Chapter One


Morning came along, with it's shining warm presence, burning pleasantly through the window, with those hot rays against her pale skin.

The young sleeper cringed her nose hard, and peered open each eye. She licked her lips and swallowed the nasty spit caught up in the back of her throat, before hoisting herself up, and placing her back against the headboard of the bed.



Looking around with curious eyes, she scratched the bugging itch from behind her neck, at the nape of her neck, and sighed, after bringing her legs from the covers, and planting the soles of her feet onto the warming floor boards below.



She cleared her wet throat, and stood tall, patting down the white gown over her thighs, looking back up, and eyes directed at the dresser, where she stepped toward and pulled out a long sleeved brown dress that dropped nearly all the way to the floor. She gazed down it a few moments before unlacing the front of the gown and let it drop, before slipping herself inside the dress.

Mattie smiled after looking at herself in her mirror, and turned right around, hand around the door knob and left without looking back.



Stepping outside of the boarding home, she had been swept up in a big wind storm that lasted not even 5 seconds, blowing her tight braids in the same direction, and knocking her instantly into a deep, dark lost confusing world in the back of her mind, before collecting herself up from the golden dirt she had fallen to.

"You alright, hun?"a friendly woman around the age of thirty-some put a warm hand upon her shoulder, right after standing back to her feet, and smiling at the lovely woman.

Mattie nodded, quickly admiring the woman's golden curls and ice blue eyes.

The woman smiled, and removed her pale hand.

"Are you alone?"she added, before turning around to leave. Mattie gave her a confused stare, and nodded. "Yes ma'am, I am."Mattie replied, locking her fingers together in a tight bunch, gazing at the woman before her.

The blond woman turned her eyes off into the distance, and a random fellow soon came alone, locking arms with eachother, as if they were sweet lovers from long ago. Mattie's brows jumped.

The man smiled at her, with a pair of fingers stroking each black ends of his curled mustache, and tipping his top hat to her. Mattie returned the sweet smile, before looking off in nerviousness.

He had sighed grabbing her attention and the young blond woman asided him. "What is your name, dear girl?"by the sound of his voice and the well profound tone of his words, he wasn't from around here. He must have been up further east where all the fancy, rich folks lived in wealth, and the look of his nice dress suit and top hat gave as much proof as needed.

Mattie felt a bit strange being in the presence of such wealthy people.

She who was just in a silly old dress, and dirty old boots, while the lovely couple were in mysterious fabrics and materials she has never seen before. Mattie shook her head slightly, and softly answered the man's question.

"My name is Mattie Ross, sir."she bent her knees and leaned forward with a respectful curtsey. The man was a bit overwhelmed and suprised by the young woman's well behaved respect toward him.

He breathed deep through his nose, with a smile, removing his top hat and holding it tightly in both hands.

"Come here my dear."his crackled voice lingered up her spine and she leant upwards as before, staring long at the dark haired fellow before obeying his bending finger.

Mattie swallowed first and took her couple steps forward.

The man before her was standing tall. He had to be 6 foot at the least, without his hat, dark eyed, raven feather hair parted right down the middle, and that eye-catching mustache curled greatly to perfection at each end, and one more detail she seemed to miss was the little bush of hair that grew directly under his bottom lip, which seemed to remind her more of Mr. LaBoeuf and his adorable mustache

Mattie didn't say a word, watching those dark eyes wonder around her, nostrils flaring from time to time.

"I respect you, Ms. Ross. I absolutely do."the man stood tall and proud, putting his hat back on, with his lover beside him smiling beautifully.

Mattie felt her face reden, and tried hard to make the unwanted color disappear from view. But the mysterious man saw and smiled, showing teeth that were slightly damaged, but overall perfect!

"Thank you sir."she curtseyed again, getting the feeling she was about to fall over, but hadn't. Just her crazy sub-conscience speaking after she stood tall, and gave the man and woman another look over.


Looking over a shoulder, Mattie heard a few shares of muffled words between that man and woman.

She knew not to be a snoop, and didn't dare ruin her reputation as a sweet kind young woman.

So she turned back to see, and the man stood close.

"Mr. Rueben. Leon Rueben, dear girl."he licked his already moist lips, scratching his bush below his bottom lip, and watched Mattie smile. She nodded, and turned to walk.

She just wondered. She wondered what that woman beside him was named. She forgotten all about her, right after that strange man Leon Rueben showed up.

"Mister...she went round on her heels, hoping to catch them before they left, but she didn't see them anywhere.

It was as if they vanished...

Her mind wondered on about that for quite a while, before returning to the rest of her day.


E/N: I can't believe I finally gotten rid of that sucky Writers Block...probably not all the way, but I have lot of thoughts boiling right up inside of me:D:D Anyway...Mr. Leon Rueben and that blonde woman are a few of my OC's.

They will make more appearances in this four-to-five shot. And I haven't forgotten about Texas Ranger LaBoeuf or Marshall Rueben(Rooster) Cogburn...I don't think I could ever...:P Hope you all enjoy!