Techno. This morning, I woke up to fucking techno.

Now this may come as a surprise, but I hate techno music. All of it. So when my local radio station decided to play it, at seven in the morning, nevertheless, it did not turn out well.

It actually landed me in jail.

It's not like I did anything wrong…I mean I may have overreacted the slightest bit. But haven't you ever wanted to throw a stereo out of a window? Because I have, and…I did.

The only problem was that I hit someone.

It was not even on purpose, and I felt bad, and I swear I did not mean to hit someone.

But it was fucking techno. I mean, who even likes techno? Don't answer that if you do.

So, yeah, back to the jail thing.

The person I happened to hit was actually a boy who, I think, goes to my school…which kind of sucks. But what high school guy goes running on a beach at seven in the morning? Don't answer that one either, because I feel like it will not turn out in my favor.

Anyways, the boy was fine. He might have had a slight concussion, but nothing too bad. His psycho girlfriend, however (who was with him for some unknown reason), went all crazy-bitch on me and called her dad.

Who happens to be a cop.

And a terrible father.

By terrible, I mean the stereotypical, pushover, spoiling type of dad that seems so common in Southern California (where I live).

So, the previously mentioned crazy bitch started mooning over her "injured" boyfriend, who, mind you, did not even protest her totally unnecessary phone call.

And, this whole time I was still in my house, on the second floor, in my room, staring out the window, wide-eyed, and gaping like a moron.

So, Daddy (not mine, obviously) pulls up in his little cop car, tells me to come downstairs, and basically tells me a whole bunch of bullshit that does not make any sense so that his whiny daughter will shut up.

Said whiny daughter does not shut up.

Said whiny daughter asks terrible father to "do" something.

Said terrible father pulls out a pair of fucking handcuffs and cuffs me. He fucking cuffed me! For (accidentally) dropping a stereo on a teenage boy's head!

Understandably, the guy was in pain, but he really was not as screwed up as his girlfriend made him out to be.

So, handcuffed, confused, and fucking pissed, I was escorted to the car and driven to the police station. The whole time, the pussy-of-a-cop was apologizing and saying how his daughter meant so much to him, blah, blah, blah. He even said that he would "have to put you in a cell so that my daughter sees you punished".

By this time, I'm fucking speechless.


How can people be so stupid?

So…I don't usually cuss that much. Just when I'm extremely angry. And trust me, I was furious by the time they had me behind bars. It was so outrageous, I did not even break a law…at least I don't think I did. The cop, of course, told me that I would "only be there for a bit", and that nothing would go on my record. It was only an hour, and it was not like I had to be bailed out or anything. After all, the whole behind-bars thing was an act, a favor to the cop, so his daughter wouldn't throw a hissy fit. I know-it doesn't make it right. But, the cop did have the courtesy to compensate me, even if it was with a gift card to surf shop I've never heard of.

I guess the moral of the story is that I, Alayna Davis, am not a morning person.

Is that even a moral?

Fuck, I don't care. I mean…fudge, I don't care (I'm trying to cut down on the vulgarity).

At least it's almost summer. Which means I am this close to days of going to the beach, sleeping, friends, and, most importantly, the death of all things constructive. In sixteen days, freedom shall be bestowed upon the teenaged children of King Valley High.

Even the psycho teenaged children that flip out when their boyfriends get slightly injured.

I apologize. I'm still bitter about this morning.