No, your eyes do not decieve you, I am posting yet another story (a collaborative piece with JannP); however, this one is quite different than anything either of us have ever posted (at least for this fandom). The story is very A/U as well as utterly angsty, so if you are not a fan of either, it is highly recommended that you not continue any further. This is a Finchel story, although it is a dark and disturbing one. No rape, violence, abuse, or drug use. Just different. Their "show" history never happened, so everything you read is AU.

The story is beta'd by two of the most fabulous writers out there...tjcrowfoot and joshsgrl. The story will be updated once a week or so (as everyone invovled has numerous other stories in progress).

Rated M for language, theme and sex.

Disclaimer: None of us own Glee.


He really should have known better. Today had been a kick ass day. He had 3 successful meetings in which he stole a couple of clients making him another mil in commissions, he had a fucking fantastic quickie with one of his co-worker's secretaries (as he knew from bad experiences to never screw your own) and he had a date with a new wannabe actress, who would be willing to do pretty much anything he wanted for a couple of name drops, so yeah he shoulda have known something or someone was gonna go fuck it up for him.

He heard his secretary screeching like a banshee in the hallway, and if he heard it at top volume he could only cringe when he thought of the other partners hearing her. He tried reaching her 50 times through the intercom (he had to admit he was kinda scared it was an ex of some sort), but she didn't answer. Instead her voice just got louder and shriller and just when he finally decided to go out to settle whatever was going on, the blonde (who was a fine piece of ass, just sayin') stormed in his office waving her hands in the air wildly ranting about something. But no matter how many times he asked her to calm down and chill, she didn't. Rather, she gestured towards the door screaming then slammed her palms onto his desk before flailing even more. He shook his head and sighed. Yeah, he was so gonna need a secretary who wasn't so damned territorial and, well, insane.

He slid his leather chair back from his desk to see who was causing this insanity, but froze when he heard a very familiar, very melodic and very angry voice followed by a tiny spitfire in the door way.

"Oh for the love of God, just tell him his wife is here." He stared blankly at the woman standing before him. It couldn't have been her? His eyes must have been playing tricks on him because there was no way after 5 years she'd be standing there, so calm. No, she'd be throwing things at his head. $500 vases if he remembered correctly.

"Rachel?" He choked out as their eyes finally met and he mumbled a curse or two at not only how his body reacted, but at the electricity that seemed to still flow through them both. God, he should have known it was her.

"Finn." She replied softly, seemingly drawn into him the same way he was in her. It wasn't until his secretary hit his shoulder breaking their trance was he finally able to clear his thoughts, a little anyway.

"What are you doing here?" He managed to croak out right before his secretary stormed past Rachel.

"You're married?" She screeched at him then gave Rachel the once over, "To her?" He had to admit he was waiting for Rachel's possessive reaction (as she was always that way), but when she just nodded without any real reaction except for a slight sadness in her eyes he felt his stomach clench in response. "Why? Why would you be married to her?" His secretary asked, as if she could never imagine such a thing. To which he had all kinds of defensive comebacks, but Rachel beat him to the punch and not in a good way.

"We haven't been really married in almost 5 years, so you have my full permission to continue screwing my husband." He literally could have choked on his own bile. Yes, they weren't 'technically' together, yes, it was no secret he was screwing anything in a skirt (he was caught in the papers on more than one occasion) and yes he had been the one to throw her out 5 years ago, but they were legally still married. Didn't she feel anything? The blonde shook her head and made some snarky comment, but he couldn't be bothered with anything except the 5'2" brunette who stood before him looking the same as she had 8 years ago when he had met her.

"What are you doing here?" He asked again, this time trying to sound as distant as she appeared. She cleared her throat and gestured towards the empty chair.

"May I?" She asked formally, coldly if he wanted to be honest (which he really didn't) then took the seat. He took in her appearance. She was still tiny, but her hips had filled out slightly, her hair was a bit shorter, but otherwise she hadn't aged. She was just as beautiful as ever and for a split second his hand darted out towards hers, but then he was hit with all the painful memories of why they broke up in the first place and pulled it back. He noticed she was looking anywhere but at him, so didn't notice his slip and for that he was eternally grateful, but also felt the bitterness seep back in.

"I have asked you more than once what you were doing here, as I know it isn't to be in the presence of my winning personality. Or so you once said," he spat, then immediately felt his heart constrict when she looked up at him with tears and what looked like fear in her eyes.

"I…I need…" He found himself leaning towards her and his hands engulfing hers. God, how he hated that he couldn't seem to ever deny her anything when she cried.

"What? What do you need?" He asked hoarsely totally lost in her voice, her vulnerability, how her hands still fit perfectly in his.

"I need a million dollars." He sat rooted in place, frozen, her words echoing in his head like an empty cave and every time the echo bounced it took on a crueler, bitterer constricting sound. She wanted money? After 5 years of no contact, of nothing, she wanted money? That is when the reality hit and he dropped her hands and let out a cold laugh, expressing the full extent of the hostility he felt.

"You…you haven't spoken to me in 5 years after racking up thousands of dollars on credit cards and actually think I will give you money? Not just money, but a cool mil? Do you honestly think I am going to fall for your games again?" His words must have brought back her own memories because the softness he had seen a few moments prior was replaced with an anger and hatred that matched his own.

"Games? Me? Let's not forget who played who here? I loved you. I went against my fathers' wishes and married you, remember? Then, just when…" She paused and he held his breath waiting for her to bring it up, but she just shook her head and changed her train of thought, "…when things got rough you said it was time to trade up for a younger model? Any of that ring a bell?" She growled through gritted teeth turning away which he assumed was so he couldn't see her cry, but it didn't matter. "And the money isn't for me. You made me leave with nothing except the clothes on my back, no funds of my own and pr…well, I didn't have any other alternative," she added softly, but the anger was coursing through him and there was no way for him to rein it in.

