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"There's been a murder in a town near Ed forest in Varmland." Anne announced as she entered the detective's office in her precinct. "A woman was bound and stabbed near her home."

Kurt Wallander looked up from the stack of paperwork he had been glaring at. "Varmland? That's not our jurisdiction," he replied.

"Yeah I know," she answered, "but their so called police force doesn't really see this kind of thing. The girl is the daughter of some big time politician. I think this is a gambit for some political support for our division if you know what I mean."

"And money does make the world go 'round," Wallander scrubbed his face with his hands and let out an audible groan. "So it's a field trip then," he said with anything but enthusiasm. "Who gets to be my lackey?"

At that precise moment Cali Svedberg stepped into the room and made his way over to Wallander. "Why don't you take Martinsson," he suggested. "He's been here all night fiddling with the computer system. I think he needs a break."

Wallander looked to his left where Cali was pointing only to spot one Magnus Martinsson sitting at a desk pecking at a keyboard. His owlish eyes were fixated on the computer screen as if they had been glued there. "All night?" Wallander mouthed the words, too surprised to actually make sound. Decision made, he moved over to Magnus and lightly pushed at his shoulder. "Come on," he said.

Magnus looked up at Wallander and blinked a couple of times. He looked as if he had only just realized that there were other people in the room and chances are that was pretty much the truth. "What?" he breathed barely above a hoarse whisper.

"Come on," Kurt repeated and then proceeded to walk out the door. Still blinking his bleary blue eyes Magnus just stared after the detective for a moment. "Okay," he finally managed before he stood up and made to follow the other man. To anyone watching it would have looked like a robot responding to a command rather than any type of conscious decision. It wasn't until they reached the parking garage that Magnus thought to ask where exactly it was they were going.

"First we are going to my home to pick up a few things," Kurt said by way of response, "then we are going to your place, and from there we are going on a bit of a trip.

In an instant Magnus's steps halted and he glared daggers at the back of Wallander's head. "Wait," he said, "we're not taking that murder case out in the country are we?"

Kurt turned his attention back toward his young co-worker. "How the bloody hell did you know about that," he asked. He was certain Magnus hadn't heard a word that was exchanged in the office earlier.

"It came across on the computers this morning."

"Case files are password protected so that only those assigned to them have access."

Magnus shrugged. "Well it's not very good protection," he said.

Wallander's eyes were full of incredulity. "Get in the car," he said as he opened the passenger side of the blue BMW.

"Fine," huffed a despondent Magnus.

Later that morning, after stuffing their overnight bags Wallander and Magnus were headed out of Ystad. They weren't ten minutes into the trip when Kurt glanced over only to see Magnus sound asleep in the passenger's seat. Well so much for sharing driving responsibilities. The boy truly must have been awake the whole night. Kurt couldn't help the tinge of worry that accompanied that thought. There were only two main reasons someone would stay at work through the night, particularly when they didn't have to. The first was that someone was causing trouble at home, but as far as Wallander knew Magnus lived alone and there he could see no evidence of anyone rooming with him while they were at his flat. That leaves the second and more troubling option; he doesn't want to sleep. His mind is too preoccupied, most likely he is afraid of something.

It bothered Wallander but there wasn't much he could do about it. Magnus was young and the youth tried to take on the world by themselves (not that the old have learned their lesson much). Turning his attention back to the road Wallander occupied himself with watching the landscape change. What began as the brick and concrete of the coastal city of Ystad soon became the flat grasslands of the outer plains. Eventually even the plains gave way to a more wooded area. The forest had quickly become so dense that you could hide an entire army of tanks and no one would notice. That made Kurt wonder. The murder they were going to investigate was of a woman found dead in her home. If the murderer wanted the smallest chance of being caught he should have killed her in the woods. By the time she was found most if not all of the evidence would have been lost. Well there was no use worrying about it until he actually saw the crime scene.

It had been five hours since they started this trip and Wallander felt as though his foot had gone numb. He pulled into what was probably the last gas station he would see for miles and parked in front of the little mom and pop shop that accompanied it. He turned off the engine and sat back for a moment. Letting out a weary sigh he was in the process of massaging his legs when he heard soft mumbling coming from his right. He looked over to see his companion twitching in his sleep. His feet were trying to move as if he were running from something.

"Magnus," said Kurt. Magnus's head jerked towards Wallander but his eyes remained closed.

"Magnus," he tried again, louder this time. Still no good. Now the boy was moving more violently and it seemed as though he was going to start kicking and screaming at any moment.

"Martinsson!' Kurt yelled and finally Magnus's head shot up.

"What?" Was the first thing he said. His eyes moved around and the terror that they had held when he awoke quickly turned to confusion. "Where are we?" He asked.

"About two hours from where we are going," Kurt answered. "You've been asleep the whole ride."

Kurt wondered if it was possible for a face to show any more confusion then Magnus's held at the current moment. "I did?" he said and the look he gave made the idea seem like the strangest in the world.

"Yeah," the surly detective replied. After a moment he added, "Are you okay?"

Magnus looked down at the glove compartment, or the floor, really anywhere but Wallander. "I'm fine," he said. "Just a silly nightmare is all."

Wallander eyed him with an analytical gaze. The man he saw had just had five hours sleep yet he looked like he hadn't had any. His shoulders sagged as he rubbed the stiffness from his neck and though he tried to keep them open his eyes squinted a bit as he looked out at the unfamiliar surroundings. "How's your mum?" The question was seemingly out of the blue and the tone of voice suggested that it was just for casual conversation.

Magnus, however, squirmed under Wallander's gaze as he waited for the answer. "She's doing okay," he said but his eyes never met Kurt's and his voice was soft, almost childlike.

"Right," murmured Kurt and then he opened his car door and stepped out. "Are you hungry?"

Magnus looked up at that, "Yeah, a bit."

"Well come on then." Kurt said as he waved his arm toward the store. "You're driving when we come back out."

The elder detective made his way into the store leaving the younger of the two to gaze out of the windshield. "That's just great." Sarcasm seemed to theme of the day today.

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