A/N: Okie, this was begging to be written. It's not going to be too long (I think – every time I say that it seems to bite me in the butt LOL), it's smutty and, hopefully, really hawt. The idea was inspired by my new favorite band, Halestorm. I'm a rock girl, through and through and Halestorm is just the bomb. The song in this chappie is a Halestorm special.

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She could hear the screams of the audience and drew in a deep breath. She loved this. She loved being on stage. She loved singing her heart out as the audience screamed their approval. She loved knowing that every male in the audience wanted her. It was empowering and so hot.

Elena Gilbert adjusted her jacket, plastered her sexiest smile on her face and winked at the rest of the band.

"Ready to rock it?" she asked, her sultry voice like a caress to every man present. Their drummer and her brother, Jeremy, grinned at her.

"Let's kill it," he said, twirling the sticks in his hands. He was so glad he had agreed to his sister's proposal last year. They had been playing together for a while but when she came to him and suggested they started up a real band, he had been powerless to resist. After all, life could get so damn boring when you lived for so long. Sure, their father would probably have an apoplectic fit when he found out, but that's what made it even more fun. Thank the stars that their father was not one to watch television, or they'd both be dead. Well, definitely grounded for the next century or so. He snickered at the thought. The last time they had been grounded by their father, his royal highness, the King of the Seelie court, things hadn't worked out so well. Ah, such fond memories.

He looked at his sister affectionately and she responded with a grin and a wink. With her amazing voice and his talents, he had been convinced they would rock. Sure, being fae helped but still. The fae were just like humans in that respect. Some couldn't carry a tune to save their lives while others were born to make men beg for more and his sister was just like that. Damn, if the ew-ness factor of her being his sister hadn't played a part he was sure that her voice could make him come. Even with the libertine ways of his people, he drew the line at banging his sister. Luckily they were on the same page when it came to that, no matter what their father wanted.

Their problem had arisen when they had to complete their band. They couldn't have a band with just two people in it. So, the search had started. It had taken a while to find Tyler, Caroline and Bonnie, but it had been worth it. Tyler could play a bass guitar like no other and with Bonnie and Caroline on guitar they were basically unstoppable. It didn't hurt that Caroline was a vampire, Tyler a werewolf and Bonnie a witch. It made it easier on all of them that they could be free and open when they were around each other.

He and Elena didn't have to hide behind glamour to stop their skin glowing or their eyes flashing what humans would consider weird colors. Bonnie didn't have to hide her powers and both Caroline and Tyler didn't have to hide their natures. And it sure as hell made for some fun rehearsals and nights out on the town. He grinned just thinking about the crap they got up to some nights.

"Fuck yeah!" Tyler exclaimed, grinning widely. He didn't know what he would do without his band. They were his family now and they were much closer than his own family had been. They looked after each other and, what was more important, they loved him for what he was. He didn't have to hide. He was just like them. For once, he wasn't an outcast and because of that he'd do anything for Lena and Jer. They had made life worth living. They had made it amazing.

"You bet your ass, baby. Let's rock this joint," Caroline exclaimed gleefully as she adjusted her short leather skirt, making sure that she didn't show off too much. Tyler had given her a dirty look earlier and complained that she was showing too much skin but she had just laughed it off. Sometimes she wished she knew what he wanted from her. One moment he was acting like her older brother and the next he was behaving like a jealous boyfriend. The vampire in her rebelled at his trying to control her but the woman in her wanted him to finally take the final step and slam her against a wall and have his way with her. Unfortunately, he had this stupid idea that Lena would object so he kept his distance.

She, Bonnie and Elena had become best friends and she knew Elena would be happy for her. But Tyler was too hung up on the fact that he wasn't being shunned and was afraid of losing it all, so he kept his distance. She really had to talk to Lena for some advice. After all, the fae had a lot more experience than she did when it came to men. Caroline had only been turned a few years before and she still had a lot of learning to do.

She couldn't complain. She had to thank Stefan because if it hadn't been for him, she would be dead in a ditch somewhere. And while Stefan helped her learn how to control her urges and what it meant to be a vampire, she couldn't possibly talk to him about man problems. The very thought had her cringing in disgust. The thought of Stefan made her slightly melancholy. She hadn't seen him in ages. She was convinced he'd like Lena but ever since the trouble with his brother and Klaus he had disappeared, with a single promise to come back and see her as soon as he could.

