Author's Notes

Humility, possibly the most confusing virtue if you ask me. Modesty, respect, liberation, self worth…those last two strike me as a little odd, especially self worth seeing as it's technically a part of pride's definition as well.

For some reason I was laughing when I typed the last line of Kouji's piece.

BTW, for those of you not familiar, Datamon's Japanese name is Nanomon.

You might need to read the first sentence (of the entire fic) again. It was a Kouichi piece. I didn't even realise I had ended with him until I got to the ending. But it worked quite well.

And…it's over. That's another fic done. Arigato to everyone who stuck by it.


Sins and Virtue

Each person accuses themselves of at least one deadly sin. But to each sin, there is a virtue. Frontier-verse


Takuya Kanbara

Dammit. He had been wrong. He should have listened. He shouldn't have been so reckless.

Heh, he was listening now. Remarkable how much of a change that meant. Getting rid of a haunting Duskmon sceptre first of all, and to think he had been listening to a mix of hallucinations and memories.

Now was a slightly different story. Time enough to listen and think and understand. Time enough to realise that attacking rashly and head on with the power he had at his fingertips was no way to fight. Time enough to note that once he was a part of himself, his spirit and his nature, he would be able to do so much more. Accomplish so much more.

'You've changed.'

'Yeah…I think I understand better now…'

He had been right.

Kouji Minamoto

He couldn't do everything alone. He couldn't even seem to avoid their company. He falls from a mountain and lands practically at their feet (thank god they didn't see it). He almost falls of the same damned mountain again, only to have a girl snap at him for being an idiot before yanking him out of the hole. Then he's falling like an idiot onto a floating island with two people that couldn't annoy him more…and not because they were bad people or anything, but simply because of the effect they had on him.

And when he finally manages to ditch them on his way to find his beast spirit, he finds himself in the situation where he has to be saved by a child Gotsumon with attitude (reminding him almost eerily of him). And again before he went off the edge of a cliff.

He sighed, listening to the other's sappy but true monologue.

'Hey, mind letting me up now?

Whatever pride he had was probably run into the dirt by now.

Izumi Orimoto

Okay, so handing it fine apparently constituted falling headfirst and drowning in water…what was it? Once? Twice?

It didn't matter. Drowning wasn't a pretty feeling at all. It was a horrific way to die, but what was worse was that she had failed. Her friends were on the makeshaft raft that could collapse against the force of the water without its warrior's intervention, and they had a disgustingly vengeful squid on the surface with no spirits to protect themselves.

But then she got her beast spirit. And her control. Because not only was she a girl with a purpose, but she was a girl with friends.

Perhaps watching her life flash before her eyes was more informative than she first realised.

Junpei Shibayama

When he'd made the suggestion after Kouji and Takuya had run off, he'd been thinking about doing something other than just sitting around. After a little persuading though, he was a little surprised at how easily the others fell on the idea, and even more surprised when not only did they get the answers they were looking for (after some slave driving) but a ride that saved them days, if not weeks, of walking.

And he remembered the words he had uttered as part of his initial argument, and though he had a little trouble remembering the exact words, the concept still stuck.

Everybody had things they could do. Sure, he didn't have a fusion evolution, but he had plenty of other gifts as his disposal. He had plenty of things he was good for.

Tomoki Himi

He couldn't stop the tears rolling down his cheeks as he faced Nanomon.

'I-I couldn't find anything to trade,' he wailed. 'And I tried so hard.'

He'd begged and pleaded at every trading store he'd come across. He'd combed every free inch he could find. He'd even found the star-struck birds that had taken their D-scanners initially and traded them…but he'd saved them when they fell into an icy pool and they'd run off, taking the recorder with them.

And he'd been forced to admit to Takuya and Kouji who had come to find him that he'd failed them. And now he was admitting the same thing to Nanomon who had given him the chance, despite his business.

But Nanomon surprised him.

'Have you ever heard truth is the greatest treasure?'

Kouichi Kimura

He was right. He could try to blame Cherubimon, but ultimately the blame lay with him. The head that had raised fell, chin almost touching his collarbone as eyes followed its course.

Cherubimon was right. All the Celestial Digimon had done was dangled a carrot in front of his face.

Hmmph, what was he? A donkey? Not that the thought occurred to him at the present moment.

And it was his fault for accepting. His fault for listening.

But he declined the reoffer, eyes still downcast. The admittance of the truth came before they rose, but when they did, they glistened slightly, both would tears and with strength as his head reared out from drowning waters into fresh air.

And shone stronger with new power as he stood in the shadow the Digimon cast.

Virtue came from sin many a time. But the pair brought both lessens and seeds for growth…and perfection.