies 1+2
Pairings: Jazz/Prowl
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Summary: When one mech is on the edge of being offlined forever, another mech realises the truth of his past and the destiny he is supposed to have. But what do you do, when you wake up from the brink of death just to stare into the eyes of what is supposed to be the enemy? If you happen to be an ops mech – you collect your answers of course.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine I don't make money with it and write only for fun and to get better in writing English. ^_^

Helpful Pointers:
Vorn - 83 years
Stellar-cycle – 7.5 months
Orn - 13 days
Joor - 8 hours
Breem - 6 minutes
Astrosecond - 5/6ths of a second
Klick - 1 millisecond

"..." - Speaking
/.../ – Sparkbond speaking

Please note that I've only ever watched the two movies from 2007 and 2009. While I've 'met' a lot of Transformers from the comics and cartoons, that more often than not show up in fanfics I, of course, have not seen them in action and therefore might not be able to interpret their characters right. I am using mostly what I've learned through the movie (and maybe fanfics) and while catching some ideas here and there I am mainly using my very own ideas for things like energon, space bridges and so on.

And not to forget, much thanks to Taralynden for betareading.

Also, the inspiration for Prowl's and Jazz's past was mostly taken from the fanfic 'Story of a lifetime' written by the wonderful Taralynden. This was taken with her permission. Go and read her story, you'll love it.

"Heya Prowler", Jazz greeted his bondmate who was attentively working on a console in the hangar that was solely for analyses and tactical planning.

Of course Prowl did not need to look up to know that his bonded was nearby. He had felt Jazz's return in his spark even before the aircraft landed on the island.

"Jazz, please stop addressing me like that during work", the Autobot tactician and second in command greeted stoically. But while on the outside he seemed to be unaffected, the love and relief he sent over their bond spoke more than any words and facial expressions ever could.

"Autobot Jazz reportin' back from successful mission", the saboteur mock saluted before he grinned widely.

"Good", Prowl looked up from his console to take a closer look at his bondmate. "And I hope you did not delay to try and find Starscream for fulfilling your revenge on my behalf?"

Jazz made a face but shook his head in negative.

"Sadly enough Ah've done this job for too long", he sighed regretfully. "It's frustratin' but Ah'm not willin' t' risk our life like that an' make a beginner's mistake just for that stupid seeker. 'Specially not after all we went through t' stay alive."

"That is a relief to know", Prowl sighed. And Jazz was right, they went through a lot to come where they stood now.

Back on that eventful day, after Optimus Prime was finally able to organize their return to Diego Garcia with the help of Major Lennox, Jazz and Prowl immediately ended up in Ratchet's medbay for many, many joors. The saboteur was suffering from serious injuries, and running around shooting Decepticons before stabbing his own spark had not helped him along the lines of getting better. The exhausted but stubborn head of ops had finally fallen into stasis the moment they boarded their plane. Prowl had had to carry his bondmate to the medbay himself after their arrival.

The tactician himself had been fine, honestly. He was simply exhausted, nursing some phantom pains from what came over the bond when Jazz nicked his spark and of course was not willing to leave his mate alone for even an astrosecond. Sam had offered to heal Jazz the moment he regained strength to speed up the process, but Optimus requested that the human should reserve his power for a time when the Autobots might really need his help if he was willing to give it.

Prowl also pointed out his worry that if Sam started such simple healing sessions, he might end up being seen and used as a tool accidently, something they all knew was the last thing the human wanted. As long as Jazz was stable and not in danger of offlining, things would be all right; after all they had the best medic ever functioning. In the end Sam could do nothing but give in.

Ratchet, on the other hand, wanted to keep both mechs in his medbay for some time anyway to make some tests. He had a lot of questions about the sample hidden in his subspace as well as how Prowl kept Jazz alive til now, among other things.

When the Autobots found out what exactly this Decepticon virus was about, they were furious. Ratchet most of all. It went against all his ethical beliefs as a trained medic to do what Soundwave and Starscream put Prowl through. The twins were right behind Ratchet in their anger and fury. They had to be held back by their friends and comrades before they could threaten the humans to help them vent their anger on the nearest Decepticon patrol.

It was not until Jazz awakened again and promised the two of them dibs on Starscream and Soundwave whenever he caught them, that the twins calmed down. After all, they were not stupid enough to not realise just how furious Jazz of all mecha was about what happened to Prowl. And they agreed that as their bondmate he had the right to give out punishment first.

Jazz and Prowl being bondmates, a real couple bound by sparks, turned out to be the next problem, just when Jazz was nearly healed again. Both of them wanted to work, to offer their skills and help in this continuing war with the Decepticons. What followed was a long, heated discussion about the serious breach of an Autotbot rule as well as the problems it would cause if the two officers returned to their previous jobs. In the end it was Sam, who pointed out that if the Autobots continued to see a bond - a serious, precious commitment of love - as a nuisance, they would be allowing the Decepticons to intimidate them. Also, if it were not for the bond, they might have never found out about this dangerous virus and who knew how many Autobots could have fallen victim to it in the future. As it stood now, Ratchet, Wheeljack and the recently arrived Perceptor were furiously working on an antivirus that would grant protection for every member of their team should they ever end up in the position of receiving that virus.

Sam also made it clear that the Allspark itself disapproved of an oppression of sparkbonds. After all Jazz and Prowl had revealed themselves to have been bonded longer than any of them could have guessed even after the secret of the bond itself was out, and were they not the best proof that a bonded couple could still dedicate their all to the war as those two had done?

