Don't Tell Mum

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Author's Note: A quick little one-shot written in response to BloodyVampireIrishman's Harry Potter Fic Challenge…Pairing: Harry/Bill, Prompt: Counter.

Harry tiptoed down the staircase at 12 Grimmauld Place careful not to wake any of the sleeping portraits as he crept down the hall and through the door that led downstairs to the kitchen.

He was surprised to find that the light was already on and someone was cursing fluently.

"Bill?" said Harry poking his head around the corner to find the eldest Weasley brother clutching his hip a pained expression on his face.


"What happened?"

Bill let out a breath.

"Stupid really, I was trying to find the chocolate powder and I slammed my hip into the corner of the counter, that's going to leave a mark," he winced.

"What are you doing down here so late?" asked Harry opening the appropriate cupboard and pulling out the chocolate powder.

"Still not quite adjusted to the time difference, you?"

"Bad dreams," Harry said shortly scooping the chocolate powder into two mugs.

"Anyway, I figured I'd come down here have a cup of hot chocolate," Bill explained watching as Harry deftly added water to the kettle

Harry nodded setting the kettle on the stove.

"Would you mind?" he asked.

"Oh right," Bill said sheepishly flicking his wand at the stove to turn it on.

"I would do it myself but nobody thinks matches are necessary in a house with full trained wizards," Harry said shaking his head and adding a splash of milk to each of their mugs, stirring until the chocolate became a paste.

"Given the fact that the Twins live here and they already do enough fire-damage without resorting to muggle methods I can see why,"

Harry chuckled.

"Too true,"

"I didn't know you knew your way around the kitchen," said Bill.

"Well, your Mum always cooks so there hasn't really been much need for me to step up to the plate," Harry said levering himself up onto the counter easily.

"True. So…How's school?" asked Bill somewhat awkwardly.

They'd never really talked after all.

"Bill, it's summer hols there is no school," Harry said smirking.

"Right, just because I'm not asleep doesn't mean I don't need it," Bill declared running a hand through his long red hair and yawning.

"What about you? I hear you and Fleur are getting along," said Harry waggling his eyebrows comically.

Bill laughed.

"Yeah, Fleur's nice, but there's no…" Bill waggled his own eyebrows.

"Why not? Is it the earring?"

"It's not the earring,"

"The hair? Do you remind her of Ron and his stalker moves at the Yule Ball?"

"Nope…wait Ron was stalking her?"

"I'll tell you a story sometime. Is it because she's too stuck up? No wait it can't be that, you just said she was nice,"

"Are you just going to list off our unattractive traits until you figure it out?" Bill asked amused.

"That was the plan," Harry shrugged.

"Alright, I'll tell you but I have to whisper it 'cause it's kind of dopey,"* said Bill trying to hold back a grin.

"Okay," Harry agreed his curiosity causing him to overlook the glint of mischief in the older Weasley's eyes.

Bill took the five steps over to where Harry was sitting on the counter, their heads were at the same level and as Bill leaned in close Harry leaned too, not wanting to mishear, until their cheeks were very nearly touching. Then Bill turned his head slightly pressed a chaste but lingering kiss to the corner of Harry's mouth. Harry's heart skipped a beat and his eyes fluttered shut as he basked in the warmth of the redhead's nearness. The moment was broken when the kettle started whistling shrilly.

Harry started slightly, his eyes flying open at the sudden sound, and then flushed bright red. Bill moved away, grinning like the cat who'd gotten into the cream.

"Don't tell Mum, she's still holding out for grandkids," he said putting a finger to his lips.

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