The House of Horrors

Ever wondered what really happened before Dimitri finally snapped and beat up his dad at age 13? Sometimes hate drives people crazy.

Disclaimer- if I owned vampire academy I would not have to go to school next year and updates would be coming in by the day


It didn't seem to matter how much she begged for him to stop, he never listened to her. She was a mere annoyance to him when it came to what he wanted. An annoyance that was easily shoved aside as though she weighed less than a feather.

They tried to hide from him, sometimes under the beds; though that was usually a dangerous place, sometimes in the closet, but he always found them. And it was always the same things. Things that drove them mad. The terror that bubbled up inside them and ripped at the edges of their fragile souls. It was all too much.

When daddy came home.