Hey everyone, this is my first fanfic! this is technically a VEEEERY adapted version, inspired from the manga/anime, so dont go by this for accuracy, and please dont penalise me for any false info.

It's after the great War with everyone finally growing accustomed to the idea of peace between the humans and vampires. A peace treaty is about to be passed, when suddenly news comes from the Council of a sudden coronation to claim Kaname as their rightful King. No one understands where this idea suddenly sprang from, why things are happening so quickly now - a coronation in a week? Plus there are the rumours that the War isn't over. And it isn't over, not at all. ~

Pairings will be: kaname/zero, kain/aidou, ichijou/shiki

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The room was silent and dark and tension was thick in the air. All eyes were on a certain Pureblood as he sat, in the best seat of course, brooding. Exactly an hour earlier a letter had arrived, strange since it was quite late into the morning and most of the students were just about to go to bed. The letter hadn't caused much commotion at first. It was a common occurrence that their Prince received mail from the Vampire Council, he was a very busy person. But then Kaname had raised a beckoning hand to his closest friend, Ichijou Takuma, and they had pored over the letter together silently.

This was strange.

And they reached the point that they were at right now - heads bowed together over the letter and everyone tense in anticipation.

It flooded the room, rooting everyone to the spot they stood.

Kaname's face was pinched into a small frown, his furrowed brow causing some of the First Years to bite their lips anxiously. His sister, their beloved Princess Yuuki, was sat by his side sipping rosehip tea. She appeared to be the only one unconcerned about the situation, never mind the fact that she also didn't know what was happening.

Kaname's closest friends had collectively gathered as though sensing they were needed for support. Aidou was tensely perched on one of the plush sofas, gripping the cushions so tightly his knuckles were icy white. His cousin, Kain was hovering on the armrest beside him, a heavy hand clamped down on his shoulders to keep his fidgety cousin still. Ruka and Rima were both calmly sharing the divan, as was to be expected of the strong young women, though their eyes kept flitting over to Kaname every now and again, betraying their nerves. Takuma stood beside Kaname, the letter held in his hands, and he couldn't help but sigh as he found his roommate Shiki had once again decided to sit himself on his feet (whilst eating his pocky).

Then suddenly, Yuuki sneezed.

It broke the otherwise perfect silence.

She gasped, fingers pinching her tiny nose tightly and eyes wide.

At times the class were slightly resentful that Yuuki had been raised by Humans before. In situations like this, when no one was breathing, that they were reminded of this fact. Vampires didn't need to breathe, but the habit had stuck with her, which caused her to do Human things, like sneezing.

She sat there, blinking rapidly. Everyone gasped as Kaname raised his hand, would he strike her, would he...?

Of course not, he merely touched her shoulder lightly and a small, fond smile appeared on his lips.

"Ruka, please take Yuuki upstairs, I believe it is getting quite late."

"But onii-sama-"

"Hush, Yuuki, I will explain everything later," he patted her shoulder again.

The dazzling beauty, known as Ruka, floated to her in an instant and gently took Yuuki's hand as they exited gracefully. It seemed that this interruption had woken Kaname from his musings and the Pureblood signalled to Takuma, who promptly rose.

"Everyone, as you know we have just received some very important news," he began. "The Council have agreed that as of Kaname's turning eighteen, he would be crowned upon the noble tradition of all the Pureblood Kings. A Coronation Banquet and Ball is to be held in exactly a week from now, to celebrate this event."

Immediately the room dissolved into excited whispers and hushed conversation. The air was alive with the news. A coronation! At last the decision to make Kaname the King once more had been presided.

And it was wonderful news that their beloved Prince was to be crowned, finally! After the War, when the world had been rid of Rido and his followers, some of which were in the Council itself, the Vampire world had been thrown into a dilemma. They were horrified at the betrayal committed by their Council members, but that didn't hold a flame to the destructiveness Rido had caused.

And that had been only one Pureblood's mad bloodbath.

It had reminded the Vampires of the terrifying power Purebloods wielded, the superiority they had over all other beings, bestowed on them by blood.

But then again, they conceded that it had been another Pureblood who had killed Rido - Kaname - his own nephew, had destroyed the destroyer to save them all. Not only that, Kaname had cleansed the Council, ridding them of all remaining traitors.

In every Vampire's heart, they knew that Kaname was their King already, even if the Council hadn't announced it. He was a saviour and they adored him.

It was good that he was going to be King for real though!

Takuma sighed as the girls began to break into squeals and high-pitched giggles about their dresses they were planning to get for the Ball.

He called for order.

"Alright, alright! Everyone, it would be appreciated if you could contact your families at once. School will be formally dismissed in three days time. That will give everyone a four day period to get prepared. The Coronation is to be held, of course, at Kuran Castle. Your Elders will know the routes. Is everyone clear?"

