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Shiva, filled with pride for being Squall's Guardian Force; Squall, being a prude; Lightning, being experimental.

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Theme 44: Working Out

Pairing: Squall Leonhart/Lightning Farron

:.: Contractor. :.: Shiva's deep and suspicious voice cut through Squall's concentration.

Squall grunted from where he laid and willed his pecs tighter, lifting the barbell high above him before mounting it back on its stand with a resonating clank of metal against metal.

:.: What? :.: Squall snapped back to the woman of ice, breathing deeply as he slowly pulled himself up to a sitting position. He absently grabbed his towel from the nearby table and dried his face of his exertion.

:.: You requested that I warn you of anything amiss, regardless of your current situation. :.: Shiva reminded him pointedly.

Squall nodded his head, resting his towel around his neck as he grabbed his water bottle next. :.: What is it? :.:

"Tired already, Leonhart?" An amused jeer interjected his conversation with his resident Guardian.

Squall narrowed his eyes at the smirking Lightning behind him before quickly averting his eyes away, scowling harshly.

"You benched only 50 reps." Lightning pointed out smugly, inwardly delighting at her flushing boyfriend's reaction. She leaned closer towards him over the barbells, tempting his eyes towards her accented assets – assets that were already enhanced by the tight halter workout bra she had specifically chosen - with her every calculated action. "What happened to beating my drop-set of 60?"

"Whatever." Squall ignored her siren call. Call him proud, but Squall refused to be caught staring and, worse still, be called out for it.

Lightning had a very distracting build.

Knowing she could not tempt him any further, Lightning withdrew. Stretching her arms above her head and then sighing in satisfaction at the popping sound of her upper back, Lightning rounded the bench Squall sat on and gracefully glided towards the power cage.

"Catch your breath. Inclined bench is next. Show me what you've got, schoolboy." Lightning threw a confident smirk over her shoulder – a smirk that grew even more triumphantly when she caught him quickly avert his eyes from her. Knowing what it was he was entranced with, Lightning made extra sure to captivate his gaze.

The sultry roll of Lightning hips seemed to mock the suddenly parched Squall.

"After all," Lightning added – and then made a show of bending as she adjusted the bench to its appropriate angle for their next exercise. The dark material of her tight-fitting gym pants strained against her every curve, and Squall even managed to catch sight of the arousing lines her panties made against the skin-like fabric. Straightening, strands of pink draping coyly and obscuring one eye, she spoke. "I've shown you all of mine."

"Hyne damn it." Squall cursed under his breath and willed his thoughts elsewhere.

It hadn't been long since that fateful winter night – since he started dating the overbearing and over-competitive Lightning Farron. While Squall was no expert at relationships, he had a feeling whatever Lightning was doing wasn't normal – especially for her.

The annoying part was, Squall wasn't sure if Lightning's teasing – flirting? - was a good or a bad thing.

While Squall could quite happily admire her toned and powerful figure all-day long, Lightning's mere presence caused powerful stirrings within himself that he hadn't felt before.

Just like now; as he watched Lightning settle herself on the bench, spreading her legs to brace herself before unhooking the supported barbells and starting her first set of fifty, Squall fought off the urge to walk over to the sergeant from Pulse and run his fingers along the curve of her lean legs, spreading them even further apart while he would kiss her slender stomach in a way that he knew would make her shiver in rapturous delight. Maybe he would even send a weak thunder through that metal piercing on her navel – if only so that his curiosity at what sound Lightning would make would…

:.: Are you finished gawking? :.: His resident sounded with a hint of irritation.

'Focus, Leonhart!' Squall chided himself for his carelessness. If there was one problem with being familiar with one's junctioned, it was that one's thoughts were no longer private.

The SeeD Commander directed his thoughts through the bond he shared with Shiva. :.: As you were saying? :.:

There was a short pause, and Squall felt himself being measured by Shiva, before his most trusted Guardian Force finally spoke.

:.: I believe Lightning Farron is preparing to sabotage your regime. :.: Shiva waited a moment for her host to digest her warning before supplying with her solution. :.: It would be wise to make use of my benefits now so that we may stomp Lightning Farron's conceited scheming and prevent any further gloating from her part. :.:

Squall blinked. Was it just him, or did Shiva sound particularly enthusiastic at the thought of beating Lightning?

:.: You know the whole point of this workout is to build my own strength, right? :.:

:.: Affirmative. :.: Squall felt Shiva nodding her head. :.: But I have deduced Lightning Farron is intentionally distracting you, Contractor, which may result in injury. Given all that I have witnessed up to this point, I can only conclude that it has to do with beating you in this test of strength. :.:

After all, much to Squall's chagrin, Lightning had soundly proven how much faster she was than him. Now, the sergeant seemed bent on proving that she was just as strong – if not stronger than him, too.

