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Chapter 15

**Kurosaki Household**

During the summer, Byakuya made sure his sister's wedding was nothing less than perfect, besides, it was a Kuchiki wedding after all. Everyone had agreed to have the wedding in Soul Society mostly due to the fact that the wedding had to keep up with the traditions associated with the Kuchiki Clan given that it was one of the four noble houses.

"Onii-chan we're ready!" Yuzu yelled from the living room.

"I'm coming!" answered Ichigo as he frantically looked for something in his room.

"Masaki, our baby boy's all grown up and getting married! Don't worry I'll take you with us!" Isshin said reaching to take the poster of his wife down.

"Shut up!" Ichigo said as he threw a shoe at him. "You're not taking mom's poster with us!" Ichigo said as a vein popped on his forehead.

"You're so embarrassing old man! Ichi-nii, Yuzu, let's go!" Karin signaled as she grabbed her backpack and they headed out the door.

"Whaa? Ungrateful children, don't leave me!" Isshin said as he ran to the door.

They headed to Urahara's so they could go to Soul Society. The rest of Ichigo's friends would also meet them there. Due to this special occasion, Byakuya had arranged for the Kuchiki's senkaimon to be able to safely –and timely- get them there.

**Kuchiki Mansion**

The senkaimon opened leading them to the mansion. Yuzu, Karin, Mizuiro, Keigo and Tatsuki were amazed at the sight. It was like walking to another time, not to mention the mansion's appearance was very overwhelming.

"feeeeww" Tatsuki whistled, "And Rukia's leaving this for you?" she said with a smirk.

"Shut up!" Ichigo yelled at her.

"Woww this is beautiful!" Yuzu said in a high pitched tone as she eyed the mansion.

"She must reaaally love you!" Karin said surprised.

"Now now girls, that is simply what love does to you." Urahara said with a sweet voice.

"You sure married up Ichigo" Keigo chimed in.

Ichigo was fuming and his scowl couldn't get any deeper. These people were so annoying.

"Alright, later Ichigo!" Yourichi said winking as she left with Urahara.

"Welcome back, Kurosaki-dono" The servants greeted Ichigo.

"T-thank you" Ichigo answered a bit shy. He still wasn't used to the formality in which they referred to him.

The servants proceeded to lead the group to their rooms. Mizuiro, Keigo, Chad and Ishida would share a room, Tatsuki and Inoue would share another, Yuzu and Karin would also share their own and finally Isshin would sleep in Ichigo's usual room. Ichigo would not be sleeping there tonight…

**Ichigo and Isshin's room**

The servants left the room. Isshin and Ichigo sat on the ledge staring at the picturesque view.

"Ichigo" Isshin broke the silence.

"Yea?" He answered.

"Your mother would be very proud. You picked the right woman to marry. Rukia-chan will make you and our family very happy." Isshin said looking into his son's eyes.

"Thanks dad." Ichigo said with a smile on his face.

**Rukia's room**

The servants were busy getting Rukia ready. Getting a noble bride ready was no easy task. The bridal garments took quite some time to put on, not to mention the make-up and her hair. Although she was always nice to people even if she wasn't feeling too good, Rukia was starting to get cranky.

"Rukia-chan?" Yuzu shyly called.

"Oh, hi Yuzu!" Rukia said excited.

"Please stay still Kuchiki-sama" one of the women working on Rukia said.

Rukia's face showed signs of crankiness, frustration, and everything in between. Karin noticed and Rukia became embarrassed.

"It's ok Rukia-chan, I don't like getting dressed up either." Karin said trying to cheer her up.

"Thank you." Rukia said with a smile.

When Rukia was finally ready the girls were in awe. Rukia looked beautiful. She looked like a true princess.

"Onii-chan's going to be so excited to see you! You look beautiful Rukia-chan!" Yuzu said smiling.

Rukia tenderly smiled back. She was happy to have such a loving relationship with Ichigo's sisters, she loved them like they were her own sisters. Rukia's eyes started to get watery but she held in the tears as she proceeded to hug them.

**Noble's shrine**

Ichigo and Rukia stood in front of the shrine, their respective immediate families on either side. Ichigo wore a traditional black kimono and stripped hakama for the wedding. Rukia wore a shiro-muku, which is a white kimono of the finest silk. She also wore a wataboshi which kept her face hidden to everyone except Ichigo. Her hair was done up in a very intricate manner with many adornments and combs.

