A/N: Though most likely a polarizing drabble, I did want to explore Lightning's more… domineering side. After all, while it's nice to write a sweet and adorable Lightning, it does detract from the character Squeenix laid out a lot.

Lightning's out of sugar, full on spice, and can be very naughty, not nice!

Theme 39: Take On Me

Pairing: Lightning Farron/Squall Leonhart

He had blacked out.

Somehow, he had blacked out.

Squall was used to this feeling - the sluggishness that came with his mind rebooting from a blank nothingness - to know he hadn't merely been waking from a dreamless sleep; he had blacked out.

The soft wetness ghosting above his neck, suckling on his earlobe in an all-too distracting way before nibbling a southbound trail on his skin was new, however.

His eyes groggily opened to find a lock of hair swaying mockingly at him, attached to a pink mess; his mental faculties abruptly shuddered awake and then groaned when it connected the dots.

Oh Hyne, it was Lightning.

Squall now had an extremely good idea for what the hell just happened to him.

"Awake now, schoolboy?" There was a distinct huskiness in her question, and no hidden amount of anticipation. Squall's pulse raced but his eyes remained shut to feign sleep. With his eyes shut, however, he never saw the wicked gleam in Lightning's eyes. Not that he needed to when Lightning continued, "Or not; I don't care. In fact, it's better if you sleep for this."

"Gerroffme, Lightning." His slurred command was not at all menacing when his body shivered under her familiar touch.

"You're awake." Lightning sounded disappointed. Or quietly eager; it was hard to tell when she stared up at him from his chest with foggy eyes. "Don't think of stopping me."

Her mouth descended on his moist skin again.

Squall's brow twitched irritably. "I'm sore all over, Lightning."

"Don't care."

Lightning didn't care.

With a heavy sigh, Squall wisely chose to resign himself to Lightning's needs again. His arms snaked from her naked rear and traced up her waist and sides with a delicate touch of his fingertips, his digits rubbing small circles with each caress, and inwardly smiled when she squirmed and let out an alluring moan. Lightning seemed to shrink when her arms withdrew onto her body from where they were groping his biceps, and Squall immediately seized the opportunity presented and attempted to turn the tables.

In one swift motion, Squall grasped Lightning's shoulders and slammed her back against the bed-

-and in one swift retaliation, Lightning used the momentum to roll themselves off the bed and slam Squall's back on the textile floor.

"Ugh!" Squall rapidly tried to blink away the tiny chocobos running circles with his vision. "What the hell-"

"Toldja you were better off asleep." Lightning gloated down at her prey, unfazed by their sudden movement.

No longer was the softness of her breasts pressed against his chest- and Squall had to reminded himself that he was missing her body's warmth, and not her mounds'- when, instead, they were replaced by her hands on his pec majors as she pushed herself upwards. If Lightning had done this intentionally to press their crotches flusher against each other, Squall couldn't tell; he could only groan needily at how she seemed to be burning down there.

"The hell, Lightning?" Squall refused to be intimidated by the erotic Valkyrie peering down on him.

There was something wild about the way she looked with her pink mane matted against her skin; full lips parted slightly just begging for his attention; beads of sweat teasing him as they reminded him of every curve of her tight body; her breasts, the only part of her gentle, swaying with her labored breaths. The tip of her pink tongue sauntered across her lips before ducking back inside, and Squall had to remind himself to punish that insolent tease accordingly when he had the chance.

And her eyes, by Hyne, her eyes were very, very hungry.

A lascivious grin stretched Lightning's lips when she felt her man's swollen response. "Oh poor baby; was that too rough?"

Squall cursed his body for reacting to her words. "There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for why you're acting like this, Light." Despite his best attempts, his tone wasn't as controlled as he liked. Warning bells rang in his head when Lightning promptly descended upon his body. He quickly reminded. "I'm still waiting for that explanation!"

Lightning stopped just a breath from the curve of his neck, and Squall felt her breath in deeply.

Lightning's body shivered in delight at the smell that filled her nose and ignited every cell of desire in her body. "I need more chocolate, Squall."


That had flipped Lightning's switch, as he previously surmised.

Hyne, it was the candles and oil; jasmine and vanilla filled the air while the barest taste of mint chocolate coated his skin. The romantic evening he had planned the night before did not proceed exactly as he meticulously scheduled when Lightning arrived tense and agitated; the affairs of Gran Pulse and especially Academia weren't quite in order, and it showed.

Squall had quickly adapted, of course. Lightning always loved a good rubbing, and so he turned down the lights, lit up a few candles, and began the routine. Lightning was on her belly watching a random something on the telly while naked save for the cotton white towel covering her rear. Squall, after placing a bowl of dried cherries for her to nibble on - a recommended treat his mates assured him would relax any woman; Xu had been giggling, oddly enough - warmed his hands with the jasmine vanilla oil Lightning really, really loved... even if she wouldn't admit it.

An hour later and her entire back done, Lightning had turned to him with a request; she wanted to return the favor, and she selected the mint chocolate oil for him.

Things had quickly become heated, particularly when Lightning's frisky hands had begun to stray from a professional regime to something salacious. Taking the hint, Squall was only too eager to oblige.

