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Theme 40: The Long Wait

Pairing: Lightning Farron/Squall Leonhart

It was on the beginning a cool perfect morning when Lightning slowly awoke to a forgotten but much welcomed sensation.

"Mhrmmm…" She moaned throatily against the taste of succulent flesh that parted her pink lips and prodded against her teeth. It did not take a detective to deduce just what was the hard, warm, and slightly salty treat that invaded her mouth as she lay on the bed she shared with her husband.

Though her mind was still hazy from the long hours of the previous day, Lightning felt a heady sense of gratification from the feeling. It was extremely pleasant to know that she was still much desired by her husband. Ever since their first time, Lightning felt that Squall repressed no small amount of depravity within his self – a feeling that only grew more certain with each subsequent tryst. As the saying went, it took two to tango, and they most certainly did tango.

Her face flushed with embarrassment, annoyance, and hunger at the thought of her husband defiling her while she slept. Anticipation pounded against her ears and she struggled to maintain her composure so she could see just how far her husband would take this perverse act.

Despite her lightheaded grogginess, Lightning could feel need beginning to dampen her down there. She shivered when it seemed Squall had read her reactions; something hard had suddenly brushed against that spot between her thighs.

How long had he been saving up? She could not remember the last time they fucked; between caring for the capricious Averia and the needy Raine, something always came up whenever both parents – they were parents! Of two wonderful, wonderful daughters! – were in a frisky mood.

Lightning had long since cursed the cockblockers she and her husband called 'friends'.

A stern whisper that suspiciously sounded like Dr. Kadowaki suddenly nagged at her mind, reminding her not to allow herself to become impregnated again so soon.

Balamb Garden's esteemed general practitioner-stroke-surgeon – Lightning truly thought the old woman could do anything, and that was no hyperbole – had been livid when she found out Lightning was pregnant again so soon after giving birth to Averia. By her second trimester with Raine, Lightning had to agree.

:.: "Sterile my bruised belly, Leonhart!" Conveniently forgetting that she chose to take Squall's name, Lightning had cursed him after being hospitalized yet again for another complication; her uterine walls had not fully healed before bearing Raine. "Does this look like sterile to you?!" A sharp pain in her abdomen caused her to gasp out, "Fuck, Etro-!"

A hand suddenly fell on her arm, and Lightning instinctively drew Squall closer. Her dewy blue eyes bore into her husband's and she hissed at him through gritted teeth.

"About time you held me, you spineless sissy!"

Squall counted himself lucky that his wife hadn't broken anything that night. :.:

In the end, it had been a combination of her Eidolon, Squall's Guardian Forces, and her natural endurance that ensured Raine's successful, if just slightly premature, birth.

Raine was truly Lightning's troublemaker.

Lightning abruptly stopped thinking about her children. That did little to help the mood, and so she focused back on the present – of her husband being so brazen with this advance.

Sleepily, Lightning tried to recall the last time Squall had been so daring. Their last time truly felt like a distant memory. Thankfully, their toddlers appeared to be either asleep or preoccupied, leaving them time for some fun. Why else would Squall attempt to sneakily relieve himself with her body while she was still in such a vulnerable state? Surely he would know such an act would not go unnoticed? It was clear even to her foggy mind that Squall was banking on her catching him in the act.

She would indulge him because she wanted this as well.

The prodding against her teeth was becoming more insistent, and Lightning felt that Squall was becoming impatient. With a grin slowly stretching her lips, Lightning opened her mouth just right and allowed him access.

Curiously, it seemed Squall was trying to restrain himself because she did not pick up a response despite engulfing his member.

Not to worry; she'd have him groaning and bucking his hips with pleasure right now.

Lightning sucked on the limb deliberately, swirling her tongue in just the right way to let him know that while she was on to him, she was up for this as well.

Really, Squall could be such a guy sometimes-

"Ehehe." A girlish chortle – not a manly groan – sounded. "Mommy 'ickles!"

The fog of sleep abruptly vanished.

Lightning's eyes snapped open when she realized whose limb was in her mouth-

-and it definitely wasn't Squall's!

"Augheia?!" The name of her eldest child was muffled against the foot in her mouth.

"Eep!" Averia gasped when her mother's teeth pressed against her skin. "No 'ungree!"

Lightning spat her almost two-year old daughter's foot and suppressed the urge to gag at what just happened. "Averia!" Lightning repeated aghast, and the toddler scampered off her mother with a quick crawl before diving under the sheets. "What are you doi-ungg…!"

Something pressed at her damp center again; Lightning's blood suddenly ran cold.

Peering stiffly below her, Lightning spotted a sleepy-looking Raine curled like a kitten between her legs. The almost-one year old infant's head was dangerously close to what Lightning could feel was a uncomfortably cold and damp spot on her dainty cotton.

"…What the heck?"

For some reason, Squall's words flittered through her ears in the tense silence.

:.: "Did you ever tell her anything? Because it seems wherever Averia goes, Raine won't be too far behind." :.:

"Mommy?" Averia suddenly called in a voice so small and curious that Lightning almost missed it amidst the loud pounding of her heart against her ears. Lightning's head slowly lowered in Averia's direction, owlish blue eyes drinking in the sight of her daughter peering up at her as she peeked from under a blanket. "Um, scared."

"…" Lightning looked from between cowering pinkette and the brunette between her legs, and then sighed heavily. "Sorry. You two just gave mommy a shock." An unwelcomed shock akin to being drenched by a bucket of ice-cold water at the beginning of a sexual frenzy; be still my beating heart, we're not out of the blasting zone yet. "What's up?"

Averia's head popped out before the rest of her body reappeared as she crawled back on top of her mommy, her young mind not registering how Lightning stiffened when her chubby hands brushed against twin stiff peaks poking out from her mother's breasts.

"Um," Averia began hesitantly, searching her young memory for the right word, before flashing her mother with a large smile. "Cuddles."

"…Yes, Averia. C'mere." Lightning agreed tiredly. Her arousal was still there but instead of a tingly ache that heightened her senses, it was a burning itch that just couldn't be scratched as it drained her energy to fight. "Back to sleep with you."

"Rainy cried." Averia muttered, her chubby fingers pointing at where her younger sister snuggled close to her mother's warmth.

If Averia was to be understood, then Raine was starved for attention and Averia did something about it.

Wordlessly following Averia's unspoken command, Lightning wrapped both her legs around Raine's tiny form, making the infant's eyes open just slightly more awake than before, and flexed her hips, bringing the littlest Leonhart close so that she could join her elder sister in their mother's arms. "To sleep. Both of you."

Raine immediately closed her eyes again upon bathing in her mother's familiar warmth while Averia looked up at her mother and pecked her on the chin before joining her sister.

"Love you, mommy." A satisfied Averia whispered as she drifted off to dreamland.

Despite the mood, it was unsurprising that Lightning was awake, embarrassed, and frustrated from the entire ordeal that started her day.

Gods, her mind had just played a cruel, cruel trick on her… and it was Squall's fault, somehow. Lightning just knew it.

Her nose picked up the familiar scent of Squall's breakfast pancakes wafting through the slightly parted door, and she decided she was going to unleash all her sexual frustrations on that damn husband of hers.

Once both their daughters were asleep, that is.

"Sleep, now, my darling child…" Lightning began to softly hum an old lullaby.

If she hurried, maybe she could catch Squall before he took off his apron.