In the end everyone agreed for Prowl and Jazz to return to their old posts. However, should they ever show the slightest signs of prejudice in their decision making because of the bond, they would have at least to be reduced from their current positions.

Finally about to be back at work, it was decided that Prowl definitely needed a new altmode. His decision in the end fell on a Chevrolet Camaro the newest model for a police car, fresh out of production. Jazz fell in love with the new looks at first sight.

Also, the first thing Prowl did on his first day back in command was taking Bumblebee and Sam aside to discuss their future plan of training, much to Jazz's amusement. Bee, of course was already well trained. And since he was the human's guardian, both tactician and saboteur deemed it the best course of action if the yellow Camero introduced his charge into special ops while Prowl took care of the tactical training. It turned out that the young man had a sharp mind, just as Jazz once mentioned. While not in possession of a battle computer or any other advanced equipment as Prowl possessed, Sam made up his lack of technical parts with good instincts. Also, he had a better understanding of humans and their ways of thinking, something that would stress the second in command to no end sometimes. Casual training to build a bit of backbone against Decepticons soon turned into serious training to become Prowl's first human tactical apprentice.

Life went on and right now Jazz had finally returned from his first outside mission at a Decepticon base. Usually the head of special ops and third in command was supposed to send his men who were serving in special ops, something that had never sat well with Jazz who was more used to action than giving out commands and reading reports. But sadly enough, the group of Autobots on Earth was still small and the ops unit in particular suffered from a serious lack of members. Using Meister was one of the few options the Autobots had for a sabotage or espionage mission and no one could deny that til today, Meister had always been the best in his job.

"So, where's that little protégé of yers", Jazz teasingly asked.

To Prowl's chagrin he quickly turned from Sam's trainer to his mentor, just as the saboteur had once jokingly mentioned and of course his bondmate made sure to let his amusement be known about the turn of events every day. Sam had been totally confused about why the saboteur was starting to laugh every time he went to Prowl for something or another, but to their surprise it was Bluestreak who realized the connection and explained to the human that he acted towards Prowl like one did to a parent.

Sam was first embarrassed about this, thinking he might have insulted the Autobot tactician. This only increased Jazz's amusement, because now Prowl had no choice but to admit that he did not mind to have another protégé. And Bluestreak himself thought it was just great to have a younger alien "brother".

"Sam is in the communication hangar with Major Lennox and Blaster to explain out newest plan to the higher officer of NEST and hopefully get approval for it", Prowl told his mate, completely ignoring his amusement.

"Nya, don't worry, th' boy will do jus' fine, as always", Jazz reassured his mate, because he knew Prowl would be fretting about the question of approval until he got it. "Since ya two started workin' t'gether, th' probability rate for success's raised an' Sam's workin' his charm's of speech so well th' commanders started t' listen to'im, even though he's still half a boy."

"Thank Primus for that", Prowl agreed before adding his signature to the last document. Jazz, sensing his mate was finished for now, pulled a cube of energon out of subspace and handed it over to his bondmate.

"Are ya finished for today or do ya have t' wait for th' results of Sam's conference?" he asked with a predatory smile on his face. "Because while th' mission was easy, Ah kinda missed ya an' th' return t' base really left meh comin' up wit' some temptin' ideas what Ah would like t' do wit' ya."

"Jazz!" Prowl groaned, especially when the cheeky saboteur simply sent over some of the ideas he had in mind through their bond. The tactician looked around, to make sure no one heard them, before releasing air through his vents in a gesture of surrender.

"I am free to go. Sam is supposed to report directly to Prime after he is done and he can always leave a message over the comm-line for me."

"Great, let's go then!"

Jazz eagerly grabbed a hesitating Prowl's hand and waved an over-enthusiastic goodbye to the twins, who had the tendency to always stay near Prowl on and off duty when Jazz was not in sight.

Watching over Prowl's safety had begun as their punishment as given by Optimus for their latest disobedience on that fateful day Jazz and Prowl had been found alive.

The tactician had been surprised how light their reprimand turned out to be and even the saboteur could not disagree that the twins got off rather easy with the duty of protecting his bondmate. However, he and Prowl found out later that without their disobedience Bumblebee and Sam would have been alone against three seekers.

As the youngest mecha of their tight-knit group, most Autobots were rather fond of the Camaro transformer and they did not like the idea of him coming to harm. Therefore, the unpredicted back up he received left the other bots rather thankful and moved even Optimus toward a lenient sentence. Not that the Autobot commander had a history for being stern anyway. That had always been Prowl' repertoire.

The twins took their sentence in stride, after all it gave them the chance to catch up with Prowl and Jazz. In fact, by the time their punishment ended, the two troublemakers refused to abandon their new task and instead continued to watch over Prowl every time Jazz had to go out on a mission.

Even when the Auotbot third in command returned they tended to linger for a bit longer, usually until Jazz started to act all "lovey-dovey", as they liked to use the human term, with Prowl. That was their obvious cue to leave, if the bondmates did not leave first as it was the case right now when the saboteur tugged the tactician after him.

"Jazz!" the second in command's words of protest were immediately silenced by a quick kiss and a laugh.

"Yer off duty an' therefore all mine!" the saboteur announced and both vanished inside the constantly increasing base of Diego Garcia, the little island in the middle of the ocean.

The place Prowl and Jazz could call home. Because they were there, together.

The End

Author's note:

Wow, so finally we reached the finish. I want to again thank every single reader who followed through with reading this story. Especially those who took the time to leave a review with their thoughts, ideas or simple wished to express their like of this story. Your words meant a lot to me and were a great companion through all the time till the end of this story. So, THANK YOU ALL!