:.: This is an unfair contest. :.: Shiva added with displeasure. :.: Her Eidolon is clearly enhancing her physical prowess. :.:

Squall rolled his eyes.

A loud clank alerted Squall that Lightning was finished.

"Your turn." Lightning grunted, gulping in deep, steadying breaths before standing on slightly wobbly legs.

"Right." Squall quickly checked the weight – triple hundred kilograms on one side; perfect - and readied himself.

:.: Lightning said Odin wasn't helping her. :.:

:.: Lightning Farron also said this would be a clean contest – and look at what she's wearing now. :.:

Reflexively, Squall looked.

Yeah, Lightning looked incredibly sexy as she gulped down that bottle of water.


Squall grunted loudly to focus his thoughts.

"Something in your throat?" Lightning asked – that teasing glimmer in her eyes never fading.

"I'm fine." Squall scowled. He gripped the barbell handles and began before Lightning could prompt him.

:.: Furthermore, have we not established that l'Cie cannot suppress the gifts of their Eidolons? :.:

:.: Lightning says it's under control. :.: Squall thought back tightly before exhaling. "Thirty-one."

"Nineteen more, schoolboy." Lightning appeared to sing.

Squall paused briefly, narrowing his eyes at his girlfriend standing directly in front of him.

Was it just him, or was Lightning closer than before?

Shrugging it off as inconsequential, Squall continued.


:.: Lightning Farron is making her move! :.: Shiva screamed – and Squall almost dropped the weight atop his chest in his surprise.

:.: Don't do that, Shiva! :.: Squall shouted back for the close call.

:.: This contest is a farce. Lightning Farron intends something else! :.:

:.: What are you-? :.: Squall couldn't finish asking what Shiva's problem was when his attention was drawn to the heat between his thighs. "Lightning?"

He didn't know when she approached, but his heart raced with panic when Lightning placed her hands on his thighs.

"Aren't you gonna finish, Leonhart?" She tucked a lock of pink behind her ear, and Squall's throat dried at the moist flesh she exposed.

"I-" The aching of his arms reminded him that this was a very precarious situation, in more ways than one. "Lightning, get off me."

"Why?" Lightning delighted at his reaction. "Am I bothering you?"

"Yes. I mean no. Not- not like that. I mean- you know what I mean!" Squall shivered as one hand traced up his thigh, skipping – most likely intentionally – his rapidly hardening groin before settling just above his tip. "Get off me!"

"Mhmm." Lightning nodded – and pressed down on his lower abs before straddling his stomach. "Nah."

Squall inhaled sharply when the delicious warmth of her taut ass compressed the straining head of his crotch.

"Lightning!" Squall shouted in alarm and need. His arms were shaking now as they struggled not to collapse. "I'm not kidding!"

"You sure you want me off of you?" Lightning asked innocently, swaying and rubbing against him in just the right way. It seemed Squall was not the only one that had quickly learned every pleasing spot on their lover.

"Ugh, you win already, alright?" Squall told her quickly in an attempt to appease her. Anything, so long as he could claim this vixen. Metal clanked on metal as Squall twisted the barbell he held – hooking it back into the machine.

Or would have, had Lightning not have further plans.

"I'm not interested in this contest." Lightning elucidated huskily-

:.: I was right. :.: Shiva declared smugly.

:.: Not now, Shiva! :.:

-before pushing down on the metal weight Squall supported firmly. "I'm clearly better than you."

Squall's strength caved.

"Oomph!" Squall gasped, the muscles of his chest and arms straining painfully against his limbs as Lightning compressed them as well. Blood was rushing to his head, making it even more difficult to make a logical thought.

The irresistible sight of Lightning's lips filled his vision, somehow focusing Squall's thoughts amidst the agony of his arms and the insatiable hunger welling in his hips.

"I'm interested in proving something else." Lightning breathed against Squall's lips. A low purr suddenly left Lightning's throat, and her eyes glanced coyly to wear their hips met – to where Squall was unconsciously pressing harder against her pelvis. "But it seems I've got my answer already."

Indeed. If Squall's reaction to her presence was any indication, then Lightning was assured that Squall thought about her as much as she did him.

Damn her boyfriend's stone face to hell.

"Th-then get off me." Squall repeated, though his hesitant tone seemed to betray his words.

Lightning's soft, pink hair trailed fleeting caresses on Squall's face as she shook her head.

"In a bit. I think I could get used to this."