"Damn right," Bonnie said with a smile in response to Caroline's exclamation. Just like the other three that Lena and Jer had adopted, Bonnie loved the siblings more than she could express in words. They had made her feel welcome and showed her that her powers were nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to keep hidden when she was around them. She actually felt normal when compared to the siblings. Hell, she could work magic but those two? They were magic incarnate. The stuff Elena and Jeremy could do with a flick of a hand or a thought surpassed the power she could channel by a mile.

And it felt good. It felt amazing to not be the odd one out for once. And she couldn't be more grateful to Lena for giving her a family. She glanced at Jer quickly, her eyes betraying her feelings for him. Unfortunately, they were feelings she'd never act on because he simply was way out of her league. He was fricking royalty and she was just some pathetic little witch. She sighed inwardly.

Elena looked at her friends and smiled. It was the first time in more than a thousand years that she was really happy. She and Jer had always been close and always would be but it was amazing having friends who, for once, stood by her side for her and not for what she was or what she could give them. To them, she was just Lena and not the next in line to inherit the Seelie throne. They didn't care that she was royalty or that she held more power in her pinky than all of them put together. No, they cared about her because she loved them for who they were. Together, they had a purpose and together they were a family. A real family.

"Ladies and gentleman," she heard the announcer, "the moment you've all been waiting for!" Elena's muscles tensed as she prepared to run out on stage. "It's the one, the only, the unforgettable SUPERNATURAL STORM!" the announcer screamed and Elena felt herself change. She felt her skin buzzing, her heart beat in excitement and her stomach do little flips. She lived for these moments.

She looked back towards her band with a grin and ran out on stage. The response was overwhelming. The entire stadium was screaming, the excitement almost palpable and Elena took a bow. "Hello, New York!" Elena shouted into the mike as soon as the noise quieted down a little. The crowd screamed. "Since you all know we love you, how about we get this damn show on the road?" she asked the crowd with a wink.

They chanted the name of their band until the first chords of Caroline's guitar could be heard. They never had a set playlist beforehand. It was a game. One of them would start playing a song and the rest of them would just fall in line. It almost gave their manager a heart attack at every concert. Thankfully, Elijah was a vampire and it would take a hell of a lot more to kill him.

Elena allowed herself to fall into the opening lines of "Familiar Taste of Poison." It was one of her favorite songs.

"What the hell are we doing here?" Damon grumbled for the fiftieth time. He really wanted to know how he had let Rose and Stefan rope him into going to this concert. He didn't want to be here. He wanted to be draining some sorority girl dry and drinking up a storm. That's what people did when they found out that the woman they had loved for 145 years couldn't give a crap about their existence.

"Because you are turning into a psychotic recluse and it's fucking annoying," Rose griped at him. She had always been a good friend but that didn't mean that Damon didn't want to rip her throat out. Why wouldn't she just let him brood?

Apparently he was more transparent than he thought because she replied with a "Because I like living in Mystic Falls and the trail of bodies is soon going to make it hard to hang around." She glared at him and he sulked. Damon Salvatore did not sulk. Well, he did. Especially after Katherine had told him she only wanted his brother and he was just collateral damage. He glared at his brother.

"Don't give me that look," his brother, the bunny eater growled at him. "I told you about that bitch but you wouldn't listen. Now, you promised to be nice." At Damon's smile that flashed his fangs, Stefan said, "Fine, nice for you. For goodness sake! Don't ruin this. Caroline is nice and I don't want to ruin her big night, so could you please stop acting like an idiot for one night."

"I didn't ask you to bring me here," Damon growled. Part of Damon wanted to blame his brother for Katherine but he couldn't. Stefan had loved Katherine just as much as he had but, eventually, he had seen what Damon had refused to. That she was a selfish, manipulative bitch. And while he couldn't tell his heart what to feel, the one thing he did have control over was his relationship with his brother. That was one thing he wouldn't let Katherine control any longer. A century and a half of a fucked up relationship with his brother was enough.

"I know but do you think you could actually try having a bit of fun?" Stefan asked and Damon was seconds away from giving in at his brother's hopeful look. He looked up at the stage with a sigh, shrugging his shoulders in his leather jacket. At least they were in the front row. Maybe he'd try to have a little fun. Just for tonight.

