This is Malchior's Prank. I wasn't intending on writing it out, because I wanted to let you guys imagine your own prank for him, but I decided, I might as well.


"Son, you're all clean." A doctor in a white lab coat said. A look of surprise flashed on Malchior's face.

"But- but, the results...they said-"

"Has it ever occurred to you that those results were fake?" the doctor said, ripping apart the test "results"

"So I don't have herpes?"

"No. It was probably just a prank." the doctor said. Malchior's jaw dropped.

"A- a prank?"

"Yes. Now get out of my office. And you still have to pay for this." the doctor said.


Okay, so reading some of your reviews, I realized that you guys thought this was supposed to go on for longer. It wasn't. I planned on making the prank chapter different from the actual ending, but writer's block prevented me from doing so. So, don't be upset, because it was supposed to end soon anyway.

P.S. This chapter is the only chapter NOT to be named after a song.