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His black eyes wandered down to the sleeping form next to him. He took in every little detail. The medium length pink hair that fell over her face, the pale complexion, the black short and dark pink top that she wore. He even noticed the way her head tilted as she used his lap for a pillow. He chuckled to himself. Yes, he still called her ugly, but at this point, she knew he was kidding.

Though he was still confused and sometimes even frightened by the pink haired kunoichi, he respected her. Though to others they were only friends, to the rosette in his lap, they were more. They were together. He still had his feelings on the matter, but the way she said it and explained it to him, he liked the idea. And he got along well enough with her.

The moments they shared stayed in his mind at all times. Her smile lit up his day, and made the world seem brighter to him. Her seafoam eyes captured him in their depths whenever they met his own empty black orbs. Moments like this one stayed fresh in his mind, the moments where she fell asleep after a mission.

He became suddenly alert, that's right, they were on a mission. Well, had been. They were at the camp now and had taken the first watch. He looked back down at the sleeping medic and saw her expression change as firelight hit her face. She seemed to be in pain as her eyes shot open and she jerked into a sitting position. He gently, yet quickly, covered her mouth so that the scream that came next was muffled.

His black eyes widened in, worry? He didn't know, but that's what it felt like from explanations. It was times like this when he wished he understood her pain and her emotions. He wanted to help her, but all he could do was keep her screams from waking their fellow teammates. "Sakura, shh." He put his finger to his lips and looked at her pointedly.

As she turned to him, her aqua eyes seemed dull and the blank expression on her face frightened him. Suddenly, a shadow moved from behind the rosette and silently slit her throat.

He stood and pulled out a kunai in each hand. He felt fear. More so than when he angered the kunoichi. The dead kunoichi...

"Sai. Sai. Sai! Wake up!" It was her voice. But how?

The raven-haired boy sat up and put a hand to his head. "What..." He turned to see who had woke him. "Sakura?"

The pink-haired girl chuckled slightly. "Nightmare?" She smiled kindly, her seafoam green optics hidden behind eyelids for a moment. She opened her eyes and her smile fell slightly as she wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. "Maybe we need a break from missions..."

He placed a pale hand on top of one of her own and nodded, a half smile coming to his face. "Perhaps." He pulled her around him and sat her in his lap, causing her to giggle and his heart to skip a beat. What was that? He mentally shook his head and looked into the eyes of his personal savior. "Thank you, Sakura." He murmured and placed his lips to her forehead. He held her close to him and sighed deeply in content.

The rosette smiled softly and lay her head on his chest, the top of her head resting just below his chin. "Thank you..." She whispered softly, sighing gently.


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