When the band was announced, he looked at Stefan disdainfully. "Supernatural Storm?" he mouthed. How stupid a name for a band was that? They had no idea what they were on about. Stefan shrugged in return and glanced back to the stage. Damon rolled his eyes and was tempted to leave but the awestruck look and the fact that the crowd went wild drew his gaze to the stage.

The band was running on stage and he had the urge to roll his eyes again. This was ridiculous. He shouldn't be here. HE should be back in Mystic Falls, nursing a bourbon and feasting on some innocently stupid co-ed. He turned to Rose to tell her he was getting out of there when the music started.

It was the voice that stopped him in his tracks. It curled around him, finding its way inside him, touching him in places he no longer realized he had, making its way down his body, caressing his cock. He hardened instantly and nearly whimpered from the intensity of the sensation. He snapped his head back towards the stage and his breath caught. Fuck!

Drink the wine my darling, you said

Take your time and consume all of it

But the roses were only to drain my inspiration

The promises were spoiled before they left your lips and

I breathe you in again

Just to feel you underneath my skin

Holding onto the sweet escape

Is always laced with a familiar taste of poison

Who the hell was that? She was a vision. Long, chocolate tresses caressed the woman's ass as she sang, her brown eyes promising vengeance as the words to the song spilled from her lips. She had a body made for sex, with long legs that had no end encased in a tight pair of leather leggings, stiletto ankle boots on her feet and beautifully shaped breasts hidden by a tank top and leather jacket. Damon was mesmerized.

I tell myself that you're are no good for me

I wish you well but desire never leaves

I could fight this to the end

But maybe I don't wanna win

I breathe you in again

Just to feel you underneath my skin

Holding onto the sweet escape

Is always laced with a familiar taste of poison

Every note, every word she sang seemed to be connected to his cock. She moved and writhed on stage, singing to the crowd, driving them to a frenzy. Embarrassingly, he was pretty close to shouting his approval with the rest of the pathetic humans present. When she fell to her knees and on one hand, crawling forward towards the edge of the stage as she sang Familiar Taste of Poison he was convinced he would spontaneously combust. She was fucking amazing. And he wanted her. Desperately.

I don't wanna be saved, I don't wanna be sober

I want you on my mind, in my dreams

Behind these eyes that I wanna wake up

No, not this time

Lust raged through him and all he could think about was having those luscious lips wrapped around his cock. All he could see was her body writhing as he licked her cunt until she begged for more and screamed in ecstasy as she came on his tongue. All he could envision as she crooned the final notes of the song was her spread out on his bed, her dark hair the perfect contrast to the silver, satin sheets arching her back as he sank into her.

I breathe you in again

Just to feel you underneath my skin

Holding onto the sweet escape

Is always laced with a familiar taste of poison

A familiar taste of poison, a familiar taste of poison

Then their eyes met and he felt his world being knocked on its side. She didn't shy away. She didn't play games. She held his ice blue gaze fearlessly, a small smile playing on her lips that fueled his lust, turning it into a raging inferno. He'd give anything to know what that smile meant.

Elena belted out the notes, lost in the song. Every now and then she'd look down at the audience and make eye contact. She knew how important it was to keep them hooked and, luckily for her, all it took was a quick look to get the humans under her spell.

And then her gaze locked with ice blue eyes in the first row and she felt the world tilt on its axis. She studied him as she sang. He was sex on legs, with amazing eyes, a chiseled jaw and lips that were too sinful to be on a man. He had a face that screamed sex and all she could think about was how he would taste. How those lips of his would feel against her own, how they would feel on her sex. Fuck, she thought to herself as she felt her arousal course through her bloodstream, getting horny on stage and eye-fucking with a member of the audience wasn't a good idea. Her gaze slipped to his companions as she crawled across the stage.

Typical, she thought to herself ruefully. He wasn't alone. Why she had expected him to be alone was anyone's guess. The woman with him was clearly interested in him, and even though he paid her little attention, the last thing she needed was complicated. Then her eyes fell on someone else. He was cute, in a "boy-next-door" kind of way and she really needed to let some steam off. It had been ages since she had slept with anyone and, unfortunately, the blue-eyed devil who was still staring at her as if he wanted to fuck her senseless reminded her exactly how long it had been. But she didn't do men who were involved. She tried that once and it didn't end well.

