A Different Kind of Shape Shifter

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Authors Note: This is the result of watching The Mask with my Dad, followed by watching Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo with my little sister. Basically this is a what if story loosely following the plot of the episode "Go!" which showed the formation of the team. The what if being: What if The Mask was a founding Titan instead of Beast Boy? This may end up never being finished, but if I do keep going it will probably end up being me rewriting the episodes and adding Mask instead of BB.

Chapter 1: A Boy, His Mask, and a Whole Bunch of Aliens!

It was night time in Jump City. An antique store was just robbed and the crook who did it ran down the sidewalk. He was pleased with himself, coming to Jump City was the best thing he ever did! The place had no resident superheroes so it was a criminal paradise! As he ran down the street something tied his feet up causing him he fall over dropping his bag. He he untied himself and looked to see The Boy Wonder himself, Robin! Thinking quickly the crook reached into his bag and threw a wooden mask at the teen who swatted it away as he gave chase.

Several minutes later a boy walked down the sidewalk. He was reading a Looney Tunes comic, chuckling to himself, not paying any particular attention to where he was going. He soon found himself tripping over something. He looked around and all he saw was a green wooden mask. He got up and grabbed the mask, eyeing it. He felt strangely drawn to it and had a powerful urge to put it on. He was snapped back to reality when a voice from down the street called,

"Well if it isn't little Stanley Ipkiss! Your over due for your weekly beating from Johnny Rancid!" Said a man surrounded by a gang. Stanley ran into an alley clutching the mask fiercely as he jumped into a dumpster to hide, but was inevitably discovered and beaten to a pulp. After the gang had their fun they left a bloody and beaten Stanley lying in the alley. He slowly got up and looked in the dumpster searching for the mask. He found it and again was struck with the the urge to wear it. He muttered to himself,

"I'd love to get back at those guys." He slowly put the mask up to his face as the green wood began to stretch around his head. He quickly pulled it away and stared at it. He could feel a power still surging from the mask. 'Power' he thought. He put the mask up to his face again, the wood stretching around his head as he began spinning in a green tornado. When he stopped he was dressed in a dark blue leather jacket, white gloves, red shirt with green stripes, yellow pinstriped pants, and green and black dress shoes[1].

"S-s-s-smoking! I could get used to that!" he said in a crazed voice. He walked down the alley and as he passed a window he saw his reflection. His head stayed in place looking at his new visage, as he body kept walking stretching his neck. His body snapped back to normal as he continued to stare at himself. His head had grown 3x larger and was now green, bald, had large eyes, and teeth that were the size of playing cards! leaned closer rubbing his chin before announcing,

"I LIKE IT!" He then heard Johnny Rancid's gang across the street and an inhumanly wide smile grew on his green face. He casually walked over to to them. Johnny Rancid walked up to him and drew a knife asking,

"Hey pal, you got the time?" Stanley looked at his watch and replied,

"Hmm, it's about 5 seconds before I honk your nose and pull your underpants over your head!" After a few seconds a Coo Coo Clock bird sprang from Stanley's watch as he honked Rancid's nose, and gave him an atomic wedgie before running into an alley laughing like a maniac. Rancid fixed his underwear and yelled,

"GET HIM!" He and his gang ran into the alley the green faced loon ran into. They went to the end and suddenly a many colored lights came from nowhere and their was Stanley now dressed like a carnival worker standing in a booth.

"Hurry, hurry! Step right up and get a balloon animal! I got something for you son!" Stanley said talking like a salesman to a gang member as he took an orange balloon and shaped it.

"We have a giraffe! Now step away son you bother me!" He said as he handed the punk the balloon. He then turned to Johnny Rancid and took out a pink balloon shaped it into a dog.

