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Somehow she'd ended up in his bed. It wasn't her intention, but somewhere in that first kiss, she lost her ability to think rationally. Or even think at all. Now she laid with her head on his chest; absorbing everything in the aftermath.

It had been better than she'd imagined. She always assumed that they would be great together, afterall, they were both in excellent shape and quite confident in their abilities. She always knew that it would be a highly satisfying encounter, but there was something else she hadn't predicted. Something that she couldn't describe fully... all she could do was feel it.


Previously, she had never understood the term "makel ove". She simply assumed that it was a romanticized colloquialism for those who found "intercourse" or "sex" as too crude. Actually, she found the term rather ridiculous. Sex and love being to completely separate entities; love not being required to have pleasing sex. But something with Booth was different... like the act wasn't done out of a need for gratification, but out of expression. He worshiped her, understood her, and made her feel safe all at the same time. It was wonderful.

When it was over he had taken her in his arms and quickly fallen asleep. She was amazed at how he could do that; how he could so quickly find peace with what had just happened. She, for the life of her, could not relax or settle the thoughts in her head.

Her eyes kept falling to the bandage on the opposite side of his chest. The bullet had passed through his upper pectoral muscle; right between his lung and biracial artery. If the bullet had been just a little farther to the left or to the right, he surely would have died. Her hand came up and traced the outline of the bandage; that bullet was meant for her.

What was she doing?

She shouldn't have done this. She should have never kissed him. Everything that had happened; his being shot and her kidnapping- she wasn't thinking rationally. How could she trust these emotions or how could she even trust his? They shouldn't be doing this. The line was there for a reason. One day this would go bad...

Hopefully he would understand. Slowly she picked herself up off of him.

But a strong arm grabbed her waist.

"Where you going, Bones?" He held on to her tight as his eyes opened slowly.

"I thought you were asleep..." At least he had given every physical indicator that he was.

"I'm a light sleeper," He pulled her body back down to his. "Where are you going?"

"Home," her voice was strained. "I need to go home, Booth. I shouldn't be here."

His other arm wrapped around her body and he kissed her temple, "Bones, you are home."

"We can't do this," she whispered; why couldn't he have been asleep? "I should go."

"No, Bones," That only made him hold her closer. Somehow he had known this was going to happen, "I'm not letting you walk away from this."

"We shouldn't have done this, Booth. With everything that happened this week... the trauma and the stress... we're not thinking clearly," Her eyes were pleading with him. She wanted so desperately for him to understand... but she didn't want him to let go either. "Please, Booth. We need to pretend this never happened."

"Bones," his hand stroked a piece of hair out of her face. "You think that's going to make me feel any differently? I'm not going to feel any differently about you tomorrow. Right now, I don't feel any different than I felt yesterday. The day before... last week... last month... I've always wanted you, Bones."


"Don't walk away from me."

"I don't want to lose you..." She confessed and tear fell down the side of her cheek.

He wiped it away for her, "No one is asking you too!"

"No!" She pushed away from him and escaped his hold. "I need to go home, Booth."

"Why, Bones? You go home now, what are you going to do? You'll just end up crying yourself to sleep," He could see the recognition in her face. They both knew that's exactly what would happen. "Stay with me. Don't be scared."

Her eyes turned down to the floor and tears began to flow freely... she hated herself.

"Look at me, Bones. Look at me and tell me that you don't want this," She didn't answer him. "I know you do, Bones. You came over here every night when you thought I was gone. And I'm back now, and I'm telling you I don't want you to leave."

"Booth," Her swollen red eyes returned to him.

"Don't be embarrassed, Bones. You know, when you were gone... I slept in your office."

"The FBI..."

"Screw the FBI, Bones. This is just between us. Just ours."

A slight smile escaped her lips; unwilled, "What? You want us to keep it a secret?"

"Yeah. You know, just till we figure it out," He could tell she was cracking a little bit.

"People are going to know..." Hell, it seemed like they already did. "What about Sweets?"

"Hey, if Sweets says anything to the FBI, I'll just tell them about how he purposely didn't tell you about my faked death- which led to you being kidnapped," He smiled and she smiled right back. "Or I'll beat him up."

She laughed a little. "Okay."



"You want to come back to bed now?" He scooted over and she slid back under the sheets; her arms came up to hold him as she reclaimed her place. "Thank you. I really didn't feel like getting dressed and driving over to your apartment."

"You would have followed me?" She looked up at him.

"Yeah, you really think I'd let you go so easily?" His lips met hers. Although it wasn't their first kiss, somehow it was the best of them all. A seal and a promise that they would be more. "Well... now that we're both awake..."

He flipped her over on her back and she giggled, "You're not too, tired?"

"I'm not tired enough."

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