She shook her head, to bring herself back to the moment. She had to get her mind out of the gutter, she needed to finish the damn concert. She looked back at the blue-eyed devil wistfully. Damn, why was life so fucked up and why were the good ones always taken?

Damon's gaze narrowed. He was suddenly feeling homicidal. He knew it was stupid but she had glanced at Stefan and he was sure that was interest reflected in her eyes. What the fuck was wrong with the world? Why did everyone choose his brother over him?

A part of him knew he was being ridiculous. She was just playing a game. She was a performer. Hell, she probably couldn't even see them thanks to the bright lights. But at the same time, he still wished that sad look she threw him was real.

Oh, no! He wasn't going down this fucking road again. He'd had enough of soft feelings towards women. He'd been fucked over once and it wasn't happening again! She was hot but he didn't need anything more than a good fuck and he could get that from anyone.

As the band bowed to the audience, who was going wild in appreciation, he felt someone tugging on his arm.

"Come on," he whispered. There were definite advantages to being a vampire, including the fact that they didn't have to scream to be heard over the loud crowd.

"What?" Damon hissed back.

"Let's go see Caroline." Damon rolled his eyes but dutifully followed Rose and his brother.

"Do we really have to meet up with Vampire Barbie?" he groaned. Rose elbowed him in the ribs, which was rather painful, considering she was a lot stronger than they were.

"Be nice," she hissed.

"Fine," he snapped. He'd try to be nice, just to avoid another elbow to the ribs.

When they reached to entrance to the backstage area, he rolled his eyes as he watched Stefan fumble.

"Shit, I can't find the backstage passes," Stefan whined. Damon rolled his eyes.

"Compel them already. We don't have all night," he huffed. Stefan gave him a dirty look.

"I'm not doing it," he said belligerently.

"So, what do you suggest? I guess we could all stand here like idiots for the rest of the night."

"I'll do it," Rose spoke up. The last thing she needed was to watch the brothers argue again. It was irritating at the best of times. Being Damon's friend could often be quite complicated.

Moments later, Damon saw Caroline running towards them and enfolding Stefan in a hug. Part of him wished that just once someone would be happy to see him too. It was a thought he quickly squashed.

"Stefan!" he heard her squeal and he winced. Damn, she was loud. "Did you like it? What did you think?" she questioned Stefan expectantly.

"Caroline, you were amazing!" Stefan congratulated her.

"Nah, that's not me. It's Elena. She's the one who's amazing," Caroline breathed, her eyes sparkling when she said the other woman's name. "You just have to meet her! Hang on!" she squealed and was off like a shot before anyone could get a word out.

A second later she was making her way towards them, with the other woman in tow. Damon's breath hitched. At a distance she had been entrancing. Up close she was a wet dream come to life.

"Lena, you have to meet Stefan," he heard Caroline whisper happily.

"The Stefan who turned you?" the woman asked, surprising Damon. So, she knew about vampires. How intriguing. He listened closely for a heartbeat and found one. A very strong one. So, she was human and knew about vampires and didn't seem to have a problem with it. Even more intriguing.

"That's the one," Caroline responded, the excitement in her voice clear. "Stefan, this is Elena Gilbert, my best friend. Lena, this is Stefan Salvatore," Caroline made the introductions as Damon watched from the shadows. He saw her lips curl and eye his brother with a little more than friendly interest and he felt a growl bubble up from his chest.

They shook hands and, for the first time in his life, Damon felt like cutting Stefan's hand off for touching her. What the hell was wrong with him? He didn't do jealous. Even with Katherine he hadn't felt this boiling need to throw her over his shoulder and lock her up somewhere so no one else could see her let alone touch her. He sighed, trying to calm himself. She was clearly interested in Stefan and he had never been one to force himself on a woman.

Stefan was clearly just as taken with her judging by the way he could barely get two words out. He stared at her in awe and Damon felt the urge to bodily remove him. He cleared his throat, in an attempt to distract their attention. He didn't think his brother would appreciate him changing right here, in front of all the humans.

"Oh, this is Damon, my brother," Stefan said, as an afterthought. "Damon, this is Elena, Caroline's friend."

Elena's gaze slipped over him and her eyes widened slightly. As his hand engulfed hers, he felt as if he had been electrocuted from the contact. She looked at him questioningly, her small, pink tongue peeking out to wet her lips. Fuck, she was so hot it took all his strength to prevent himself from begging her to let him touch her.