"Here we go, a French Poodle!" He began to hand Rancid the balloon animal then popped with a needle and said,

"Sorry son the dog was rabid had to put it down." He then grabbed a black balloon, twisting it and twirling it, and said,

"Now time for my personal favorite..." ,The balloon then took the shape of a machine gun, "A TOMMY GUN!" He then began firing wildly making the gang run off. Stanley ate a banana and threw the peel in front of Rancid, making him fall flat on his back. Stanley walked closer with the machine gun, laughing threateningly. He stood over the quivering punk who was crying shamelessly and pleading for his life. Stanley pulled the trigger and a custard cream pie came out smacking the pathetic excuse for a human being in the face. He wiped the pie from his face as the green headed maniac began laughing, and passed out. Stanley spun around changing his clothes back to their original multi-colored look. He began walking down the alley and said to himself,

"This is incredible! With these powers I could be, dramatic pause, A SUPERHERO!" He reached into his jacket and pulled out a full length mirror looking at his attire, which was what some people if not everyone would call a fashion disaster! After a few moments he said,

"Well, got the look down! Now for a name!" He paced back and forth trying to come up with a name,

"Big Head[2]? No. Big Green Head? No." Suddenly he noticed an old Halloween mask in a garbage can and said,

"WAIT! A mask gave me this power! So henceforth I shall be known as...GEORGE! No wait, THE MASK!" He then noticed a large rocket crash into downtown Jump City. He smiled and speed off towards the commotion.

When The Mask reached the site of the crash he saw Robin fighting an orange girl! His jaw literally hit the ground and his tongue rolled onto the pavement as his eyes bugged out!

"I'm in love!" He said dreamily as small hearts circled his head. Then the orange girl grabbed Robin and kissed him! The hearts then shattered as Mask said,

"GASP! A love triangle!" The orange girl then threw Robin into a dumpster and continued rampaging.

"They broke up! Now I can get on the rebound!" Mask said as he ran towards the alien girl and began trying to woo her. He changed into a Frenchman and said in a very bad French accent,

"Oh my darling let us make sweet music together!" The alien girls hands glowed and blasted him into a building. He climbed out, back in his regular clothes and said,

"She digs me!" The alien girl then threw a bus at him but it was caught by a large man in a hoodie. The Mask looked at the guy as he threw the bus away. The girl then blasted the stranger revealing that he was half robot! Robin then got back in the fight as the alien girl turned her attention back to him. The Mask stared at the man who then yelled at him,

"YEAH I'M A CYBORG! WHAT OF IT?" The Mask the pulled a large camera out of his pants pocket and said,

"Neat!" as the camera flashed dazing the Cyborg in front of him. The alien then fired another blast toward them but it was blocked by a dark energy shield. Both looked over and saw a pale girl in a dark blue cloak. Mask then said,

"It's a regular Playboy Mansion around here!" This earned him a glare from the hooded girl. The alien girl then yelled and flew off. Robin walked up and said,

"Thanks for trying to help but this fight isn't over yet." He introduced himself to the Cyborg and goth girl. Finally Robin looked at Mask and asked,

"And who are you?" Mask smiled and replied,

"I thought you'd never ask!" Mask then ran into the middle of the street as a spotlight came from nowhere and shined down on him as he began to sing while shape shifting rapidly,

"I…gotcha with my winning smile,

I'm a living lesson in flare and style,

You just can't help but stare at my savoir flare.

I'm new bo-decko,

roman grecko, ro coco, beroco,

bebop..uh…hip-hop, uh…flip-flop.


Pretty, viridian faces like mine…

Don't come a dime a dozen,


Babe, when they made me,

Yeah, they broke the MOLD!

Wholesome and kind,

State and refined,


Aaaa…rch villains and ne'er do wells

Had better learn to decorate prison cells.

"Green goes with anything if they ask, see?"

But there's one last thing I gotta sing about.

Open up wide and really SHOUT!



Everyone just stared at the clearly deranged individual in front of them as more explosions made them rush toward the destruction.

So how was that? If you like I'll do more!

1. This was the basic design of The Mask when he first appeared in comics.

2. This was what The Mask was called in the comic before he was renamed.