Lightning ground back against Squall's swollen head, eliciting a simultaneous hiss from both of them.

"Mmm-yeah…" Lightning moaned with a satisfied smile, glancing down at her captive boyfriend with smoldering blue eyes. "I think I can get used to this."

With a deep, heavy breath – it was really, really difficult to breathe from where he was being crushed in more ways than one – Squall leveled Lightning with the most serious stare he could muster. And though her boyfriend's glare left much to be desired, Lightning nevertheless acquiesced to the silent protest in his eyes and pulled back so she could see his face fully.

Lightning licked her lips.

"Last chance, Farron." Squall grunted, stilling himself from reacting. "Get off of me."

A surprised gasp escaped Squall's lips when Lightning leaned down to kiss him. Squall kissed her back instinctively, losing himself to her wiles-

:.: What should we do, Contractor? :.:

-oh right. Shiva was still there.

Suddenly regaining his second wind, Squall smirked against Lightning's slightly parted lips.

"What is it, Squall?" Lightning asked breathlessly.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Squall whispered back.

:.: Shiva, come. :.:

:.: Finally. :.:

Like a being doped by an extremely potent drug, Squall suddenly regained feeling in his arms and then his strength returned.

"What are you- LEONHART!" Lightning shouted in surprise when Squall suddenly stood, lifting both her and the full weight of the barbell in one smooth, fluid motion before, "Ugh!", her breath abruptly left her breast as her back hit the top of the power cage.


Lightning's eyes widened furiously when she realized Squall had hooked the barbell – effectively trapping her in her suspended state.

"Get me down from here, Leonhart!" Lightning hollered at the panting brunet below her.

Squall had collapsed back on the bench after his explosive display of strength, breathing raggedly, occasionally choking on his gulps of air.

"I… told you… so…" Squall managed to wheeze out, looking up at his girlfriend triumphantly.

"Fine! I took it too far, alright?" That was as close to an apology Squall would get from her. "Now let me down!"

Lightning felt unpleasantly apprehensive about being so vulnerable. It was a complete reversal of the way she had pinned her man earlier up to the point where she couldn't even move her arms!

It was the right to feel apprehensive, too, as a vindictive smirk suddenly tugged at the edge of Squall's lips.

Regaining his composure, Squall answered with a resolute, "No."

:.: Give it to her, Contractor! :.: Shiva cheered with uncharacteristic enthusiasm. :.: Make her beg! :.:

Squall did not pay his Guardian that much mind.

Instead, the scarred brunet's attention was drawn to the defiant scowl on Lightning's face – and he tried his damnest not to think about why her defiance made him want to push things even further; bad thoughts! – to that taut, tight belly of hers.

Lightning gasped when her boyfriend's lips gingerly touched the button on her belly, and her face blossomed with embarrassment and an ember of arousal.

"You're- you're disgusting, you know that?" Lightning tried to scowl, but Squall's hands settled themselves on her aching thighs, and Etro, damn, did his massages feel good…!

Lightning could feel her core moistening uncontrollably at his foreplay.

It didn't occur to the sergeant that she could kick her boyfriend away until he agreed to let her down, but by the time such thoughts did register, Lightning was too far gone along the road of carnal delight.

"Mhm." Squall hummed, too busy testing as much the strength held in his woman's frame as the taste of it.

Lightning was delicious.

:.: Bite her, Contractor. Let her taste flood your lips even more as you mark her as your own. :.:

Squall paused, drawing a displeased groan out of Lightning's lips.

:.: …Shiva? :.:

:.: Yes, Contractor? :.:

:.: I'm disconnecting. :.:

:.: What nonsense are you spouting? I'm inside of you. :.:

:.: zzzzt. ksschhh. :.:

:.: Now you're just being silly. I know what onomatopoeia means. :.: Shiva rolled her eyes before reminding. :.: Now, bite her! :.:

:.: Shiva, please; I'm busy here! :.:

"What's the hold-up, Squall?" Lightning asked impatiently. Hooking her knees around her man's shoulders, Lightning stressed, "Dangling here isn't exactly comfy!"

She squeezed him, smoldering his face with her moistened center.

:.: Bite! Bite! :.:

Squall Leonhart had learned two things that day. The first was to learn to read Lightning's mood, and the second was to un-junction Shiva whenever Lightning was around.

It was difficult to focus on Lightning when his most trusted Guardian Force played sex therapist.

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If it was not clear enough, this is, again, set during the early stages of Squall and Lightning's relationship - a time where there are still uncertainties that need banishing, and awkwardness and indecision. By the end, Lightning is sure Squall does think about her, while Squall decides to just fuck it and fuck Lightning ;)

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