title: love, we've got so much time

summary: he runs after her – because he always does.

pairing: alfie&amber

author's note: THEY BE ADORABLE. I LOVE THESE TWO EVER SO MUCH AND WHEN THEY GOT TOGETHER AT PROM I SQUEALED. so yeah. i'm going to stop fangirling over them.

they be adorable, though.


he presses a kiss to her golden hair, and she squeals, "don't muck it up, alfie!"

he kisses her lips, laying his hips against hers, "you're beautiful," he says.

she smiles – and the room lights up with her brilliance.

"i love you," she says as she dances away.

he runs after her – because he always does and he is pretty sure he always will.


"kiss me," she demands.

he tangles his fingers in her shirt and she tumbles into him – she is so perfectly wonderful and her smile makes him stop and wonder. oh god, he could sing her praises all day and all night – he loves her so much.

he's been in love with her since he was fifteen and he saw her eyes twinkle. she never noticed until the day he revealed himself because she isn't the quickest – reason four-hundred and twenty-nine that he loves her.

she smiles at him, lays her head in his lap and looks at the sky. he plays with her hair, lightly running his fingers through.

she rolls her eyes and grins, "you have a fascination with my hair."

he grins like a love sick fool, "i have a fascination with you, love."


reasons he loves her:

reason one: her hair.


sometimes, she likes to call him king tut and he laughs his head off whenever she does.

she's infectious and he wants her to stay with him forever and when she tries to be funny – he thinks she is, because she is so dreadfully awful at telling jokes and she –

there are so many words to describe amber millington, and he just loves her and it consumes his heart like a wildfire.