He only wished he could decipher the look on her face. She was studying him strangely and he felt a bit like a bug under a microscope.

"It's nice to meet you," he said. Elena's mouth was practically hanging open. The second she had realized who Caroline's friends were, her palms had become clammy in anticipation. Maybe she'd get lucky this time and the woman was dating Stefan. Her wish became even more fervent when she felt the lust shoot up her arm from the minimal contact a handshake allowed. Damon, she rolled the name around her tongue and decided it definitely suited the vampire.

"Likewise," she said huskily.

His eyes bored into hers and the blue gaze had her wetter than she remembered being in centuries. But then he opened his mouth and she knew she was done for. His raspy voice stroked her like velvet. She felt her arousal increase and she was hard pressed not to grab hold of him and drag him out of there. What was worse was that she could easily identify the look in his eyes. It was lust. Pure and simple.

"And this is Rose, a really good friend of ours," she heard Stefan finish the introductions. She nodded to the other woman and then her mind registered Stefan's choice of words.

Friend? Could it be that simple? It had better well be because she wanted Damon with a vengeance and she was known for going after what she wanted. She wouldn't get involved if Damon and Rose were together but experience told her that they weren't intimate. They held each other too far apart. And the woman looked at Damon with what appeared to be a look mothers reserved for naughty children. It was definitely not a look she envisioned giving the man.

She knew her face betrayed nothing but inside she was quivering with need. He was perfect. Athletic, with a chest that she just knew would tempt even an angel. Considering the angels she knew, she was definitely keeping him to herself. She stared into his eyes and found herself wanting to run her hands through his silky black locks and watch his eyes darken with passion. She wanted to nip his jaw while fisting his cock and hearing him moan in ecstasy. God, if she kept this up, she was going to come right then and there.

She saw him give her a curious look as he surreptitiously sniffed the air. Fuck! Vampire! She had forgotten. He could smell her arousal and for some strange reason it only spurred her on.

"You were very impressive out there, Elena," he said and the way her name rolled of his tongue had her clenching her thighs.

"Thank you," she said, her voice cracking slightly. She cleared her voice. "We're going to an after party. Would you like to come?" Elena wondered if he would notice the innuendo and it was quite clear that the invitation was more for him than anyone else. At least she hoped it was obvious.

The way his gaze flickered to her lips and his breath caught in his throat, she would wager that she caught her drift.

"We'd love to come, wouldn't we Rose," responded the other brother. She couldn't remember his name and, suddenly, she didn't really like the way he was looking at her. He seemed nice but she really wasn't into his type. She had figured him out the second he had opened his mouth. He was one of the good boys. He never did anything wrong and he always tried to make everyone around him happy. Which probably meant he was a vanilla boy and she had gotten over vanilla a long time ago.

Damon. Now he on the other hand looked like he could do some damage. Some damage she was seriously impatient to experience.

Damon sat at the bar nursing a drink and studied Elena. She flitted from group to group, conversing and laughing with everyone in the room. He watched men look at her with lust in their eyes and women follow her jealously. He had a sudden urge to rip out eyeballs, especially his brother's who was following her like a puppy. She hadn't glanced his way once.

He sighed and took a large gulp from his drink. He'd have to get used to it. Women flocked to his brother. They simply didn't want to deal with him. Oh, he was good for a quick fuck but that's about it. Katherine had made sure to drive that point home. Repeatedly. Well, if that's the way it was going to be, then he had better find someone for tonight. He scanned the room and saw a redhead who was giving him a lusty look. She'd do for tonight. So, he smiled at her and she got the message. She made her way over to him.

"Hi, honey," she breathed. "What are you doing here all alone?"

"Waiting for you," he said with a flirty grin. She giggled. "Want a drink?"

"I'd love one," she said as she leaned forward and brushed her breasts against his arm. Damon gritted his teeth. He wanted to pull away. She made his skin crawl. What the hell was wrong with him? She was a damn fine woman and just his type. Tall, with large breasts and a tight ass. She'd make for a good night. He could fuck her and feed on her. Yet he found his gaze surreptitiously scanning the crowd for another woman. Elena. Where the hell was she? She had disappeared.

