A Different Kind of Shape Shifter

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Author's Note: Sorry for the wait guys, I've been working on another story and between school I haven't had much time to think about this one. But I'm back and ready to bring you more hilarity!

Chapter 8: Time Keeps on Slipping

After 2 nights of dealing with the sinister Stanny, Robin figured out that it was The Mask who was having nightmares brought on by the movie, that were causing his powers to affect everyone's dreams. Needless to say, Mask wasn't allowed to watch horror movies anymore. All and all things had pretty much returned to normal. Starfire had even decided to celebrate a Tameranian holiday with her friends. Starfire grabbed many colorful bags and silver beaded necklaces, and headed toward the living area of the tower. She opened the door and happily announced,

"Happy Blorthog!" Starfire then noticed that everyone wasn't in a very celebratory mood. Robin was listening to loud rap music, Raven was reading, and Mask and Cyborg were fighting over what to watch on TV.

"I WANNA WATCH LOONEY TUNES!" The Mask yelled as he tried to pry the remote from Cyborg's metallic hand.

"OVER MY DEAD BODY! I WAS HERE FIRST, AND I'M WATCHING THE GAME!" Cyborg yelled back at Mask who had just gotten the remote from Cyborg and began to run around the room as the robotic teen chased him. Starfire tried to offer one of her necklaces to Mask but he was to busy trying to avoid Cyborg's fists. Starfire tried again with Raven but was met with a glare.

"Robin can the music be a little louder? I can still hear myself think." Raven asked in a sarcastic tone. Starfire then tried to offer a necklace to Robin, but he snapped back at Raven,

"I only turned the music up to drown out the yelling!" Starfire was stunned at the sudden outburst, as Mask and Cyborg kept running around, knocking into her and breaking one of her necklaces. Everyone stopped what they when Starfire shouted "Stop!". As soon as she collected herself, Starfire said,

"Friends must not behave this way! Do you wish to invite the Reckmas?" The Mask looked at he blankly before saying,

"Um, bless you?" Starfire sighed and said,

"On my world the Reckmas means, "The Drifting", when close friends drift apart and the friendship dies." The rest of the Titans reassured her that everything was fine and that it was just typical problems roommates deal with from time to time, Before the matter could be discussed any further an alarm went off and the Titans headed off to stop a robbery at the museum.

At the museum they saw a man with golden armor about to steal an extremely valuable clock. But just as the thief was about to grab the clock, The Mask ran up dressed as a tour guide and said,

"Please, no touching the exhibits!" Mask then pulled out a "NO TOUCHING" sign and smacked the thief away. Once he regained his bearings, the thief looked at the young heroes surrounding him.

"Ah, the Teen Titans. I've read historical records about you, and now you're history!" The man the shot at them with shoulder lasers. The team rushed him but he threw up a force field knocking them away. The thief quickly grabbed the clock and opened a time portal. Starfire tried to stop him but went into the portal with him. After a short struggle in the time stream, Starfire damaged his time suit and in a blinding flash of light found herself in snow. She looked around and saw the Tower but in a state of extreme disrepair. She entered and was promptly attack by robotic drones. She easily destroyed them, but as she did a voice called out,

"HEY! WHO'S WRECKING MY STUFF!" Starfires eyes widened as she saw and older and very damaged Cyborg walk into the room. Cyborg just stared at her in disbelief and said,

"Starfire you haven't aged a day!" Starfire was very confused, but Cyborg explained that she had been missing for 20 years after their battle with the thief now known as Warp. He then said the Titans broke up shortly after, and that his parts were obsolete so he couldn't leave the Tower. Starfire believed warp caused this and decided to find the other Titans to help her get back to the past. Cyborg told her were to find The Mask and Raven but he had lost touch with Robin a long time ago.

Starfire arrived at the apartment building building Cyborg said The Mask lived at. She found the apartment knocked on the door. A man with messy brown hair and brown eyes, that was wearing a dull gray suit, answered the door.

"Starfire? Is that you?" The man asked with wide eyes. Starfire nodded and asked,

"Who are you? I was told The Mask lived here." The man quickly rushed her into the apartment and said,

"I am The Mask or used to be anyway. My name's Stanley Ipkiss." Starfire was shocked to say the least. Stanley explained that after the Titans broke up he tried to be a solo hero but without someone to direct him, The Mask did more harm than good. Soon he decided to just retire, though he still kept the mask so no one else could use it. After saying that he couldn't help her, she left very disheartened.