And then darkness.

The last thing he remembered was being sat down on the bed, chest to breast against Lightning as he speared her deeply- or was it Lightning was sheathing him? It became difficult to tell under their lust-filled haze. Her arms and legs were wrapped tightly around his neck and waist, and she was so much tighter than he had ever experienced her before; hotter, even. In that position, with their bodies so intertwined they could feel their lover's heart beating and chest heaving amidst all the pleasurable distractions of both their lips kissing, Lightning had just kept on going, and going, and going, and he came, but she kept going and going, and…

Squall was suddenly fearful for what Lightning wanted next. Libido fought with reason, and his mouth opened up to stammer a quick excuse. "Hyne, Light, the sun just came out!"

Lightning ran a hand through her hair and flashed him a predatory grin; Squall's throat dried up at the vision of lust before him.

"Look around you, Squall. It's still dusk."

True enough, it was still thirty-past one. Lightning had cut into his sleep.

Squall swallowed.

"…I'm sore, Light."

"I'm not." She licked her lips with a wicked gleam in her expectant eyes. "I fully expect to be sore by sunrise."

He wasn't prepared for this. He really wasn't prepared for this. He had wanted a relaxing evening- he, after all, had also been just as knackered as her- with maybe just a casual tryst to end the night.

Not this.

And, it seemed, Lightning understood his hesitations too.

Her response, however, was cold and threatening.

"If you shrink, Squall," Lightning's eye flashed dangerously. "I'm cutting it off."

He blanched at the thought. "Not helping your case, Light."

"I'm cutting it off if you shrink." She clarified swiftly.

Squall rolled his eyes at the Lightning-esque reply.

"Seriously not helping."

"Come on, schoolboy." She goaded him. "You can't be such a selfish bastard to reject your girl's advances, eh?"

She ground their hips together for emphasis.

Ah, screw it. Sleep could wait, but Lightning – and his libido - couldn't.

"Gods, Light, fine!" He growled out. His hands flew to her rears and he crushed them against his palms then drove their hips harder together.

Lightning let out a guttural moan and swiftly crushed her lips against his with wild and reckless passion.

It was only when, at last, the burning in their lungs could not be ignored, Lightning pulled back. Her eyes were wild and untamed and so very, very, hungry.

"I'm taking you, Squall." She growled out without thought, biting down against his bottom lip.

Despite having half his lip eaten by the hungry predator, Squall managed to let out a questioning, "…what?"

Lightning did not like the drop of reason unclouding this haze.

"You and I both know I'm the alpha here."

She was going to take, and take, and take without any give.

Squall frowned. His hands left her firm ass to rest on her shoulders instead to calm her down. He held firm even when she struggled against his touch.

"I didn't realize we were like that."

Lightning was becoming seriously annoyed at the hold up.

"It's an unwritten rule when I'm with someone." She snapped. "Now shut up and I'll screw you!"

Squall wasn't afraid.

"And how many have survived?" Squall immediately bit on his thoughtless tongue when Lightning suddenly tensed. After all, he, of all people, knew about a man's pride.

Lightning glowered down at him. Though it was demeaning, she had already apologised for being herself before with another man, and it did not end well, still. She was not going to go through that again. "Well, what are you going to do about it, huh, schoolboy? You can either take it or leave."

This time, Lightning had dipped his nickname in spite. Though her voice was haughty with bravado, Squall knew better. The ultimatum she gave should have stabbed him but, instead, it was the slight trembling of her body that drove the knife through his chest.

Inwardly fighting down all his hesitations, Squall let out a resigned huff and tried to relax against the floor submissively. His face turned towards the bed and he muttered in a shaky monotone, "This… is a fantasy of mine too, you know."

Lightning blinked, hardly able to believe the words she just heard.

"Just don't go too overboard. Be, er… gentle." Squall lamely added. His face was burning with embarrassment at his words.

Lightning almost swooned, but she reminded herself that Lightning Farron does not swoon. She does, however, grin widely.

Almost a curse, Lightning had always been attracted to strong men; alphas, if the primal word could be used. But rather than submitting to them, Lightning instead wanted to compete with them. Sadly, that alluring trait had damned her as well; alphas did not like competition. This was especially so when the competition was as fierce as her.

All of them fled when her darkest desires were unleashed.

Until now.

Lightning leaned down and swallowed Squall's earlobe.

"You're a horrible liar, Squall." She reminded him affectionately, nibbling at the succulent flesh softer than she ever did this night. Thanks for accepting me and my fantasies, Squall... "What're you gonna do if I'll take you against the wall and pound on you 'til your balls turn blue?"

Squall swallowed the lump on his throat before pressing a hard reminded against that damp spot between her legs.

"Bite when you bark, sparky."

Famous last words.

When morning came, the odd couple found Lightning pressing an ice pack against her man's most embarrassing bruise. Despite being unable to feel himself down there, Squall couldn't keep the scowl on his face at Lightning's rare, delighted smile.

He decided to cut his losses. At least Lightning was so much more relaxed now than the day before.

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