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For this first submission, I'll start off with a pretty standard scene in most romance genre.

Theme 1: Tabletop

Pairing: Squall Leonhart / Lightning Farron

Squall groaned in his half-sleep, turning away from the offending sun's rays that passed through the window, its curtains fluttering forward with the morning breeze. His hands groped for something and, not finding what he was looking for, groggily cracked one blue eye open.

Sure enough, he found himself alone on the soft bed. He closed his eyes again before opening them a moment later, this time fully awake. He threw off the sheets as he pushed himself out of bed, idly wondering where hiswayward pinkette was at this- he eyed the nearby clock resting on the bedside table- ungodly hour of six ante meridiem.

It didn't take him long to locate her, what with the obvious smell of…something being cooked wafting in through the open bedroom door. Picking up his discarded shirt and boxers and putting them on, Squall made his way down the short hallway and towards the kitchen, where frying noises and knife-meets-board thuds emanated.

Approaching the cookroom, Squall heard her curse and he prepared himself for the worst. While the ex-sergeant wasn't a horrible cook, her experiments tended to leave him running for the toilet. And that smell definitely was an experiment. Nevertheless, Squall diligently ate whatever she made and pointed out its flaws and she'd nod and improve. Lightning rarely expressed the woman within.

Steeling himself, Squall turned the handle and pushed the door open.

"Lightning, what are-" his voice died in his throat.

Lightning snapped towards him before calming herself, erasing all evidence of surprise from her person. "…Leonhart." She acknowledged the brunet with a mumble, lowering her wooden spoon whilst she resumed cooking. Her back facing him, she stated with a slight hint of disapproval. "You're up early."

Of course, Squall noticed none of these as he struggled to digest the treat in front of him.

Lightning, too, was unaware of how her afterglow was affecting her partner, instead trying to fight the scowl threatening to dampen her spirits while she made breakfast. "Shouldn't you still be in bed?" She half-accused him, trying to hint at him to return to their bedroom.

"I…" Squall started before shaking his head himself out of his stupor. He repeated, this time more clearly. "I woke up."

The pinkette actually cracked a smile, not that he could see it. "I noticed." She heard a chair being dragged and she threw a glance back, noting that the man had collapsed on a chair. "Go back to bed if you're tired." She huffed, absently brushing her pink locks further towards her left shoulder and exposing the delicious skin of her nape as she turned back to the pot.

Squall lost his normally tight hold on his inhibitions.

"Leonhart!" Lightning raised her voice as she was forced to stop stirring. Squall had draped an arm around her shoulders while he rested one warm palm on the smooth groove of the small of her back, holding her in place. Heat blossomed on her cheeks when she felt his warm lips press against her nape. "I'm cooking!" she tried to be the reasonable one.

She was failing.

"Your fault." He mumbled against her skin, relaxing his hold on her frame. "What are you doing wearing that?"

"I already told you." She suppressed the shiver that threatened to escape her body when the hand on her back started tracing her spine. "So quit it!"

She threw a glance across her shoulder when she felt him draw back. Squall gave her the once-over and she scowled at the amusement dancing in his eyes. "Wearing that?"

That; referring to her current choice of attire: a white apron, fastened in ribbons around her neck and waist, worn over her black laced bra and panties and nothing else. She had meant to surprise the him with breakfast. In fact, she made sure she sapped him of all his energy with last night's activities in preparation for this. It seemed she misjudged him.

Salvaging the situation, she smirked coyly at him. "Having problems?" she shifted her ass against him and felt satisfied when he growled out his reply.

"Maybe." Squall tried to restrain himself and think clearly, knowing there was a potential problem around the corner. "Aren't you worried that someone might walk in?"

"This is our house." She stated simply before continuing in a throaty voice. "You're the only one allowed to come in."

Squall molded his body against her back as Lightning lowered the stove's heat to a simmer before she turned around in his grasp and looked up at him. "That never stopped Vaan and Zidane from picking our lock." He whispered against her ear, sending tingles down her spine.

"They'll be in for a shocking surprise." Squall briefly pondered her words before shrugging, figuring she didn't mean it that way. Still, his eyes shifted to the kitchen door which he forgot to close.

Lightning saw the growing hesitance in his eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly and brought him down to eye level. "You started this, Squall." She deadpanned mischievously. "So you're not going anywhere until you've taken responsibility."

She pressed her lips deeply against his in a heated kiss. Squall found her lips tasted sweet with a hint of coconut and surmised her concoction might not be so bad after all. Still, he wasn't feeling particularly hungry at the moment and rightly guessed that neither was she.

Lightning moaned against his lips when his hands palmed her gluteus maximus and hefted her up- her legs instinctively wrapping around his waist and pressing his body against hers- as he turned around and lay her down on the nearby table, never once breaking from their heated exchange.

There was a sudden surge of magic in the air followed by a bright flash and pained cries.

Squall tried to pull away but Lightning held him down firmly. He raised his brow and she replied with a knowing smirk. "Like I said; a shocking surprise."

Squall smirked back and resumed worshipping his Lightning.

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