Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars.
Rating: K+
Word Count: 360
Characters: Palpatine
Prompt: Write something inspired by Mozart's darker works. I wrote this while listening to the Don Giovanni scene from Amadeus where Salieri is watching Mozart conduct his opera.
Author's Note: A short!fic for Darstellen of livejournal. Posted here years after the fact because I felt like it.

"I began to see a way, a terrible way. I could finally triumph over God... My plan was so simple it terrified me."

Night always comes so slowly to Coruscant and, when it does come, is obfuscated by the capital's brilliant lights to such an extent that it is little but a passing stranger to this city. I sometimes catch that rare darkness by accident in a windowless room or a bureaucrat's eyes. There are more lights than usual in recent evenings – lamps offered to the dark in an effort to push back the shadows in beings' minds; lights for the living and the dead - lights for peace.

Dark contemplation – something generations of Sith Lords have taken for granted, is something I now snatch between meetings like a furtive youngling sneaking away from lessons. There is a war on, you know.

One place retains the atmosphere required for such deep meditation: the theatre. There, when all is dimmed and emotions soar on passionate voices, I can allow trembling feelings to wash over me – eyes closed or unseeing. My advisors think I sleep, but it is the very opposite of slumber to drift on such currents. Indeed, it is the closest I can come to bliss without a Jedi writhing at my feet.

Those Jedi friends of mine talk of the "growing darkness" as if we Sith ride upon some incoming tide of fate. A childish notion, but one I have encouraged my own followers to share. It is said that the Jedi have lost their Sight in this darkness the Sith have brought about. They blame me, the elusive Sith Master, for disturbing their clarity, when the truth could not be more obvious. It is not that my star is in the ascendant and theirs is waning; the darkness is eternal. Rather, these wise sages have willingly become my noble warriors – they are dying and cannot see it. And when my final order comes, the majority of the Jedi will already be dead, little more than force-sensitive soldiers.

You would think all of those twinkling hopes outside would have given them a clue. The common people know what the Jedi seem to have forgotten: that to cast a bright room into darkness all one need do is put out the light.