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*She would never talk,

but she was not shy

He was a street smart guy,

but he could not lie

They were perfect for each other,

Say it now,

Cause in your heart it's loud


Raven Roth sat on the back of the bus, her earphones plugged in her ears. The music she was listening to was blaring and she tapped her foot lightly to the beat. This peace would only last so long. Her pale hands were wrapped around her iPhone, which didn't have many contacts on it. Her raven colored hair with a few purple streaks was held loosely in a bun with a dark purple clip and and her dark blue eyes were sealed shut. She was wearing a navy blue hoodie and black jeans and black boots despite the 80 degree weather outside. She wore a small red ruby on a gold chain around her neck, and had on a small gold belt with the same red ruby.

"Is this seat taken?" she heard a voice say over her loud rock music. She opened her eyes slowly to see a boy about the same age as her, his feathery blonde hair frosted with green. It stuck up in every direction, not a single piece covering his eyes, but it wasn't gelled. Just messy. He was a lanky boy, about 5' 11", with forest green eyes and a pearly white smile. She had to admit; he was hot.

"Yes." Raven said dully, moving her bag over to occupy the seat. The grin from the boy's face disappeared and he gave Raven a questioning look.

"Is there a reason you are still standing here?" Raven said in monotone, not bothering to look up at him again.

"Yeah! There's no one sitting next to you and I need a seat!" the boy said, clearly frustrated.

"I'd prefer not to sit next to you." Raven replied.

"Well, I'm sitting down anyway!" the boy huffed, sliding into the seat. Raven growled at him but he ignored her and pushed her bag out of the way. He crossed his arms across his chest and kicked his feet up, to the annoyance of the kids in front of him. Raven rolled her eyes and turned her music up higher, trying to drown out the boy's attempts to talk to her. Unfortunately, the boy was determined to talk to Raven.

"Look, we got off on the wrong foot; My name's Garfield, what's yours?" Garfield said, now looking at Raven.

"Raven." she said, after a long pause. It was followed by a sigh and the sound of clicking, as she turned her volume even higher up.

"Raven? That's a cool name. I love ravens, or animal, that is. You know, I'm thinking about becoming a vet one day? Yeah. Animals are pretty cool, I-"

"Shut. Up." Raven said suddenly, her eyes narrowed at Garfield. Her voice was dripping with disdain and her clenched her fists, as if restraining herself.

"What's your problem?" Garfield said, now a angry. It wasn't like he called her a name, stepped on her toes or asked personal questions. All he was trying to do was have a friendly conversation.

"What's my problem? Gee, I don't know, it's about yay high, won't stop talking and has ridiculous green hair!" Raven said, now fuming. How did this guy think he was? She didn't give him permission next to her!

"My hair isn't ridiculous!" Garfield said, sounding a tad hurt.

"Then what, pray tell, is the reasoning behind it?" Raven said, turning off her music and removing her earphones.

"There has to be a reason?"

"You're unbelievable." Raven said, rolling her eyes in disgust at him. She folded her arms across her chest and stared out the window, somewhat glad to be approaching the High School she nicknamed Hell.

"I'm not the one who yells at strangers." Garfield said, holding his nose up in a snooty manner.

"I wouldn't have to yell if you just listened." Raven said, now getting agitated. To her relief, the bus stopped short in front of the large High School, sending Raven lurching forward. The flag was already raised and students were shuffling into the building, many stopping to chat with friends before entering their classrooms.

"I guess this is goodbye." Raven said, smirking as Garfield stood up to let her out of her seat.

"Why? Won't I see you around?"

"It's a pretty big high school; I'm not going out of my way to find you." Raven replied before disappearing into the crowd of students. Garfield sighed to himself. Great; he had already managed to piss off a classmate and school hadn't even started. He did have to admit though; she was pretty.

"Raven, what troubles you?" A red headed tan girl said, as Raven opened her locker, a pissed off look on her pale face. The girl's name was Kori Anders. She was from a country far, far away from the United States, a country Kori had said was called Tamaran. She spoke fairly good English, but you could tell it wasn't her first language. She had brilliant, almost neon, green eyes that sparkled whenever she was happy. Her long, pin straight red hair cascaded down her shoulders like a waterfall and she had pretty tan skin. Her demeanor was polite, unless of course, someone was bothering her friends.

"It's nothing Kori." Raven sighed, pulling out her English binder for homeroom. Out of all the classes she took, English was her favorite. She loved reading ancient books and writing stories from her imagination. She taught herself Latin, Italian and German when she was younger, enabling her to read more advanced books. Her favorite book was The Divine Comedy, given how dark it was.

"Alright. I shall wait for you in my seat." Kori said, still sounding worried. She waved goodbye to Raven and entered the classroom, a cheery smile on her face. Raven finished putting away her books and gently closed her locker shut when she collided into a squishy mass.

"Oof!" Raven fell backward and her behind, sprawling her books on the linoleum floor.

"If it isn't Miss-I'm-Not-Going-Out-Of-My-Way-To-Find-You." Garfield said, smirking.

"No, it's okay, I'll help myself up." Raven said sarcastically, scowling at Garfield as she scooped her books into her arms.

"Oh. Yeah. Right. Hehe." Garfield said, giving Raven his hand. She took hold of it and pulled herself up, dusting her hoodie off and pulling her jeans up.