Although the day had felt like a dream, time stopped for Ichigo when he saw Rukia. He couldn't believe the girl who he taught was a burglar when they first met was now to be his wife. They had an unusual start to their relationship. A few minutes after meeting that fateful night she courageously gave her life for him, and yet again she gave him her all when she gave him the power to save his family.

He was thankful their lives had been connected by that fine red thread of fate. He loved her with all his being.

Rukia was also nervous but excited. She couldn't believe she was going to marry the man she loved. He was the man who gave her a reason to fight, a reason to fully live. Before him, she couldn't find the meaning of life. Her life's experiences had frozen all the warmth in her heart, turning it fragile and icy, but Ichigo had melted that icy sadness with his unconditional love.

She was thankful to have met him, the reason of her existence.

During the ceremony, musicians played various flutes. The ceremony was very formal and traditional. Although they were happy to be strengthening their bond in such a spiritual manner, they were a bit relieved when it was over. They didn't like being the center of attention.

After the ceremony the family and newlyweds proceeded to the Kuchiki mansion for the reception.

**Kuchiki Mansion**

When they got to the mansion Rukia had to change again per the traditional customs. Over her kimono she wore a very elegant Uchikike gown. It was red with fancy ornaments and embroidery. When she was ready she headed out to meet Ichigo. She was grumpy yet again. She was too modest and didn't like people dressing her up as if she were a doll.

"Stupid...boring..." he heard her mumbling.

"Yo" He said with a dashing smile.

"Ichigo!" She wasn't expecting him to be there.

"Ready?" He asked as he took in just how beautiful she looked. He couldn't believe she was his wife.

"Yea" she said.

Ichigo started walking towards Rukia. He put his arms around her waist and was leaning in about to kiss her when…

"mh mh" someone cleared his throat.

"It's time to introduce you and to greet our guests." Byakuya said raising an eyebrow at Ichigo.

"Yes nii-sama" Rukia said and they followed. 'Perfect timing as always, Byakuya' Ichigo thought.

After the introductions and the greetings the fun started. There were hundreds of guests given the Kuchiki's noble status but that didn't matter. Byakuya had arranged to have an overflowing amount of the best sake in Soul Society along with the best delicacies the servants could create. The mansion was decorated beautifully. Lanterns adorned the trees and there was a special spot for the closest family and friends to sit by the newlyweds.

Hours later people were starting to feel the effects of the sake...

"You have quite a dashing personality ladies…" Mizuiro said flirting with Rangiku and Soi Fon. Soi Fon grumbled and got up to look for Yourichi.

"Why thank you little one!" Rangiku said hugging the boy a little tipsy.

"Matsumoto!" Hitsugaya yelled.

"Calm down taichou! It's a party, why don't you go and enjoy yourself with your friend over there?" Rangiku said pointing to Karin.

Karin turned beet red. Isshin noticed.

"What is this Karin? You never told me you had your first crush!" Isshin said yelling.

"Shut up stupid dad!" Karin said hitting him on the head, but she was too embarrassed and ran away from the group.

"Oi Toshiro! What did you do to my little sister?" Ichigo teased him.

Three veins popped by Hitsugaya's forehead but instead decided to go after Karin. He didn't want to be around these belligerent people and he felt partly responsible for Karin's embarrassment.

Inoue was surprisingly happy. She had felt a tinge of jealousy during the day but she had to face the truth, she and Ichigo would never happen.

"Would you like some sake my lovely lady?" Kyoraku asked Inoue. Inoue started blushing but Ishida noticed and he got jealous.

"No she wouldn't." He said fixing his glasses.

"Yare yare, you're no fun" Kyoraku said disappointed and Ukitake sweat dropped. How could his best friend have no shame.

**Hours later**

It was getting late and although Ichigo and Rukia were having fun they just wanted to be together -away from all the people-. They looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking. They smiled and decided to be sneaky and leave without anyone noticing.

Unfortunately, Byakuya had been keeping a keen eye on his sister. He hated to admit it but he was a little jealous that Ichigo would be taking her away from him. He decided to follow them and reprimand them for leaving without properly saying good bye. Isshin noticed Byakuya's sneakiness and he thought it would be a good idea to follow as well. Yuzu and Karin realized where their father was headed and thought it would be messy if his father followed so they decided to follow. In the shadows, a white-haired boy anaylzed the situation…

**Rukia and Ichigo's room**

The room had been decorated for the special occasion. There were a few candles scattered all over the room and many vases with fragrant flowers. The futon had white petals scattered over it.

