~Kuromis's POV~

I was just sittin on my bed thinking...is this how far i got with him?

I cant think anymore,I need to eat.

I see that tapir sleepin in his little dog house...makes me tingle.

I dont know why,but it does.

I poke his back trying to wake him up.

I guess i will have to make breakfast today.

He will regret that.

I hope he learns not to mess with me...but on second thought...he did.

~Baku's POV~

I woke up all stuffy.

Maybe because its winter...

Im probrably just a little sick.

I crawled out of my little dog house and look for kuromi-sama.

She anit' in her bed.

Wich means only one thing...that poor girl is makin breakfast by herself!

I tremble into the kicthen...feeling like I have a migrane...

I see that cute rabbit,tryin to make pancakes...it made me smirk.

"Hey now whats going on in here~zona?"I said.

Cutie pie over there turned and looked at me.

"Wadja think i was doin?"she told me.

She looked at me as i fall to the ground.


"Holy crap! Are u alright?"Kuromi said as she came up to me helpin me up.

"yea,im fine~zona."i said looking into her eye.

She pulled away blushing.

That girl is really the best person i ever met.

~Kuromi's POV~

So I decided that we should stay home and not collect black notes today.

It made me mad...but i need Baku to feel better.

Without Baku,I can't collect anything really.

So I helped him in MY bed...I had too though...

I actually felt bad for him.

10 minutes later i come back to give him breakfast in bed.

Then I heard a knock on the window.

I look to see who it was...It was his parents.

I open the window and his mother went to see her son.

"Baku...Are you ok~ppe?"She asked Hugging him.

"If you don't stop hugging me...you will get sick too~zona..."

He Coughed Again.

"I reather get sick then to see my baby sick~ppe!"

"Stop it Ma~zona..."

Then his dad looked at me and said...

"Keep up the good work taking care of my son~ppe."

"Ok..."I said nervously.

They left in a flash...wich leaves me and Baku Home alone again.

I had an idea.

~Baku's POV~

I look at Kuromi as she started to Sing.

Anata no kage wo Watashi ga kesu wa
Kuroi doressu wo mi ni matotte
Hisokani kanaderu yume wo mitai kara

Dakara onegai Dakara onegai
Watashi wo tozaketari shinaide
Donna tobira mo hiraitte miseru wa

It Made me feel Warm and Fuzzy Inside.

I tried to sit up.

And then started to sing with her...

Kirei na kuromo Yogoreta kuromo
Shiranai hito wa mi waketsu kanai
Anata mo watashi mo
Utsukushii kuro ga hoshii

Sotto mitsumete Mitsume kaeshite
Kuroi hitomi ni utsuru anata wo
Dare yori mo tooku
Itoshiku kanjiteru no
Kizuite irundeshou

Then she layed me back down.

She was about to jump off the bed when...



"I wanted to tell you this for along time now...~zona"


"Come here and ill tell you~zona"

She came over and then I did something that made me proud

I kissed her.

On the LIPS.

Not Cheeck...But the LIPS.

I think she liked it...Beacause she kissed back.

I held her waist.

We Then started to kiss eachother passinetly.

The candles lit and the room was pretty dark.

I then went down to her neck.

She moaned a bit.

It made me smirk.

Forget about Kechii...I love you more.

~Kuromi's POV~

I couldn't belive the way i was feeling right now...

I was in pain.

Not the bad pain...but the one that makes you feel really tingly.

Baku...Is...the bestest friend i ever had,and now he is making love with me...?

This was all confusing...but I loved this feeling.

So I kept going.

I felt him kissing my neck still...It felt so romantic...

He then laid me down and climbed on top of me.

We Kissed on the lips...MOUTH kissed.

I think we were in love...

A very wierd one.

~Baku's POV~

I felt the love going on between us...it was getting heavier.

We both felt sweaty...and Fuzzy.


"yea Baku?"

"I love you so much~zona"

She looked at me blushing.

"I love you to Baku..."

She acutally said that to me...it made me feel proud.

The problem:she is probrably gonna be pregnat tommorow...

Who knows.

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