Snake was startled awake by a loud, echoing sound. He shot up from his sloom and peered around with a panicky gaze.

"What in the hell...?" he uttered quietly to himself.

"Oh, so you`re awake." Mused the guard outside the cell. He sniffled and wiped his nose on the sleeve of his uniform.

Snake turned his head to see the sniffly guard. The two exchanged an awkward glance before returning to their own minds. The wounded soldier sighed and layed back down. He went to ruffled his hair and ended up accidentally grazing his right eye(or rather, what was left of it).

(Damn...) He thought. (Man... Why did I dream about that?)

Snake cleared his throat and scratched his chest. His dream was more of a flash back with what had happened between he and Kisa in that cabin. He figured that because she was the last thing he thought about before going to sleep, it had influenced his dream. Snake smiled softly to himself. He was glad that she revealed such intimate details of herself. He felt somewhat closer to her because of it.

But the question remains...

How is Snake supposed to approach her about the way he felt? After that dream, he figured it would be damn near impossible to forget her now. He tried his best to ignore his feelings, but the more he tried to bury them, the more they seemed to grow and pretty soon they were going to over take him. After the events of last night, he couldn`t keep himself locked up any longer. The look on her face was more than enough to get him motivated. Still, he was pensive.

"Egh, Goddamnit!" He shouted with aggravation.

"Hey, quiet you!" Retorted the guard.

Snake smacked his lips. What was he doing? Kisa was the least significant issue at hand, yet she seemed to make her way to the top of his priorities list. Snake was not here to fall in love, he was hear to do what he was told. His mission should be number one, but for some reason, it seemed to be more of an obstacle than anything.

(Kisa... Someone like her deserves to be smiling all the time...)

Snake shook his head.

"Damn... What am I supposed to do?..." He said.

(I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you...)

Then out of no where, he heard a few thuds and grunts of some sort. After the ruckus, it was eerily quiet. Sitting up, Snake recognized the figure who was approaching his cell. He gulped and felt his heart sink all the way down to the pit of his stomach. He watched as the shadow scurried along, quickly entering the key to open the door. She timidly shuffled in and crept towards his bedside. She stood there with the palest of features. Snake mustered up what strength he had and wobbled to his feet. He watched as she eyed him over and over with the look of death plastered over that face of hers. She let out a tiny whimper as she reached out for him, aiming for where his right eye used to be. She then let out a gasp and quickly retracted her hand.

"Oh...!" She cried.

Snake held her with a tender embrace as she jumped into his arms.

"Snake! I`m so sorry! There is nothing I could do to repay you on Ocelot`s behalf! This was never supposed to happen! Last night...! I ran out because I couldn`t handle the situation...! But I was so upset, I had to come back! Snake, your eye...!"

Snake let out a sad smile.

"It`s alright, Kisa..." He let out.

He sat down on his bed and set Kisa on his lap. He placed his hands on her cheeks and gently caressed each of her tears away with his thumbs. She bit her lip and put her hand on his chest. Her brain was running rampant with thoughts and emotions that were becoming too much to handle. She figured now was a good time as ever to try and alleviate some of the pressure weighing on her mind.

"Snake, I don`t understand what`s going on anymore...! Ever since you`ve showed up, things have changed... People have changed... I have changed..."


Kisa tried to stop her tears and looked into Snake`s eye.

"Ever since I met you, my feelings about everything have changed..."

(And I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you.)

She looked away sheepishly as her cheeks turn a shade of cherry red. She grumbled something inaudible and let out an irritated sigh.

"Okay, I`m just going to spit it out! Why Snake?"

"Whaddya mean why?" Replied the blushing soldier.

"You`re the enemy; I`m supposed to fight against you. So why do I keep thinking about you? Why can`t I forget you and keep going my way?"

"I should be asking you that."

Kisa gulped and wiped her runny nose. All of these events were happening so suddenly, it was a lot to take in in such a short amount of time. She was about to speak when something cool clashed with her lips. Her eyes widened with surprise as she saw Snake only millimeters from her face. He was actually kissing her! She couldn`t believe it herself, but she was able to return his smooch without issue. She instinctively placed her arms around his neck and leaned in. This act of affection felt almost natural. It was as if this was meant to happen. The two kept up with their lip-lock for a few minutes before breaking away and pressed their foreheads against one another.

"Sorry, but I couldn`t help myself... You just looked so scared, I did the only thing I could think of to put you at ease..." Snake said softly.

Her eyes smiled with an exultant sparkle. It seemed as if these waterfalls running down her cheeks had no end in sight! She pondered as to how much she`s been crying lately and felt a little embarrassed. Though, Snake didn`t seem bothered one bit and brought her closer to his tepid body.

"It`s all right. You don`t have to cry anymore." He cooed. "I know it looks pretty nasty, but it doesn`t even really hurt anymore..."

"S-Snake, I don`t know what to say to you...!"