"Finally!" Ichigo said as they got to the room.

"Finally? You're not the one who had to wear this restrictive clothing!" she said pouting.

"I guess I could give you a hand with that" Ichigo said seductively walking towards her.

Rukia blushed. The insolence! Since when did Ichigo become so evil! As he got closer she started to get nervous.

"I-I-Ichigo" she said.

He smiled. He liked having the upper hand once in a while. He then turned around and went to get something from his back pack. It was a little velvet box. He walked back to her, stretched his arm out and said,

"Open it"

She nodded and proceeded to open it. It was a silver ring with a little silver bunny at the center and diamonds around it.

"I was heading home from work one day when I saw it. I got it when we first started dating but I was too shy to give it to you then." He said looking into her watery eyes.

"It's beautiful!" she said and launched herself to him. She loved that thoughtful side of him.

"Thank you Ichigo." She smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"I also got something for you!" She said excited as she went to pick up a rectangular box from her desk and placed it by the futon.

Ichigo noticed she was having a hard time walking with her formal clothing. He stood in front of her and reached for her shoulders. They were both inexperienced in this area, but guided by his desire to help her get more comfortable Ichigo initiated the intimate contact. He slowly removed her Uchikike (the elegant gown worn over her kimono).

She froze, her eyes became wide open. Her and Ichigo had slept in the same bed a few times, they had hugged and kissed but never really been this…personal. She relaxed after she was left wearing her silk kimono underneath. Nobility clothing was a very heavy thing to wear.

"Thank you." She said softly.

Unfortunately, there were a few more layers underneath her silk kimono. "I'll be back." She said and went to the room connected to hers. She had gotten a very nice night gown from his world as a gift from the shinigami women's association. When they gave it to her they said something about Ichigo owing them a favor...

She entered the room and the tables turned. Ichigo became nervous upon seeing Rukia wear such little and provocative clothing. He blushed and instinctively turned away as if he had done something wrong. She smiled.

**outside of the room**

Byakuya had finally reached his destination. He had struggled with the decision as to whether he should go or not when…

"sshhh" Isshin said as he approached him from behind and got closer to the room's door.

Byakuya was about to say something when they heard Ichigo and Rukia's voices. They became still. Byakuya was a little bit uncomfortable doing this but he was also oddly curious. He stood still as they heard the voices from the room….

"Don't you want to see my present to you?" Rukia said in a teasing voice.

He gulped.

She walked slowly to him, gently pushed him on the futon and sat next to him. He was blushing furiously but hey, he was a normal healthy guy!

"Close your eyes." She said smiling. He nodded nervously and proceeded to do as told.

"Now open your mouth." She said.

He parted his lips wondering what his wife would do. She took out a chocolate covered strawberry from the box and put it in his mouth.

"Mmmmhh Rukia" he mumbled as he bit into the strawberry relieved and happy. "This is so good, you're the best! Mmmhh" She had gotten his favorite strawberries covered in a special chocolate that only the noble families had the recipe to.

"Do you want some too?" He asked hoping she'd say no.

She whispered in his ear, "No, you're the only strawberry for me."

**outside of the room**

Isshin blushed furiously as he heard the sounds his son was making. Byakuya started seeing red as he heard as well. What perverted things had that boy taught Rukia?

Unfortunately at that moment, Yuzu and Karin reached Isshin. They were running a little too fast and wearing their kimonos so when they tried to stop they stumbled on the other two.

The door gave in.

Ichigo and Rukia turned to find Isshin, Karin, Yuzu, and out of all people, Byakuya outside their room!

"Nii-sama!" Rukia said embarrassed while Ichigo had veins popping on his head left and right.

"I apologize." Byakuya was so embarrassed he quickly shunpoed his way out of the situation. Isshin gave them a wink and quickly followed, leaving the embarrassed Yuzu and Karin on the hallway dumbfounded.

Hitsugaya came out of nowhere. He looked up and saw the blushing newlyweds. 'The things I have to deal with' he thought. He picked up the two girls and shunpoed faster than the queen of flash herself.

Rukia and Ichigo looked at each other and smiled. Their union made for a lively and happy family…

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