There were a series of nods, grins and excited squeals once more. Takuma smiled triumphantly.

"Excellent! Well then, everyone ought to go get some rest then. To bed!" he called, attempting to usher some Second Years to the doors whilst Shiki continued to anchor his feet.

Shiki snorted softly, shifting so he was even more on Takuma's feet.

"They left it pretty late to announce something like that so suddenly," he muttered.

"Yes, well we've been waiting for something like this for a while now, obviously," Aidou cut in, he was now fully bouncing in his seat. Kain had given up holding him down some while ago, "I mean, it's Kaname-sama! Everyone knew after the War this was bound to happen!"

"I've reminded you many times to call me 'Kaname' Aidou," Kaname sighed, rubbing at the frowning crease between his brows in frustration, "Just Kaname."

"Sorry, force of habit-"

"I expect you all to go to bed now," Kaname said, unusually snappish, "It's almost eleven already."

The friends bid him goodnight quickly, slightly unnerved by the fact that he seemed rather peeved off at the announcement instead of excited like everyone else. Only Takuma and Shiki remained in the room with Kaname, quite simply because Shiki wouldn't move. One of the reasons for this was that he would stubbornly not move from one spot until he had finished his pocky. The other was concern for his cousin.

Although they weren't as close as they would've been, had they grown up together, Shiki was almost as attuned to Kaname's moods as Takuma was, since he had grown up with Kaname, so he could read them off Takuma's face. They both knew something was brewing beneath Kaname's frown.

"What is it, Kaname?" Shiki mumbled around a pocky.

Kaname shot him an irritated glance before sighing in defeat, "This is rather sudden, that's all. I'm just... suspicious."

"But you turned eighteen last month. They said that was the reason for this-" Takuma began.

"My age doesn't matter in something like this. There is something else at work here. For every coronation that has been, a Kuran has had to be crowned following some disaster or for the purpose of solving some problem that is yet to pass. There always has to be a push," he scowled, "Some foul reason for the passing of the crown."

Shiki brushed some crumbs off his lips and hefted himself to standing, climbing half up Takuma who flailed comically at this invasion of his personal space.

The redhead scowled uncharacteristically, since his default expression was no-expression.

"Well, perhaps it is a coincidence," Takuma laughed uneasily, attempting to diffuse the tension that was once again building.

"No," Kaname said simply.

"No," Shiki agreed. "I've read our history," he nodded at Kaname, "And what he says is technically true. There has sometimes been a feud amongst the power-levels in the family, whether someone is entitled to so much of some inheritance, for example. The council settle this with either a coronation or a marriage. Or sometimes there has been a coronation which was purposefully arranged in a roundabout way of declaring a war on a rival clan. Sometimes there have even been assassinations," he paused, "There is always a push."

"This is why I don't like the look of this at all," Kaname summarised. He rolled his neck a few times, popping the stiff joints, "And after the War, well..." he glanced almost apologetically at Takuma, "Let's just say that I really don't like the idea of this Council playing around with me."

Takuma's grandfather had been the former Head of the Vampire Council before he was found to be siding with Rido during the War, and had consequently been 'dealt with'. Technically Kaname was now the Head, but he had then given the responsibility to Takuma, since he was already swamped with work from the continuous project of making Peace between Hunters and Vampires. There was no love lost between the grandfather or grandson, however it was always a sore topic to touch on.

Takuma suddenly began to flail his arms once more, "I had no idea about this, Kaname! I don't know why they didn't contact me about this beforehand-"

Kaname dismissed him with a glance, "Time for bed now," he said more firmly, ushering them away like an experienced father, "I need to go talk to Yuuki about this. I expect she is keeping everyone on her side of the dorm awake."

Takuma chuckled and lead Shiki away and up the stairs, in the opposite direction to Kaname. He could only guess at the giggles and squeals that would be bubbling and brewing along the corridors Kaname was crossing. Kaname's aura in the girls' side of the dormitories would cause some excitement he was sure, despite the fact everyone knew it was only Yuuki Kaname was going to visit.

Surely enough, he heard one girl's enamoured squeal break free behind a closed door.

Grinning, Takuma only shook his head.

"Ne, Taku..."

He turned his attention back to the redhead.

"I'm worried now. About Kaname - he's right. And I'm wondering now..."

"Hmm?" he pressed, nudging Shiki along to quicken their paces.

"...what do you think the push will be, for Kaname?"

Takuma's light mood disappeared, and he only gave a small shrug in response. It was never a good idea to dwell on bad feelings, in Takuma's opinion, and so he covered up his worry with well-concealed excitement for the coronation, even as it became ever more nagging at his mind, the prospect of bad things to come.