Hazel clashed with yellow and the feeling was electric and instantaneous. It was like her whole body had been magnetized and she was being drawn to him by a force that was partly foreign and partly her own desire to be near him. Letting go of the stranger, she allowed her weight to fall back into Yoko's chest and he gripped her even tighter. She knew that he was dangerous, that at that moment Kurama was not in control. She knew that if he wanted to he could kill her in a matter of seconds before any of the others would even think to check on them. Even so she couldn't feel any fear. Inside of the alcoholic cloud that had settled over her all of her senses had been numbed. Her typical rationality had all but deserted her, leaving her feeling uninhibited by the situation. Still, this was wrong. She knew this was wrong, but she couldn't bring herself to pull away from him. She felt as if she was being pulled in two different directions. It felt better than she had expected to be held by Kurama, but at the same time that his breath tickled her neck and his scent surrounded her, the flash off his silver hair told her that this wasn't Kurama, not really.

"You know, You can't have us both."

She froze. Her previous haze dissipated before her eyes. She jerked away from his arms, but they encircled her waist and cradled her gently against him.

"Or did you think that this game could continue? That you could love him from afar by pulling me close?"

His words possessed a chilled, mocking tone, and she could almost feel him smile at her shock.

"You're wrong. I wouldn't-"

He swung her around to face him and she stared into his great yellow eyes as he stooped to match her eye level.

"I'm no longer Kurama, Shizuru. You of all people should know that. It's either him or me."

He paused and studied her face before letting a tapering finger trail down the side of her cheek. She watched him closely. She had never been so close to Yoko before. She found that rather than looking scary, he looked alluring. His yellow twinkling with an almost seductive manner.

"Ultimately it's your choice. Just choose wisely."

He leaned in further and closed the quickly dwindling distance between them by pressing his lips to hers.

Shizuru awoke with a jolt and bolted upright from her sleeping position. Her fingers frantically probed her lips, searching for any trance of cold that could be felt. Her body felt out of place. It had all seemed so real. As if only seconds before she truly had been mere inches away from him. He had said something strange though. What did he mean when he said she 'couldn't have them both'? Did she even want him? One thing was sure though, Yoko was becoming emboldened in the times and places he decided to take over. To make matters worse, the amount of Kurama she was able to sense still within him had faded to nearly none. She knew that time was running out for Kurama. If Yoko succeeded, there was a chance that the Kurama she knew would fade away forever. It was a thought to horrible too imagine, but at the same time she recalled the kiss from the night before. It had made her feel things she didn't understand. She knew that Yoko could have been using her feelings against her to sway her to his side, but she also knew that he could have killed her on numerous accounts. Instead he was giving her a choice. Him or Kurama. Shizuru fell backwards onto the bed and closed her eyes. It was all too much to think about first thing in the morning. She pulled the covers up to her face and snuggled against the warm bed. It smelled so good. Almost like a green house filled with exotic flowers.

She opened her eyes. This was not her bed and this was not her room. Throwing the comforter from her and springing from the bed Shizuru looked around the foreign room. It was neat and spartan. A single black desk and chair, a king sized bed, a well stocked book shelf, and a lamp were all that decorated it. He didn't even own a tv. Her attention was moved from her surroundings to her body as she felt the goose flesh raise on her skin. Her outfit from the night before did little to shield her from Kurama's frigid apartment. Not too mention the fact that she didn't exactly relish the idea of strutting around Kurama with as much skin she was showing. After searching a little, Shizuru noticed a closet across from the master bath and opened it to find a black silk robe hanging from a hanger. She studied herself in the mirror and tried to fight the tingly feelings she got when she let herself think that she was wearing Kurama's robe. She was finally going to get some answers today. No more half truths, no more lies, and no more of his stupid pride.

She found Kurama seated at his kitchen table. Eyes apparently glued to a newspaper. He barely cast her a glanced before returning to whatever he was pretending to find so interesting.

"You found my robe I see. It suits you."

She eyed him closely before pulling out a chair and seating herself across from him.

"Thanks. Its a little bit chilly in here, don't you think?"

He flipped a page and kept his eyes down.

"Is it? I hadn't noticed."

Shizuru leaned forward and pulled the paper from him hands. She folded it neatly and tucked it away before crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair. His eyes came up to meet her fixed gaze.

"Why am I here Kurama?"

He too folded his arms and leaned back before answering.

"You passed out and everyone else was too drunk, or passed out themselves to bring you home. You're here because I don't have they key to your apartment."

"That never stopped you before. Are you sure you are the one who brought me here? Wasn't it actually Yoko?"