Elena watched Damon from the shadows, anger and jealousy boiling up inside her. She couldn't understand her reaction to this man. They'd exchanged ten words at most and she was already feeling extremely possessive. She had the sudden urge to rip the redhead's head off her shoulders. She breathed deeply, trying to get control of herself. If she let go, the woman, Mandy was her name she believed, would find herself in an extraordinary amount of pain. She really couldn't let her power take over her or Jer would kill her.

At that moment, Stefan ambled over to her. She gritted her teeth again. Couldn't he take a hint?

"So, I'd really love to go out for a drink with you sometime," he said, a hopeful look in his eyes. She felt bad but not bad enough to go out with him.

"Look, I'm sorry, but I'm really not interested in you that way," she tried to explain nicely. "If you still want to go out for a drink, then I'm fine with it. But, please understand, you're just not my type." His face fell for a moment but then he was smiling.

"Sure, that would be great. We could all go," he said with a smile. He then looked in the same direction she was staring and comprehension dawned. She was staring at Damon. He smiled even wider. It was time to play a little matchmaker. His brother needed some fun and Elena definitely looked like she could handle him. She might be human, but as far as he could tell, she had spunk and Damon wouldn't stand a chance of steamrollering her.

"You know, he's single," he said and she looked at him in surprise.

"Really?" she asked and he liked the fact that she didn't play games. He had been expecting her to deny that she was studying her brother or at the very least deny she was interested. Apparently it wasn't her style.

"Yeah, but I have to warn you," he whispered, keeping his voice low just in case Damon decided to eavesdrop.

"About what? I already know he's a vampire," she replied.

"No, it's just that he's had a really rough time with women and he's a bit pissed off at all females of the species at the moment," he said. He wouldn't go into details because that was Damon's story to tell. At the same time he didn't want to see Elena getting hurt.

"Good thing I'm a different species, then, isn't it?" she said under her breath and Stefan stared at her in surprise.

"Excuse me?" he practically choked out. "I can hear your heartbeat so I know you aren't a vampire. Are you a werewolf or a witch?" he questioned her.

"Is this an interrogation?" her face hardened and her voice came out clipped.

"No, I'm really sorry. It's just that I'm really curious. We had no idea werewolves existed until last year so I'm a bit surprised to meet another supernatural. I just thought you were human," he responded, his face contrite.

Elena sighed. She really shouldn't have snapped at him like that but she hated being questioned. It reminded her too much of her father. "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten so angry. Let's just say I'm other."

"Other? So, not a witch and not a werewolf. What are you?"

Elena studied him, wondering whether she should tell him or not. Well, she guessed telling him her species wouldn't hurt. He clearly knew little of their world so he was unlikely to find out who she was.

"I'm fae," she replied at which Stefan's brows rose practically into his hairline.

"Fae? I never knew that the fae were real," he whispered in awe, remembering everything he had ever read about the mythical beings.

"Yup, we're as real as vampires," she said with a wink. Stefan decided then and there that Elena was perfect for Damon. His knowledge of the fae was limited but he did know they were supposed to be extremely powerful. And immortal. And that meant that she could easily handle his brother, even if he went all psycho on her. "I can handle anything," she said to him and his eyes widened.

"You can read my mind?" he asked.

"Not exactly. I can pick up on some thoughts if I'm in close proximity to someone and they are broadcasting loudly. In fact, you're practically screaming mentally. You need to work on that because it can be extremely annoying," she explained.

"Sorry, I didn't realize."

"Don't worry. So, about your brother. Isn't he with that woman you introduced me to earlier?" she questioned.

"No, she's just a really good friend."

"That's good. Very good," she said with a wicked grin. "Then I'm going to have to excuse myself. I have a vampire to seduce." Stefan had no doubt that if anyone could get Katherine out of Damon's heart it was this woman. Yup, definitely, he thought to himself as we watched her walk away, her hips swinging seductively.

Elena sauntered up to the bar and positioned herself behind Mandy. Damon had turned slightly to speak to the bartender and had clearly not noticed her presence.

"Mandy, you wanna go see if Jer needs another drink?" Elena asked with a tap to the woman's shoulder. The redhead was a groupie and she basically followed them everywhere. Mandy turned to her and she could see that the woman didn't want to leave her companion but the steely look on Elena's face made her rethink her priorities.

"Sure," she whispered and disappeared into the crowd. Elena moved forward, taking her place.

"Is that drink for me?" she asked and Damon whirled around, his eyes widening. "Because I really don't do colorful drinks. I'd rather have a bourbon."