"Nothing; don`t say anything..."

The two kissed for a second time before lying down on the bed; now having become a little too comfortable with one another. Snake placed a loving hand on the side of her head and gazed intently at her. Deep in the pit of Snake`s heart, he could feel a harrowing cadence that seemed to get stronger with every passing second. She was here, gracing him with her presence and this was something he felt like he needed now more than ever. Whatever happened thus far must have meant to occur. All of the events, the encounters, everything must have played a part in this journey. And now that the two were finally secluded enough to interact with one another. He wanted to do whatever it took to keep her. He had to take her, free her from this frosty prison and let her come home with him. He wanted to be that missing piece in her heart. He wanted to be everything she ever wanted. But what was he going to do?

(No, I don't want to fall in love... with you)

"Kisa..." He let out with a husky tone. She blinked.

"You really screwed me up... Falling for someone was definitely not apart of this mission. I can`t believe you... I can`t believe myself. I never get side tracked, especially in this type of manner. Of all the things..."

Snake recalled how he felt when she followed him earlier on. Her company was a bit irksome at first, but he quickly became accustomed to her. Her companionship felt comforting. It was soft and sufficient. It felt good. He wanted more of it; he needed more of it, but Snake knew better.

This could not happen. Even though it was to be a futile attempt, there was never any harm in trying to convince someone into seeing things in your point of view.

"Kisa, please. I want you to come with me, to escape from this place. I want you here by my side..." He let out.

Kisa looked up to him with a cautious gaze.

"S-Snake...! What? I mean... I-

"I can`t explain what I feel when I see you or when I talk with you. Right now, my heart feels like it`s going to burst through my chest at any second. I need you Kisa."

"Snake...! I-I`m sorry Snake, but I don`t think I could do that."

"What do you mean?"

(What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way)

"This place is the only place I`ve ever known! I`ve hardly ever been outside of this area. I`ve never thought of leaving this place, much less leave Russia entirely!"

"But you`re miserable here, I know it."

"Well, it seems you`re more observant than I thought. That may be somewhat true, but I have friends, people to call 'family' and... Ocelot..."

Kisa shook her head and lowered her head to hide her sinking eyes.

"Ocelot is my boyfriend! We`ve been together for years, I don`t understand how someone like you can just come in between us like this! And so effortlessly to boot! I can`t believe what I`m feeling..."

"It`s not like I did this on purpose or anything, you know. I guess things like this just happen. But the question stands now: Are you going to let go of everyone here and continue on with me or are you going to stay here and rot for the rest of your life?"

Kisa looked up at Snake with a perturbed expression. How brash of him to convey such a thoughtless question without any sign of compassion. It was as if he knew for a fact that she would pick him and that her current situation was just that horrendous. How utterly cheeky of him to assume such a thing.

"I can tell you`re upset with me." Snake finally whispered. Kisa silently nodded in agreement. He grasped her chin and lifted her head up to face him. His eyes grazed over hers for a few moments before leaning in for another kiss. The two swiftly pulled apart and gazed into each other`s milky eyes.

"...I think you should get going. EVA has planned for your escape route. You`d better hurry." Kisa informed in a rather neutral tone. Snake nodded and the two stood back on their feet.

Despite Kisa`s previous words, she tenderly held Snake`s hand as she escorted him out of the prison building. It was still quite obvious that her feelings were still being sorted out. His palm was rough to the touch and stained with blood and dirt, yet his grip was very firm and secure. As the two reached the entrance, they had noticed the sound of birds merrily chirping. It was almost dawn and that would mean the start of a new day. The two soldiers turned to face each other and were hesitant on what they should say. Eventually, Kisa broke the silence.

"It`s almost dawn, Snake. Please hurry and get out of here as fast as you can. It probably won`t even take Volgin 2 minutes to realize that his prize has gone missing. Call EVA and get the low down on what`s going on." She let out.

Snake stood there, as if he was expecting something else. Biting her lip, Kisa stood on her tippy toes and gave him one last kiss. It was meant to last for a few seconds, but as she pulled away, he grabbed her and forced her to stay for a few moments longer. She did not object.

"Be careful, Snake." She murmured. He gave her a reassuring grin.

"Don`t worry about me. You should go back and rest up. Please, next time I see you I don`t want you to look so beat."

"Next time...? Wait, Snake, you`re not-

"See you later, toots."

Snake quickly trotted away, leaving Kisa to ponder. She watched as he disappeared into the background. He didn`t stop to look back at her once. Just what exactly did he mean by 'next time?' Whatever his intentions were, she would just have to forget about it for now. She locked the door and quickly returned to her quarters. Snake watched her from a distance as she returned. His eyes were filled to the brim with destitution. This was not over. Not yet.

(No, I want to fall in love... with you.)

Boy, do I feel like I`ve portrayed a certain someone out of character... o_o;
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