Kurama said nothing, but continued to meet her stare unflinchingly. Shizuru continued.

"Haven't you been lying to me about what was going on? After all, I'm pretty sure he knocked me out when he..."

Shizuru trailed off and looked away angrily. She didn't want Kurama to know just yet how his situation had been complicated by her feelings. His eyes narrowed suspiciously. He had picked up on the fact that she was with holding information from him.

"When he what?"

Shizuru bit down on her bottom lip as she tried to think of something to tell him. Suddenly her chair was yanked around to face Kurama. He looked imploringly into her face.

"He did what, Shizuru?"

The look on his face made her uncomfortable. He looked genuinely worried about her. She was forgetting that she had been the one who was supposed to ask the questions.

"He.. Kissed me..."

Kurama was silent. His face contorted in confusion. She decided it was time to change the subject.

"Why didn't you tell me how bad it had gotten Kurama? Before it was just you in Yoko's body, but now... Now it's like you're two completely different people. If I had known I would never have stopped trying to help you. "

Kurama face grew dark as he left her and walked to his couch. Falling backwards with a sigh into the leather, he stared at the ceiling.

"I know. That's why I lied. I knew he was getting stronger. I couldn't be sure of myself around you anymore. I can't say that I'm surprised that he kissed you either. It's how he is, or should I say how I used to be. When you started trying to help me it made him jealous, I think. He wants to take my place so naturally he would also wish to take the things that I have. I just didn't know that he had become so fearless of being found out."

Shizuru moved to the couch and sat next to him on its edge.

"Things? Since when did I become a thing that you have?"

A ghost of a smirk passed over his face before leaving it in darkness again.

"He's a demon, but he's still a fox. An animal. In fox terms you would technically be my property. That's probably why he kissed you and brought you here. To show me that he had claimed you."

"But what about Kagura? Isn't she more in the 'your property' zone? I am just the sister of your friend, remember?"

Kurama chuckled ruefully.

"I wish I could forget. I felt awful having to treat you that way. Kagura was just a cover. I thought that if I could make you jealous, then you would be less inclined to make sure that I was telling the truth about Yoko."

Shizuru could feel her face growing hot and quickly grimaced in the hopes of hiding her blush.

"Why would I ever be jealous of her?"

Kurama looked at her seriously and sat up. His green eyes sparkled with an emotion that she couldn't quite place. A spark shot through her finger tips and she looked down to find his hand had somehow come to be placed firmly over hers. His face inched closer to her at an almost painfully slow rate and her beat quickened in response. As he got closer her body instinctively moved back until she was pushed up against the couch's arm rest. Kurama reached out and cupped her chin gently as he continued to move in. His eyes had closed and she allowed herself to study him in the last few milliseconds that dragged by in what felt like eternity. She was able to notice his hair was loose from the usual rose that pinned it. It looked wild and she realized that she liked him a little messy. He was still in his sleeping clothes and his loose night shirt dipped to give her a view of his pale chest. It distracted her briefly from how close he was now. So impossibly close. Her mind was racing to process everything and she could feel his breath rush out against her lips. His own lips nearly brushing, nearly touching hers. In the final moments she recalled what had happened the previous night. A vision of Yoko flashing before her eyes.


She hadn't even realized that she had pushed him away until she saw her hands on his chest and the saddened look on his face. Whatever atmosphere had previously surrounded them, now evaporated into the air without a trace. They were both left in a deafening silence. Kurama made the first move and moved away from her. He mumbled an apology and went to stand near the kitchen table once again. This time with his back facing her. Shizuru let her arms fall limply to their sides and stared into the empty space where Kurama had just been. It had all happened so suddenly. She hadn't meant to push him away and yet... She could feel Kurama. He felt guilty, but mixed in with that guilt he was questioning himself. She could guess what he was wondering. Why had she accepted Yoko's kiss, but not his? Neither spoke as she stood up from the couch and moved towards the door. The robe slipped off her shoulders and fell into a crumpled heap. She put on her shoes before walking out and closing the door behind her. In the hall way she felt her legs weaken and she fell back against his door before pushing herself up again. The walk to the elevator allowed her sometime to clear her head. She knew she needed answers. She needed to figure out how to stop Yoko before it was too late. The fact that he had kissed her didn't mean anything. Just that she had allowed her self to be vulnerable to his tricks. It had cost her Kurama already. She didn't want it to cost her again. The glossy doors opened before her and she stepped inside the elevator. She felt determined to help Kurama now more than ever. The tiny sliver of doubt in the back of her mind was ignored. She didn't want Yoko. She had to keep telling herself that.