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Dib's POV

Six years had paced sense Zim had found out he was a defect. Six months had passed sense our first date. And Six days had paced sense my birthday. Me and Zim are currently siting in the living room. He is with out his 'disguise' which only makes me happier. I sit and watch him out of the corner of my eye. I loved to watch his antennas twitch he doesn't really seem to notice. I just watch them. Than I start to wonder what they feel like. They look like a...bugs... I hate having to compare them to that, but they look like they would almost have the feel of an exoskeleton. Than I looked closer at them and saw little hairs on them. Than I thought that they might me kind of soft but with enough support to stand on end or press flat on top of his head. With a start I remembered how any time I would hold him on my lap they would be flat not out of anger but out of not wanting them touched. 'Could they really be that sensitive?' I thought to my self. Or not.

"Yes. They are very sensitive. Dib-love. That is why I hate that wig so much and anything else that holds them down." I looked at him and he looked back.

"What do they feel like?"

"I don't know. On Irk we were taught to never touch them and that only mates could touch them."

"So I could?"

"Sorry Dib-love, We have become mates in the human sense but not in the Irken one." He said looking down sadly.

"How do we become Irken mates than?" I asked.

"We can't. The only way that I know of is to connect to the others PAK. But you don't have one." This time I looked down as well. From out of now where Zim's antennas perked up. Despite the fact that I heard nothing. They went back and forth and in all ways trying to find the noise. Than before I could even blink a little fly had landed on one of them. It started to walk back and forth on the antenna. I looked down to see how Zim was taking it only to find his eyes closed and a happy smile on his face. After a while he started to purr! He was purring! He sounded like the happiest creature alive. Soon however the little fly flew away. And he looked saddened. Before he could even say Irk I reached over and slowly started to run my fingers over the one that happened to be closest to me. Zim got the look of pure bliss and he started to purr again. After a while he leaned into it trying to get closer.

"Dib-love! For the love of Irk do not stop!" If he was like this with just one I wondered what would happen if I did it to both of them. I took my other hand pulled Zim on to the ground in front of me and started to do it with both of them. His purring picked up and he was all but sitting on my lap. I slowly stopped and put my hands on my lap. He let out a small whimper and crawled up next to me head on my lap.

"Dib-love? Why did you stop? It was so nice. Joy had been in every single one of my cells. Zim doesn't like that you stopped." He said. Looking almost sad. I let out a sigh.

"I am sorry but I didn't feel right doing it. Cause you said only mates could touch it without consent but that stupid little fly did and I loved seeing you so happy." I said.

"Computer! Bring up any and all possible ways an Irken can claim a mate!" Zim said to thin air. After a minute or two a very short list popped out. Zim took it and read it out loud.

"PAK ID? No. Smeeting? No. Antenna Id... this could work. Computer! Bring up the information of Antenna Id!"

"Zim? What are you doing?"

"Is it not clear Dib-love? I am going to find a way for us to become Irken mates!" He yelled.

"Okay." A minute passed by when the information Zim needed was given to him.

"Thank you computer go take a nap or something."

"Thanks Zim, and have fun you two." The computer said.

"To mate this way one Irken takes their antennas and uses them to cover every exposed part of flesh of the chosen mate. The mate will than repeat this action. By doing this the antenna will memorize the sent and feel of the mate. This way when ever they are too far they will fall flat but when the mate is close enough they will perk up also bringing up the mood of the Irken." He ended.

"So...what do you want me to do?" I asked. He thought for a moment.

"Just sit still and don't move." He ordered. I sat and relaxed. I made sure he could get to all of my neck and my arms. He started at the tips of my fingers and slowly went up. Once finished with my left he did the same to my right. Than he went and moved up to my neck. They did tickle a little and I had to hold back a laugh. He went even slower on my neck than he did my hands and arms. When they hit the skin around my spine a tingle of pure pleasure shot through me. He than moved them to the top of my head. He felt along my ear line and my glasses. After this he moved to my cheeks. Than finally the antenna came and rested upon my lips. I gave a gentle kiss on each making him shudder.

"Okay. I am done. And because you have no antenna you will need to do it with your lips I suppose." I nodded and he sat down. Because of his stupid gloves and long sleeves only his face and neck where open. I laid soft butter fly kisses all around his neck. I took note in my mind of the feel and the places that made him give a small shudder. After that I did the same for his head as he had done mine. I went around the ends of his antenna than down to his forehead and so on. I gave a small butter fly kiss to his lips than went for my prize. I left small butter fly kisses up and down his velvet like antennas. Once I finished I looked over at him. He had one of the biggest none evil smiles I had ever seen on his face.

"There you are now Dib-mate!" He said proudly.

"Does this mean I can pet them?" I asked. Instead of a verbal answer he went and sat in front of me with them resting and waiting for be to start. So I did. I felt how soft and warm them seemed.

"How come when you smell you use your face?" I asked. I now knew that it was in fact his antenna that did that for him. As well as showing emotion and hearing.

"Simply because by leaning over I could in fact smell better. That stupid wig not only keeps them down but also impairs my hearing and smelling." He said. I nodded and went back to the task at hand. As soon as I started to massage around the base of them he was practically in my lap from shear delight. And when I fell asleep that night it was with my hand working on it's own to rub the antennas.


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