Hi, I've been working in this project for a long time, and I think now it's the moment to share it with you all. By the way, I should tell you that the original fanfic is written in Spanish, so I might be a bit slow with the updates of the English version. However, here is the intro. I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Disclaimer:I don't own The Simpsons, or any of its characters or original stories; they belong to Matt Groening, and... etc, etc. You know the rest ;)

And now, let's go:


1st PART: The prophecy of the Summer Triangle


Planet Earth. Early 21st century. The world is now a place very hard to live in. Ten years before, a cruel empire rose in the heart of Earth's most powerful country, covering in darkness the souls of men. Today, hunger and disease are striking mankind with a virulence never seen, and death reigns without discussion over desolated lands. However, this is not as well across the globe. No, certainly not. The remaining powers of the world, the so-called civilized countries, have agreed to a pact of non-aggression with the country now known as the Empire of the Atom. They trade and negotiate with it, turning the head to the horrific images of death, making turn a deaf ear to the anguished cries for relief of all those which suffer under the yoke of horror. Thus, millions of humans live enslaved and terrified, begging for a miracle which can stop the tide of darkness and bring hope back into their hearts, while the rest of humanity seems to have left them abandoned to their fate. But even in the darkest of nights, the light of hope keeps on gleaming into the shadows…

The leader of the empire is a devilish and ruthless tyrant, who is said to be immortal, since he widely exceeds the one hundred years and seems immune to the pass of time. Some believe he's a vampire that feeds on the wretched falling into his clutches, other think he's a demon which rejuvenates absorbing innocent souls. Whatever the reality, he's certainly a powerful being, intelligent and extremely cunning, which doesn't fear anyone; his supernatural aura inspires fear between enemies and allies alike, and it has at his disposal a huge technological and military power which makes it useless any challenge to his empire, although some people try to resist, fighting desperately for freedom. The only fear of this dictator comes from an ancient medieval prophecy: it predicts the rising of a great empire at the beginning of the third millennium AD, as well as its boom and its inevitable demise: it tells how three siblings, under the protection of the three constellations conforming the Summer Triangle (the Swan, the Eagle and the Lyre) will make it collapse. Nobody, besides the tyrant's closer allies, knows anything about the manuscript, which is zealously guarded, because the prophecy could arrive someday to the hands of those assigned to its fulfillment, and that would mean the empire's doom.

Unfortunately, nobody has found yet the siblings whom the prophecy refers to. Shadows are surrounding the planet, and meanwhile, many people wait in fear to meet a fatal destiny. The only hope in this time of fear, angst and horror lies in two young sisters, wandering through the shadows of this devastated Earth, leading to the heart of the Empire, a place they once called home, a city named Springfield…