She shut her eyes tightly as she felt everything around her disappear. The wind was pushing up against her from the bottom up, almost as if she was falling. There was nothing she could touch with her fingers, just air; a really, really sharp breeze of air. As she relaxed into herself, she dreamt of nothing but darkness and empty space. There was no one or anything else there with her; she was abandoned and alone as she had always been. As she felt herself becoming too comfy in her space, she noticed an oriental man standing by himself. He turned to look at her with malicious eyes and a sickly grin. He wore a surgeon`s mask and srubs stained with a red substance. Soon enough, he began to chase her with a large knife and rope. In an effort to relieve herself of the situation, she shot her eyes open and gasped loudly as she was finally awake. Looking around, all she saw was the blue of the sky mixed with the greenery of what appeared to be trees. She tried to move, and realized that she was indeed falling from a deathly height. How did she get here? Why was she falling in the middle of the forest of all places? She couldn`t answer these question as she didn`t know the answers. She looked down and noticed the green trees getting closer and closer; reaching out her hand, she almost felt like she could touch them.