"Loved me? How dare you even say that to me? You don't know the meaning of the word!" She spun and he knew what was coming next by memory, so his hand immediately wrapped around her tiny wrist, stopping it before he could feel the sting.

"You fucking bastard. I gave you everything," she panted her eyes glazed over and he couldn't help but watch the rise and fall of her chest noticing that her breasts had filled out as well.

"You gave me everything?" He asked breathless himself his eyes scanning hers.

"Yes. You know I did." She said now in a breath of a whisper, her gaze resting on his parted mouth.

"Everything but your faithfulness." She shook her head sadly and tried pulling her hand away, but he found himself holding her wrist even tighter.

"I never cheated on you and deep down you know that, but none of that matters anymore," She said shakily, "it was over the day you told me to leave and never come back." He didn't know if it was her proximity after 5 years or the fact that she was the one woman who had gotten past his defenses only to destroy him from the inside and he wanted revenge or something, but he yanked her forward so her body which was trembling flush against his.

"It isn't over, not by a long shot." Then his lips were on hers. She struggled momentarily against his hold, but almost as quickly responded in kind. Her body melding against his, her free hand gripped his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her, pressing onto her lower back. Their tongues moved frantically in each other's mouthes, as if 5 years of longing and want finally bubbled to the surface like a volcanic eruption. She whimpered against his mouth and his fingers threaded into her hair, tugging gently, but enough for her to know what he wanted. She gasped his name when she tilted her head back so he could run his tongue and lips along the column of her throat, pausing to suck on her pulse point, almost hesitantly and unsurely. When her finger slid to the back of his neck he smirked against her skin and sucked almost painfully hard, bruising the soft skin beneath. She whimpered at the forceful contact and his tongue immediately soothed the now very tender spot before grazing the side of her neck. "See, not over," he whispered, before pressing a soft kiss just beneath her ear, stepping back and looking at her smugly.

"You…you asshole." She gasped wrapping her arms around her trembling body protectively when she saw his now cold yet smug expression.

"I may be an asshole, but I am an asshole who has something you want, now don't I?" Rachel shook her head and grabbed her purse off the chair.

"No, that was a momentary lapse in judgment. You have absolutely nothing I want." She went to run towards the door and he fought the urge to wrap his arms around her to beg for forgiveness, but she was the one who cheated. She was the one who destroyed their lives. No, she owed him. She needed to hurt and feel broken and he was going to make sure she did.

"You might want to rethink that because I think I have a check that you want, very very badly. So badly you were willing to show up here to get it. So badly that I know you won't walk out that door until you hear my proposition." He watched as her fingers tightened on the metal doorknob, but didn't turn it.

"What is your proposition?" She asked tightly, not turning to face him.

"A weekend together as a married couple," he said coolly, but there wasn't any anger tainting his statement.

"We are only married by a legal contract; a contract that you refuse to relinquish me from." She sighed, her voice emanating the exhaustion she must have felt because he saw her shoulder slouch slightly.

"Yes, but that legal contract is still binding, and if we were to have a weekend as a married couple, I would want all the benefits that go along with that. " Her head fell and he knew he didn't have to say anything else.

"Why? If you hate me so much, why do you want to have sex with me?" He closed the gap between them and pressed his body firmly against hers, so she could feel how much control she still had over his body.

"Just because I hate you, doesn't mean I don't want you. Are you going to deny you want me to?" Rachel remained frozen, impassive.

"I…I don't want you. It had just been a while since…" He spun her around and glared at her.

"Don't you dare lie to me and say you kissed me back like that because it has been awhile since you were with another man. I am not that stupid." Rachel looked away and he took the opportunity to kiss her cheek, letting his breath fan across her now flushed skin. She still wanted him, physically at least. "Stop fighting it. It is a total win-win situation. I get you for the weekend and you not only get the million no questions asked, but I will give you the divorce, with a nice settlement." Rachel turned and they were so close their breath mingled.

"Why now? Why are you willing now?" He could have literally breathed her words, letting the question course through him.

"Closure. Nothing more." He saw her swallow. Either her need for the money or the need for him was too great, but he saw the last of her resolve fall away.

"Okay. A weekend and then we are done for good. No more manipulation, no more deals, no more sex…ever. We have a completely clean break. Deal?" Her words reverberated in his head, followed by a churning in his stomach and fiery pain that he thought he had snuffed out years ago burning through him limb to limb. Done for good? Clean break? It didn't seem to bother her, but he was going to make sure he was the one walking away feeling whole, no pain and she would feel just as hollow and empty as he felt when she broke their marriage vows then left him shattered.

"Deal." She nodded and opened the door slowly. "Leave your cell number with my secretary and I will call you once all the arrangements have been made. Oh, and Rachel, one more thing."

"What?" She asked brokenly, her back still towards him.

"For the weekend, you are mine. No calls, no other men." She let out a ragged breath in response.

"What about you? Does the same thing apply?" He stood silent for a moment, not expecting her question, but he once again should have known she would demand the same in return. So he found himself once again yielding to her.

"Yes, the same will go for me. No calls, no other women." She nodded again.

"Thank you for the ounce of respect. I mean, you aren't treating me, your spouse, as anything less than a common call girl, so…"

"Well, if the shoe fits." He spat angrily. She shuddered and slipped out of the tension filled room, but not before whispering,

"What happened to the boy I fell in love with?"

He felt the words bubble in his chest, screaming that he was still the same person, but instead he remained silent until she was out of ear shot.

"You…you happened."