"Where's Mandy?" he asked, though he really couldn't care less. It was the only thing he could think to say though.

"She had something to take care of. But I can call her back if you prefer her company."

"No, no, definitely not," Damon gulped. She was standing so close to him that if he turned just right he could touch her. He breathed in her scent and lust slammed into him full force. She smelled exotic, a combination of vanilla and some other scent that he couldn't identify but was uniquely hers. Nothing artificial, all natural and it was driving him nuts.

"So, you going to get me a drink or should I go?" she asked, staring at him. Damon swallowed. His charm had deserted him. Hell, his neurons had deserted him and he was acting like a moron. He swallowed again, turning to order her a drink.

When he handed her the glass, her fingers slipped over his and he felt a jolt of raw need rush through him. Fuck, if a brush of her fingers could get him into this state, then they were going to burn up the sheets. She winked at him, a seductive smile curling her lips. She lifted the glass to her lips and drank the burning liquid down. Watching her throat work as she swallowed almost pulled a groan from Damon. All he could imagine was her throat working as she swallowed him down. His cock was threatening to go on strike if he didn't do something about it soon.

"I'd really, really like to do that," she purred to him and Damon's mind drew a blank. Do what? God, he didn't say that out loud, did he? No, he was pretty sure he hadn't. "Let's just say I'm different," she said.

Elena was having a hard time blocking out all the erotic images Damon was broadcasting. To be perfectly honest, she didn't want to. They were such a turn on that she was close to jumping him right there, in front of everyone.

"You can read my mind?" Damon growled, not sure that he liked the invasion. When she shook her head, he relaxed slightly. His head was so messed up that he didn't want to scare her. He didn't want her to see him as the pathetic fool he really was. The moron who would have done anything for a woman who turned out to be a bitch.

"No, it's not like that. I can pick up images and thoughts if you're broadcasting loudly enough. And you are," she said with a slight wave of her hand. Her jacket was starting to feel too heavy and constricting. All she wanted to do was rip her clothes off and then his and get up close and personal. Very personal.

Damon looked at her stunned. So, she wasn't human. But he had never heard of a witch who could pick up people's thoughts. "So, what are you?" Elena's patience was wearing thin. She really didn't want to talk right now. Her libido was in over-drive and being so close to him didn't help.

"Do you want to discuss my pedigree right now or would you rather get out of here?" she asked him huskily. After being around for so long, she didn't play stupid games anymore. There was no point in dancing around the issue. She wanted him. He wanted her. That's all that mattered.

Damon was standing before his mind caught up to what his body was doing. He grabbed her hand and dragged her behind him, fully conscious that he was acting like a caveman but he couldn't help himself. He physically needed her. If he didn't have her soon, he was going to fucking explode.

He crashed through the door of the club into an empty hallway. He turned around and pushed her against the wall, his body flush against hers. He needed to taste her, he couldn't wait any longer. He stared down into her eyes, his nostrils flaring. Then her lips parted slightly in invitation and the last threads of his control snapped as he crushed his lips against hers.

They both moaned at the contact, their tongues entwining, desperate to taste each other, to discover each other's secrets. He fisted her hair in one hand, holding her still as he devoured her mouth, the other hand dropping to her ass and pulling her close.

Elena's hands came up and grabbed hold of his silky locks to pull him closer. She wanted to rub herself against him, wanted him to spread his scent all over her. Fuck, it was like kissing electricity, every brush off his tongue causing little shocks all over her body. Her clit throbbed as it swelled in anticipation, in need. She lifted a leg and wrapped it around his waist, needing some friction to ease the tension that made her feel like climbing up a wall.

They both moaned at the contact. Then someone opened the door to the club and they quickly pulled apart, both panting. They stared at each other, both unable to move, to look away. Elena was the first to move, grabbing his hand and virtually running down the corridor, heading towards the back entrance of the club. She slammed the door open and saw that it was pouring outside.

She didn't give a shit. She needed him now and a little rain wasn't going to stop her. She dragged him outside and they were both instantly soaked. They were in the back alley, behind the club. It was deserted and dark. And she could provide them with enough glamour to make people ignore their presence and their activities. Not that she cared who saw them. She was too far gone to care.

They stopped for a moment and simply stared at each other, water pouring over them, the odd flash of lightening illuminating their faces for a few moments. Then thunder clapped loudly and jerked them out of their trance, Damon grabbing Elena's hair in one fist and pulling her hard against him. She moaned at the contact.