"Thanks." Raven said coldly before entering the room. Garfield followed close behind her and she took a seat behind Kori, who was staring at Garfield.

"Who is he?" Kori said, pointing at him as he slid in the seat next to Raven. He bore a wide grin and had one hand in his pocket as he placed his books on the desk.

"A jerk whom you don't want to know." Raven said, rolling her eyes as she opened up her binder. Kori shrugged, still confused and swung her legs around, cheery as ever. Just then, the teacher walked in. She was a young teacher: around her late 20's. She had wavy light brown hair and matching brown eyes. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't very fat either. Just a tad bit pudgy. She always wore flowery dresses or flowing skirts with lots of jewelery, and often (when she was wearing pants) sat Indian style on her desk. To say she was an interesting teacher was an understatement.

Finally, Raven's second favorite class; lunch. She and Kori were sitting at their regular table, waiting for Kori's boyfriend, Richard, and his best friend Victor. Richard usually went by the nickname 'Dick' and he had the attitude to match with the name. He was just barely a few inches taller than Starfire and had hair as black as Raven's. It was always greased up, making him seem a couple of inches taller. He had a a somewhat muscular build and he had chestnut brown eyes. Victor, on the other hand, was a huge guy. He was African American, and preferred his bald head. He was also around 6' 6", and had a muscular build. He also had chestnut brown eyes and a friendly smile.

"Hey guys!" Victor said, as they approached the table, Garfield close behind them.

"This is our new buddy-"

"Garfield." Raven said dryly.

"How did you-"

"We had the pleasure of meeting on the bus." Raven said, before Victor could finish his thought.

"Well, it wasn't exactly pleasurable." Garfield said with a smile.

"Pardon me, friend, but did you not say this boy was a 'jerk'?" Kori said, now confused again. Garfield's smile fell from his face and his eyes narrowed at Raven.

"I'm not a jerk!" Garfield retorted, sitting down at the table with a tray in his hands.

"Well, you've never met you." Raven said, sipping her iced tea.

"Is she like this all the time?" Garfield said in disbelief to Dick.

"You get used to it." Dick shrugged, sitting down next to his girlfriend.

"Anyway, my name is Garfield Logan. I just moved here." Garfield said proudly, pointing to himself.

"Obviously." Raven muttered beneath her breath. Garfield narrowed his eyes at her again, and she just shrugged, pulling her book up from her lap. If she concentrated, she would finally be able to finish Dante's Inferno. Of course, this was only one part of the bulking book.

"Dude! No wonder you're such a tight ass!" Garfield said as Raven dropped the book on the table. It made an audible thud and littered the table with dust as she flipped open the book.

"Never call me that again. Ever." Raven said through gritted teeth. She found her page and went to work reading it as the others stared at Garfield for making such a comment.

"Yo, Gar, why don't we get a snack?" Victor said, getting up from the table.


"Snack it is!" Victor said, pulling him away from the table. Once they were at a safe enough distance, Victor sighed.

"Dude! What's up her ass?"

"Listen. Raven's had it tough her whole life, give her a break." Victor said softly, punching a number into the vending machine.

"Yeah. I doubt it." Garfield said, scoffing.

"You really want me to tell you Raven's backstory?" Victor said, grabbing his Twinkie from the machine.

"What backstory?"

"Alright. Fine." Victor sighed, pulling Garfield out into the hallway where it was quieter.

"Raven's an...interesting girl. See, her father went to jail when before she was born, but when she was 12, he was released from prison. He went on a murderous rampage and killed her mom and most of her family members. He was about to kill her when the police shot him down. He didn't die, but he's serving a life sentence at the State Penitentiary. She lives with her super strict aunt now, and most of the kids here make fun of her for her father. So please, whatever you do, don't make fun of her." Victor said. The bell rand, giving Garfield very little time for that whole story to sink in.

"Bye Kori." Raven said, as her friend began walking down the street. Raven boarded the bus, hurrying to the bag of the seat.

"Surprised?" a voice said, as she sat down in her normal seat. The her dismay, it was Garfield.

"More like disappointed." Raven sighed.

"Oh come on. Lighten up; smile."

"I don't smile." Raven said dryly, opening up her book.

"Really? Well, I'm not going to rest until I make you smile!" Garfield proclaimed. Raven rolled her eyes.

"You can try, but I can't guarantee you success." Raven said dully, now engrossed in her book.

"Please; I'm always successful!" Garfield said with a winning smile.

"Yawn." Raven replied, not paying him much mind. Garfield frowned. He would get this girl to smile, even if it killed him!

"Well, this is my stop. Good afternoon Mr. Logan." Raven said, getting up from her seat. She exited the bus and opened the front door with her key, to find a note on the kitchen table.

Dear Raven,

Working late; dinner is in the refrigerator. Leave no mess behind.

-Aunt Amy.

Raven sighed. Of course she was working. She's rather be cooped up in a cubicle than spend time with her orphaned niece. Seeing as she wasn't hungry, Raven ran up to her room and opened up her window, letting in sunlight. She sat down on her bed and kicked her shoes off, happy not to be in the company of the green haired boy any more.


*Yes, I changed the lyrics around to Razorblade. Sue me.