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This is what happens when Emmet is bored...

Third Person Point Of View

Emmet was sitting down on the couch in the Cullens living room.

He was very bored.

Emmet bored is not good.

Suddenly Bella spoke from where she was lying asleep in Edwards arms.

"Oh... Edwad... Yeah!"

"Is she thinking about what I'm thinking that she's thinking?" Emmet asks.

Though he knew that Edward could have no idea what Bella was thinking, he enjoyed it.

He enjoyed reminding Edward that he couldn't read her mind and he would certainly enjoy embarrassing Bella when she woke up.

"Hmmmm..." Bella moaned, but woke from her sleep because someone, Emmett, was laughing his ass off.

"W-What the hell?" asked Bella sleeply.

"Oh my god!" laughed Emmet.

"What?" asked Bella, angry now.

"You were speaking speaking in your sleep, love." Edward said softly.

"Oh." Bella said, but then suddenly she remembered her dream. "What"

"Don't worry Bella." Emmet said in between fits of laughter. "Everybody wants to sex Edward up."

By now Bella was a deep shade of red, and just when she thought it couldn't get any worst, Jasper walked in.

"Why are you soo embarrassed Bella?" Jasper asked feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"You'll never guess?" Emmet said, still laughing, no surprise there.

"What?" Jasper asked curious.

"SHE WAS TALKING IN HER SLEEP!" Emmet screamed while laughing.

By this time, all of Cullens were there watching, but no one noticed through.

"What was she saying." Jasper asked truly curious, he knew Bella could be funny when she was sleep talking.

"She said. 'Oh... Edward... Oh Yeah!" Emmet laughed.

Jasper started laughing aswell. Bella was so embarrassed, her face was redder than a tomato.

She suddenly thought of a devious evil plan to get back at both Jasper and Emmett.

She began feeling lusty, very lusty.

Jasper stopped laughing.

He lunged at Emmet and started kissing him furiously.

"GET OFF ME!" Emmett screamed horrified. "AAAAAHHHHH, HE'S RAPING ME! AAAAHHH!"

Bella just started feeling more and more lusty.

Jasper couldn't even get close to stopping himself.

Suddenly clothes were faling.

"Shit!" Edward said as he ran with Bella from the house, the last thing they heard was Alice's high pitched voice.

"I'm soooo posting this on the net."

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