Damon couldn't believe what they were doing. It was so primal and so deliciously sinful. He had never felt so wild in his life, and he had done some pretty serious shit. It wasn't the first time he would fuck in a back alley but it was the first time he had ever been so desperate. And the fact that she met him kiss for kiss, touch for touch, growl for growl only made him wilder. Fuck, she was beautiful in the rain. She was just like the storm. Beautiful yet dangerous, a force of nature in her own right. He didn't know what it was about her that drove him to distraction.

His free hand slipped under her shirt, needing to feel her skin. It was so soft and silky that he shuddered. When he brushed a thumb over her nipple they both groaned, she at the electric shocks rushing through her system and he at finding she wasn't wearing a bra. Fuck, she was so damn responsive.

"Can't wait. Fuck me now," she rasped and he nearly came in his pants like an untried virgin. She grabbed at his belt, trying to pull it open. He slapped her hands away and proceeded to undo his pants as she worked on her own. He was faster than she was. He grabbed hold of her, turning her to face the wall and she leaned forward to brace against it as he roughly pulled her pants down, over her hips, down to her knees.

He ran his fingers through her folds and moaned at how wet she was. She whimpered at the contact, writhing, pushing back, begging him for more. He brought his fingers up, smelling her. Fuck, she smelled amazing. Then he licked his fingers and his eyes practically rolled into the back of his head. Ambrosia. That's the only way he could describe her taste.

"You taste fucking amazing," he ground out and she moaned again.

"Will you fucking get your cock inside me?" she panted. He grabbed hold of his dick and slammed into her, filling her in one powerful thrust that caused them both to cry out. Fucking hell, she felt amazing. Hot velvet that clamped down on him like a vice. She was damn strong and it felt incredible.

Elena scratched at the wall, leaving deep gouges. God, the man had a cock made to make women scream. He was big and it felt so damn good inside her, she didn't think she ever wanted to let him go. And then he started moving and she almost whimpered in protest when he moved out of her. But then he slammed himself back into her and she screamed as he touched that spot deep inside her that made her toes curl.

Soon he was pummeling into her as she cried out her delight with every thrust, his hands tightening on her hips almost to the point of pain and she wanted more. She wanted all of him. Everything he could give. She was standing on her tiptoes, trying to get more of him inside her, needing to feel him as deep as he could possibly go.

Damon wrapped a hand in her hair, which he suddenly realized he might be slightly obsessed with and pulled, bringing her up against him. "You are so fucking hot," he growled in her ear. "You're creaming all over me and I want to eat you up. I want to hear you scream my name over and over. You drive me fucking insane." Elena moaned at his words. He was being so crude and it was so damn sexy she was convinced she could come just listening to him talk. He let her fall forward against the wall and slipped a hand between her legs, his fingers finding her clit and he proceeded to play her like a musical instrument.

In moments she was screaming through a mind-numbing orgasm that shook her to her very soul. Blinding white light shot through her, electricity zinged through her system and she couldn't stop fucking coming.

"Fuck, your squeezing my cock so hard, I'm going to explode," Damon ground out. He couldn't think. He couldn't breathe. His blood was roaring in his ears and he knew he was on the edge of something monumental. Something he had never experienced in his life before.

"Don't stop. I'm still coming. I can't stop coming," she whimpered and it drove him harder and faster until his body gave in, no longer able to withstand the intensity of their encounter. His balls drew up and he felt his release explode through him until he was shooting seed inside her. It was like liquid fire running through his veins and down his cock. He trembled, his vision blurred and he roared, needing to let the pressure escape somewhere.

"I think you killed me," she whispered and he smirked. "You can kill me any time you like," she said as she leaned against the wall for support and he leaned against her, his cock still buried in her warmth. That pulled a laugh from him.

"Baby, you can kill me any time you like," he whispered, planting a soft kiss on the nape of her neck.

A/N: The way I'm seeing this is that Delena will have a purely sexual relationship at first. Damon's still trying to get over Katherine and Elena doesn't trust anyone, because of her position, but, of course, they are going to fall in love. Duh! If you like the idea and the story, there's prolly going to be some plot that will work its way in there because…. Well, because that's just how my mind works. Why keep something simple, when it can be complicated, right?

So, do I go on or not?