[AN: I'm working on a rewrite (not a sequel) for this story, entitled "Ash's Return v2". (You can find it through my author profile page.) I personally like the new version better, so I suggest that you not read this and read the new one instead.

Thanks for reading!]

Where am I?

A city. A lifeless, broken city. Rubble litters the ground as far as I can see. No sound but the hushed waves of the ocean in the distance–

I stand up. What is that? A jingling sound. A ring of keys in my pocket. One, two, three… Nine keys. Each engraved with a different label. They must be important.

What am I doing here? What are these keys for? How did I get them? I'm so confused. I don't understand anything. I don't remember anything.

I look around. Buildings hover without Foundations. A tree appears to have been sliced in half from top to bottom. A stream of water in the gutter flows uphill. There is something not right about this place.

There is just one intact building, right up ahead. I walk over to it. Nothing in the windows – just blackness. The door doesn't open. Won't budge. It must be locked…

First key doesn't work. Try the next key, the one marked "Infinity." It fits. It turns.

I open the door.