"Doctor Martin, what is this?" David asked his superior, while pointing at a barrel.

Doctor Martin was a chubby man, going bald even though in his late thirties.

"Some species of animals are too different to breed with others. Like a lion and a bird. That is a chemical I'm creating that can fuse the animals together, so that I can defy what science says is impossible. I'll create the ultimate animal! A lion, for strength, a cheetah for speed, a dolphin for echolocation, knowledge, and swimming, an eagle for flight, a shark for its ability to breathe under water and ferocity, sponge for ability to regenerate, and a human, for abilities of speech."

"Good God! I'm finding several flaws in this! You can't just create a perfect species! That's crazy, and what human would possibly want to be merged into this being?"

"I was hoping you would volunteer for that position. Think of it! The first of a new species! You'd be famous!" he said while feeding his beloved fish.

David pondered this for a moment. "This is wrong."

"But possible!" Doctor Martin added. "These plans prove it! I've done the math over and over and all I need are the animals!"

"You're crazy."

"You would be the greatest being on Earth! No one would dare defy you, and you'll still be the same! Just with more abilities."

"I'll think about it." David said as we walked to the door. "It'll take a lot of thinking."

"Don't tell anyone about this."

"I promise."

In his apartment, David pondered over the tempting offer he had recieved. Fame, power, maybe some cold hard cash. He would be known worldwide! But what if it didn't work? Even if it did, is it right to defy nature?

But how could he say no to the only man who had shown him kindness?

He didn't have to. He would take it from him and hide it. Run away, find a girl, live happily ever after. Become known for something even greater than defying the laws some force had put on Earth. It was simple, it always was in History books! The good guys always won the war. He needed to run errands tonight, why not pick up the chemical while he was at it? He had a key to the lab, and Doctor Martin didn't even live there! It would be perfect!

He walked out of the store and tossed the six-pack in the trunk. He lit a cigarette and put it in his mouth as he started the engine. He thought about quitting for a brief moment than shrugged it off. He drove to the lab, and opened the door.

He snuck in quietly as he passed other experiments, simple ones that he had tried to create himself. Doctor Martin was trying to teach him how mirrors help make a telescope work. David loved science, but he was a dummy at it, even though only 25. He looked at a mirror and smoothed out some of his blonde hair away from his eyes. He continued onward and eventually found the barrel. He secured the top with a lid, and duct taped in on tight, certain not to let anything excape.

"David?" a voice called.

David spun around, and saw Doctor Martin standing by the restroom door. "What are you doing?"

David gaped in shock at what he saw. He wasn't supposed to be here? "What are you doing here?" he asked the doctor.

"I stayed late to make sure the plans are perfect. And you?"

Insanity took over David for a moment as he picked up a crowbar from the wall behind him and threw it at the helpless mad scientist.

Doctor Martin didn't even have time to register what was going on and flew helplessy backwards as the projectile hit him, knocking him unconscious and bleeding.

David slowly started to regain his mind when he realized he had to get out of here, fast. He turned around to get the barrel, and saw the beta in his little aquarium staring at him.

The fish might have been experimented on, he might be able to tell what I did to Doctor Martin! David thought, insanity not completely gone.

He grabbed a bag and shoved the fish into it, filling it with water as he did. He put the bag on top of the barrel and carried them both out the door into his car, and drove away instantly.

He had well past the speed limit on the road, but he didn't care. He just had to get away. Feeling that the doctor was following him, he looked back, but saw nothing.

Then he heard a girl scream, and suddenly felt a strong impact, and then everything went black.

I was looking at the stars, but I didn't want to. I couldn't move, I hurt, and I had to get away. I managed to look down, but immediately looked back to the sky. That was a lot of blood-my blood. I looked at the idiot car who ran into me, and saw a fire starting to form in there. I tried to move away, but that's when it exploded.