Don't Tell Mum

Chapter Two: Payment for Services Rendered

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Harry woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.

No, really.

At five thirty in the AM not more than three hours after he'd finally fallen asleep he rolled over and smashed his face against a wall.

"Son of a fucking bitch!" he swore violently clutching his nose.

Rolling the correct way Harry tripped on a pair of Ron's pants as he staggered out of bed, hit the floor with a loud thunk, and swore some more as he stalked out of the room he shared with his best mate.

Ron snored away oblivious to his friend's plight.

What Harry really wanted was a hot shower. He stared wistfully at the door just three doors down from the one he'd just exited but, since the bathroom was right next to Hermione and Ginny's room and he wasn't about to get on the wrong end of those witches' wands by waking them at this god-forsaken hour, he decided on a hot meal instead.

He had padded back down the increasingly familiar staircase avoiding the creaking spots with the ease of someone who's snuck down a whole heck of a lot of stairs. He'd selected a cast iron frying pan from the assortment hanging above the stove and set it on a burner before he remembered that there were no matches, never-mind lighters in this stupid old Wizarding house and he couldn't get the stove lit himself.

Harry's jaw clenched and he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Hermione said it was supposed to be calming. All it really did was ensure that the pan was hung back on its hook with exaggerated care as Harry swore under his breath and paced the length and breadth of the kitchen.

When he ran out of words Harry threw himself down onto the bench that served as a seat for the kitchen table and covered his eyes with his arm in an attempt to block out the world. Not five minutes later he fell back into a light doze.

He woke a little bit later to a soft touch on his face.


He blinked his eyes open sleepily as Bill ran his index finger down his forehead between his eyes and across the bridge of his nose.

"Bill?" Harry murmured.

The redhead's face swam into focus as Bill leaned in closer an easy smile crinkling the corners of his gold-brown eyes.

"Morning, sleeping beauty,"

"What time is it?"

"About six, I made coffee,"

"Coffee?" Harry practically moaned, inhaling deeply.

"Yep, I'll even share it with you," laughed Bill.

Harry leaned up and closed the gap between them pressing his lips to Bill's slightly chapped and freckled ones.

The oldest Weasley child pulled away swiping a tongue along his bottom lip and raising an eyebrow.

"What was that for?"

"Payment for services rendered," Harry said nonchalantly sternly ordering himself not to flush at his own boldness.

"Really?" drawled Bill.


He moved over to the counter and poured a mug of coffee while Harry levered himself into a sitting position. Bill then handed Harry the mug watching as he inhaled the aroma letting his green eyes flutter shut in pleasure.

Bill pulled his bottom lip through his teeth and took a sharp breath at the sight.

Reaching out, the redhead tilted Harry's chin up. Harry opened his eyes curiously and for the second time that morning their lips met. This time the tip of Bill's tongue traced Harry's lower lip before he pulled away.

"Delivery fee," he said cheekily.

"Really?" said Harry raising an eyebrow.

"Mmhm," hummed Bill unable to keep the corners of his lips from twitching into a wicked grin.

"So, how much would you pay me if I made you breakfast?" asked the younger male slyly before taking a long sip of his coffee.

"Well, if coffee is worth two, breakfast is worth five don't you think?"

"Only if by breakfast you mean toast, you skinflint, no, I'm thinking no less than ten," Harry challenged watching Bill's eyes widen slightly in surprise.

He recovered quickly and affected a worried expression, "That's pretty expensive…"

"I have a great pay as you go plan, that requires a down payment of only one up front," Harry cajoled setting his coffee on the table.

"Well, with an offer like that, how could I refuse?"

Rather than making Bill bend back down, Harry stood and snaked a hand around his neck as Bill once again captured his lips. This time when Harry felt the light brush of Bill's tongue against the seam of his lips he parted them turning their formerly chaste pecks into something deeper and heavier.

They parted slightly for air and for a second or two Harry though Bill might lean back down and just carry on where they'd left off but instead they slid apart slowly. Bill lit the burners for the stove and Harry reclaimed the frying pan he'd discarded earlier and started on breakfast for two.

Bill leaned against the counter sipping his coffee and watching as Harry got bacon, eggs, and cheese from the pantry, moving around the kitchen with the same easy grace and familiarity he'd demonstrated last night, beating several eggs into submission and shaving thin bits of cheese into what was left of them.

He then started laying strips of bacon in the pan and the scent and sound of sizzling meat filled the kitchen.

The redhead moved from his position at the counter and slid his arms around Harry's small waist as he turned the bacon with deft flips of a fork. He pressed his second kiss onto the shell of Harry's ear.

"Smells delicious," Bill whispered.

"It's bacon," Harry said as if that should explain everything.

"That too," he agreed as he dropped kisses three, four and five along the side of Harry's neck.

Harry's breathing hitched gratifyingly and Bill pressed kiss number six to the nape of Harry's neck before pulling away and setting the table.

Harry, finished with the bacon, took it off the pan and added the cheesy egg mixture to the pan moving it around with his spatula. It was only a few sort minutes before the eggs were ready and Harry served them up with the bacon and a few thick slices of buttered toast.

"Allow me," Bill said taking the empty frying pan and soiled spatula from Harry, though not before leaning in and delivering kiss seven with a peck on the lips.

"By all means,"

Bill waved his wand and the dishes began washing themselves, the stove was turned off with another flick and one more sent the eggs, butter, cheese, milk and bacon flying back to their proper spots.

"I love magic," Harry said as he sat down at the kitchen table and took a bite of his eggs.

"It certainly makes things easier," Bill agreed taking the place across from Harry.

He scooped up a bit of his eggs and deposited them on the corner of his piece of toast before taking a large bite.

"Mmm," Bill said looking shocked.

Harry grinned smugly as he nibbled on the end of a strip of bacon.

"This is amazing!" he burst out when he'd finished swallowing.

"You sound surprised,"

"Seriously Harry, this is as good as any of my Mum's eggs,"

"I'll be sure not to tell her you said that,"

"I think you might have given me a bargain price on this breakfast,"

"You can feel free to pay me the difference anytime,"

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