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He smirked.

Those humans were scrambling about like a bunch of idiots.

But he could do anything. There was some Quantonium left on his ship when it blew up. The computer and Gallaxhar had absorbed it, Gallaxhar merging with the computer. It had taken a while, but he had finally deleted the computer's annoying, nagging voice and entire system, and uploaded himself onto the Earth's Interweb.

If only that damn girl's mother wasn't here as well. She was blocking his path to world domination!

She was too strong, had built up a strong firewall. He couldn't touch her. Alien technology didn't work on Human Interweb. So even with his 'advanced' mind, he was still nothing but a bug in the system.

However, he did have control over the woman's little girl. He had triggered the alarm when that Burke fellow arrived, hoping he would be shot on sight for trespassing. He had valuable information that could be used against him. He wouldn't allow that.

Unfortunately, he got through, and was living with the little threat. Fortunately, he didn't remember. As he traveled through the Interweb, Gallaxhar could touch him. He was just a visitor for a nanosecond.

Enough to erase a portion of his memory drive while he was here.

He smiled as he thought about those tricks he played on Senora when she first came here. Pretending to crush her, making her almost fall off the ledge...it was the least he could do to push her away from his plans. That little girl...if only he could do something to permanently erase her. That would break her mother's heart.

Then she would be nothing against Gallaxhar. And he would continue on his way to victory!

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