Bleed My Soul & Take My Life


Alessandra blew her nose and wiped her tears with the tissue. Her brother Kyle was dying, he was the only thing she had left in this life. The more she thought about him the harder it was to try not to cry. The cancer had traveled to his brain and the doctors said it would be a matter of time before he was gone. She feels she had failed her deceased parents and her dying brother.

She stood up walked towards her brothers room. Kyle was lying there with the machines beeping and the tubes in his mouth.

It was only a matter of time.

Alessandra looked away from him and found herself staring at a man. His eyes were black but they quickly flashed to a brown and he smiled.

"Your brother Kyle is dying," he stated.

Alessandra nodded as she swallowed hard and stepped back from him, "Y-yes…do you know him?"

The man shook his head, "No…but I know someone that can help."

Alessandra frowned as she looked back into Kyle's room. "The doctors said there was no one that could help. It was just a matter of time."

"There is one."

Alessandra looked at him, "Who?"

The next thing Alessandra knew she was in an elevator in a large building the man had brought her to. She looked around uneasy as the elevator doors opened and there was a huge office in front of her.

"He'll be with you in a few minutes," said the man as the doors closed.

"Who?" Alessandra looked at the elevator doors and swallowed hard. What had she just got herself into?

She turned back around and looked around the huge office. There was a large desk in the middle of the floor, a fireplace was roaring with fire on the right side, large windows with fancy rich red curtains were aligned on the wall. There were two other doors in the office she didn't know where they led.

Alessandra was really contemplating about leaving. She felt really uneasy. She bit her bottom lip looking back around her as she felt a cold breeze hit her bare neck. But as she turned back around she gasped seeing a man sitting behind the desk.

"Where…how…when did you get in here?" she asked.

The man smirked at her as he stared at her, "That just leaves who, what and why. Please take a seat."

Alessandra walked slowly to one of the leather chairs and sat down quietly. She didn't like the vibe she got from this man.

"So, Alessandra Philips," Alessandra looked up at him quickly.

"How do you know my name?"

He smirked leaning back in his chair, "I know a lot of things. Like when you were little and every time you would scrape your knee your father would be at your side and kiss your knee telling you it was all better. How your mother would put pink bows in your hair when you were two," he grinned as he stood up and she watched him with wide eyes. How did he possibly know about all this? "How you feel you have failed not only your parents but your dying brother." He stood in front of the desk and crossed his arms across his chest.

"Who are you? How do you know all this?"

The man smirked, "Just call me Dean. I can help your brother."


"I just need something from you." He snapped his fingers and a contract laid out on Dean's desk.

Alessandra quickly stood up and backed away from him, "What the hell are you?"

"Why ask questions to the answers you already know?"

Alessandra stood there shaking as she stared at the contract then at Dean, "You're- you're the devil." Dean grinned showing off his pearly whites. "So you want me to sell my soul to you to save my brother?"

Dean shook his head, "Not quite, for you I got something special." He walked back around his desk and sat in his chair. He leaned back folding his hands on his flat stomach, "I spiced your contract up."

Alessandra stepped closer to the desk and looked over the contract as he continued, "You see I don't only get your soul but I get your life." Alessandra looked up at him, "I need a wife, a queen and you, Alessandra, are quite the candidate," he gave her a wink. "You see I save your brother, the cancer is gone and in a year I come and get you for you to be mine. What do you say?"

Alessandra shook her head, "You promise that Kyle will be fine. He'll live."

Dean grinned up at her, "He'll be good as new." Dean grabbed a pen and handed it over to her, "All you have to do is hand over your life to me."

Alessandra took the pen in a shaky hand and stared at the contract. Dean waited patiently as he watched her. He continued to smile knowing she would do anything to save her brother. He has waited so long for a woman like Alessandra to walk into his office and beg for something.

"One year?" She looked up at him.

Dean nodded, "One year to be happy with your brother."

A shaky breath escaped her mouth as she nodded looking down at the contract. She placed the pen to the paper and write a capital A on the sheet then winced in pain. She turned her right hand over and saw an A on it. She looked up at Dean who was still smiling.

"It has to be in your blood," is all he said.

A small tear slid down her cheek as she finished her name. She dropped the pen and looked at her wrist seeing her full name spread across it.

In one quick movement the contract was rolled up and in Dean's hand. He now stood in front of her and she gasped in surprise. He held her to his body as she stared at him with fear in her eyes, "See you in a year my bride."

Alessandra opened her eyes and saw doctors and nurses running into her brothers room. She thought it was all a dream as the tears began to fall again. She walked into the room and found her brother sitting up and everything.


"Sandra," he said with a smile as she pushed her way through the doctors and nurses and hugged her brother tight. He was ok. He was safe. She opened her eyes and wondered what she had done.

Authors Note: Ok so Dean's Sassy Seductress says that she really liked this when I sent it to her and she told me Devil stories and Prince Dean stories are my thing so I'm trying another Devil Dean :D. This Devil Dean won't be as pretty as the other Devil Dean :D Let me know if I should continue…thanks :D