Rima stood in front of the F.A.M.E dorm, staring off into the distant greenhouse with distraught, irritated eyes. She rubbed her hands together furiously and loudly exhaled; her breath was visible in the cold weather. She thought back about Kairi's ridiculous request earlier morning.

"We need you to babysit Tadase while me and KoKo pick up the sweepstakes winner. OH YEAH, he's sick."

Whatever caused her to comply with his demand, she did not know, and she deeply regretted it. There were plenty of better things to do on a Saturday night for girls who were pretending to be pop stars. Actually, no, there wasn't.

She shook her head hastily, turned around, and spun the doorknob. As if he was waiting, Kairi eagerly greeted the Rima in an instant and invited her into their massive apartment, if a two-story building is still considered an apartment.

"Tadase is in his room, slash my future room," he smiled devilishly for a reason unknown to Rima. After chuckling briefly, he left the home into the dark, drafty night (more the backseat of a limo) with a mysterious figure already waiting for him. Her heart started racing.

Koko, Rima was at awe from his lean silhouette that was only visible under the dim light of a towering lamppost, which highlighted his flowing locks of purple hair that fell from his head. Rima froze in astonishment; she reached her open hand out, but quickly realized how silly the instinctual action was a retreated. She waved goodbye to Kairi and Koko (though he wasn't paying attention) and warily entered the F.A.M.E dorm.

Immediately a she entered, Tadase called out to her, "Mashiro-saaaaan."

"Yes, Hotori-san?" she followed the cry upstairs into Tadase's enormous room (which could probably double as a stage, if only for the homely furniture) panting when she finally arrived. She continued, "What is it?"

"Could you refill my orange juice please?" He was sitting up straight on his king sized mattress, which was elevated on a higher platform over the navy blue-carpeted floor along with two wooden drawers on the sides of the bed. Rima climbed three steps onto the raised flooring before marveling at the glass ceiling that revealed the dark sky, only brightened by the moon's phosphorous aura. How do people clean the bird poop of those anyway? she added as a thought.

She took the empty glass to the kitchen and refilled it, then made her way back up to Tadase's room.

"Here you go," she said as she placed the glass on his left drawer. Tadase was too busy making endearing faces at his iPad. "What are you doing?"

"I'm uploading pictures of myself in my frail condition."


"So I can post before-and-after pics for my fans. You wouldn't understand," Tadase replied as if it were normal. He was right, however, Rima wouldn't understand. "Oh dear."

Rima creased her eyebrows. "What is it now?"

"You are not going to like this." Rima sat beside Tadase and scanned the webpage with hawk eyes. She glanced over the iPad, stopped at "Recent News", and gasped. Her eyes shot open.

She read aloud:

"Utau's Scandal?

Utau was seen at a Chinese movie studio. It's a normal thing for idols to do, right? A source has sent a video of her intimately kissing an unknown redheaded boy.

Since the news has been reported, fans have commented, 'UTAU-CHII. WHAT IS THIS'; 'I'm so jealous of that guy!'; 'Oh, his hair is so voluminous!'; "Cool story, bro'

Representatives from IT-Tunes Entertainment Company have revealed that Utau and actor Fuyuki Kirishima are dating. Could the boy have been Kirishima? Is this all blown out of proportion? See for yourself."

Underneath the text was indeed a video of Utau and a redheaded boy kissing, and judging from the Bruce Lee posters and loud Chinese yelling in the background, she was definitely in China.

"Rima," Tadase said, "that's Kukai."

"I know."

"And you're supposed to be Utau?"


"Huh," he looked uneasy. "I'm going to contact Kirishima-san."

Rima tossed her head back and let out an agitated cry. And to think, Utau was the one who was telling me to be careful!

In a few minutes, a different voice was projecting from Tadase's tablet. It said, "You saw the news, too?"

"Yes, Kirishima-san," Tadase replied, and then sneezed. "I need you to do something for us. You, see…" He explained the situation to Kirishima, including the relationship between Kukai and Utau (which he already seemed to know about) and the fact that Rima is Utau for the time being.

"Mashiro-san?" Kirishima loudly questioned. "Rima Mashiro?"



"homminahomminahomminahommina," the actor muttered under his breath.

Rima whispered to Tadase, "Why is he so excited?"

"He was—ACHOO, sorry- one of your fanboys in middle school."

"Why is everyone famous now? You, Kairi, Utau, and even Ami is training to be a singer!"

"Well, it's all because of Ikuto."

"Ikuto? Wha—," she was cut off by Tadase's shushing. Kirishima was finished "hommina-ing" and began speaking again.

He tried to sound as refined as possible, "What is it you need me to do for Mashiro-san?"

Tadase turned to Rima, "I'm sorry, could you leave the room for a moment?"

Rima did so.

She made her way down the staircase, lurking around for Koko's room. She turned left at the bottom of the staircase, took two stair steps onto higher flooring with a piano in between two doors. Undoubtedly, one was Kairi's and the other was Koko's.

Rima entered the room that didn't say "Kairi's room—KEEP OUT".

She swiped her hand along the wall until she felt the light switch and flicked it.

An elegant room nearly as big as Tadase's was revealed underneath the bright lighting. Koko's room was equally elevated until a yard from his bed and was much more traditional, unlike Tadase's modern-styled furnishings. The floors were wooden, the walls were white, and had a nice view of F.A.M.E's floral backyard (what kind of apartment has a backyard anyway?).

Rima sat on the floor and thought to herself, This is so stupid. But she stared at the floor she was sitting on and smiled at the actuality that Koko walks on it.

With that in mind, she lay down and giggled. She's in Koko's room, on his floor, making floor angels. She had never felt this close to him before. She recklessly jumped on his bed and let out a fit of audible laughter in a very un-Rimaish manner. The blonde's hair was whipping all over the place as she giggled like a child and clung to a pillow.

But because of her poor athletic ability, she eventually had to stop. She plopped on the mattress and gasped for her life, yet she failed to stop smiling. In the midst of resting, she thought she heard Yaya's voice.

She swore she was just hallucinating.

"She probably went home already," Rima heard Kairi say.

"Oh, alright," said another voice. "I'm going to my room now."

She chuckled at the voices in her fantasizing. However, a faint clicking noise came from the door, and it occurred to Rima that she wasn't imagining things.

She was screwed.


He was tired; he'd just came home from picking up Yaya, a coincidence sweepstakes winner (who lives nearly 30 minutes away), and taking her to a roller coaster park (another 30 minutes away) with Kairi, who for some reason, was very smug about the situation. All he had wanted to do now was undress and go to bed.

After talking with Tadase for a while, Nagi entered his room. Something felt odd. Why were the lights on already?

He was not worried; there was no where to hide in his room. Well, except for the closet of course. But who would be loony enough to hide in a teenage dude's closet?

Nagi stripped off his shirt and went to the restroom to wash his face. He patted his face dry and stared in disbelief what he saw in the mirror. What in the world?

He concluded that he was tired and had just came home from a marathon of heights and twists and turns and Kairi's vomit; he was obviously hallucinating.

There was no way, and no reason, why Rima Mashiro would be creeping out of his closet.

Then he thought about what Kairi had told him earlier: "There's no need for you to stay and take care of Tadase. I asked Rima to do it."

And then he remembered what Rima had told him before: "I'd marry him."

He momentarily smirked at the thought of Rima wanting to marry him, but the thought interfered with the real issue.

Nagi kept his back turned and his eyes shut. "Rima Mashiro, what are you doing in my room?"

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