How Do You Love?

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sex And The City.

Couple: Charlotte/Samantha

Rating: M

Chapter 1


Love, is a confusing word. Love is something that you share between friends, between family, and between that special man. That man you marry and start a family with, that man who you care for more than anyone in the world, and that man who cares for you more than anything as well. Charlotte had that.

She had Harry and he was the sweetest man ever. She had given up everything to be with him. Converting to Judaism and giving up on the social norm and fantasies of the amazing and perfect man with a chiseled body and a full head of hair, but it was worth it to her because all that the brunette ever wanted was to fall in love with someone.

They had two amazing daughters. One that they had adopted when Charlotte was not able to have children and one that was a miracle. Their family was the envy of everyone around them. Perfection. They hardly ever fought and they never cheated. He respected her obsessive-compulsive cleaning and boundaries and she allowed him to be himself as well, no matter how dirty. Yet, lately the brunette found herself unhappy.

It was not Harry he had not changed or gone through a mid-life crisis, he was still the same sweetheart she had married many years prior. Yet, lately her brown eyes had started to wander toward a certain blonde. Most would assume Carrie was the friend who had caught her eye, and Charlotte actually felt less unease at this assumption because she had a better chance forming a relationship with that blonde. No, the blonde she had to fall in love with was Samantha.

Samantha Jones, the one woman who planned to live out the rest of her days without ever being in a committed relationship. Sex, sex, and more sex was all that she wanted out of the rest of her diminishing life. This lifestyle disgusted Charlotte, it should have deterred her from liking the blonde, yet it hadn't.

Ever since her friend and Smith had broken up she had felt herself encouraged to make a move on her, to show her how great it could be with someone who was sweet and loving. How amazing holding hands could be. Show her what a kiss beside a fire and the words I love you really meant. That was all she wanted to do. Problem was Samantha loved men, she loved sex, but she hated love.

"Charlotte, are you okay?" Carrie asked, noticing the way that the brunette had zoned out of the conversation. She herself would have loved to do the same considering what they were talking about.

"Yeah, sorry. I was just thinking."

"Mm. About Andy's large throbbing—" Samantha started back on the same train of conversation she had been on, bragging about some new guy in her life. Apparently he was the largest man she had ever been with. This was of course not something that Charlotte cared to listen to.

"Oh god, no. No!" She emphasized louder. "Ew, that was not what I was thinking about."

"That's what I was thinking about." Samantha stated with a smirk on her lips and a waggle of her eyebrows.

"Enough! God when are you going to grow up Samantha! You hurt Smith so bad and you don't even care! You hurt so many people who fall in love with you and does it even bother you? No! You just continue on fucking every guy and occasionally girl that you see! It is disgusting! Don't you want to fall in love? Don't you want to grow old knowing someone cares about you?" Charlotte asked as she stood to her feet slamming her hands down on the table in rage.

None of her friends assumed that she had feelings for the blonde of course, but they all were shocked by the outburst. Not that it was the first time that it had happened in the past ten years, but it seemed unexpected. All of their eyes now watching her intently. Embarrassed the brunette felt her cheeks flush with a bright pink blush that ran down her neck as well. "I'm sorry, Samantha."

"No! It's perfectly fine, this isn't the first time you have made it known just how much you hate me!" Samantha shouted out in annoyance with her prudent friend before she stormed out of the restaurant.

"Oh come on Samantha I didn't mean anything by it! I just—" The door was slammed too quickly in brown eyes, which had now started to tear up. Glancing back to Carrie and Miranda both looked up at her with confused blue eyes and shrugged their shoulders.

"She'll be fine." Carrie tried, reassuringly.

"No, she won't. I better go and find her." Charlotte responded grabbing ahold of her purse and rushing out of the restaurant, her polka-dotted dress swaying behind her as she left two very confused friends behind at the café to laugh about the situation.


Authors note: Lol because I can. I love Sex and the City, I don't know if that is odd but I really do. Always have. :P there are hardly any fics for the series which is a shame and there are like NO femslash fics for the couple, so I wanted to contribute one. I am sick today so I hope that this and all of my other stories won't come off horribly. :/ I know I shouldn't write when I am so sick, but I feel the need to keep people happy.

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