Chapter 1: Unconscious Fears

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'Whispered speech'



"Thoughts from other person through link"


"Because of You
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of You
I learned to play on the safe-side so I don't get hurt
Because of You
I find it hard to trust, not only me, but everyone around
Because of You
I am afraid"

-Because of You by Kelly Clarkson

Harry's head popped off his pillow and he stifled a scream trying to erupt from his throat. His heavy panting soon slowed to prevent himself from hyperventilating. I should be used to these nightmares by now. But that one was so…real…he thought. He hadn't had a decent night's rest for too long now. His friends were beginning to worry about him, but he would brush them off. They knew as well as he what position he was in, yet they never seemed to comprehend how he suffered. His nightmares had always been annoying, but lately they were not about the past of future or even the present. Harry closed his emerald eyes and tried to remember his dream, but it evaded him. Not that he wanted to relive the terrible dream, but it's hard to explain to others why he only sleeps about half the night when he doesn't remember what woke him in the first place.

He knew for sure another would happen if he tried to sleep again. Normally, he would look out his window and imagine how different his life would be as someone else, but he didn't see any light indicating there was a window nearby. Where am I? My room with Ron at the Burrow has a window, and at Hogwarts as well. So if not the Burrow, or Hogwarts, that means…he sighed inwardly…crap. He raised his hand trying to feel for the ceiling of his tiny room under the stairs that his horrid aunt had forced him back into. Apparently Vernon had decided to turn it into some kind of sitting room, but he knew they just loved to make his life a living hell. Sure enough, the ceiling met his hand. He growled and cursed under his breath.

After lying down again and staring into the darkness for what seemed like hours, but were actually only a few minutes, Harry heard some shuffling above him and a familiar creak of the squeaky step on the stairs. He figured his pig of a cousin was craving a late-night snack or something. The shuffling continued around to the front of his door, then stopped. Harry's heart hammered in his chest and he quickly pretended to be asleep. His door opened and moonlight spilled onto his closed eyes. Suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder and pulled him up. Harry's eyes shot open and widened at the man he saw before him. His uncle, half dressed with only his sleeping pants on, had a familiar look in his eyes as he stared back into large green ones filled with fear. Vernon cracked a wicked smile as whispered words fell off his tongue but never made their way to Harry's ears. His eyes only seemed to make out mouthed words. I'm using you, Harry. You know what I need… Tears erupted from Harry's eyes. No. It can't be. Not again. He squeezed his eyes shut and screamed for someone to help him.

Harry's head shot off his pillow once more. Damn. Another bloody nightmare. He didn't remember falling asleep again, but he obviously had. He checked his surroundings once more to verify that he wasn't back in that hell-hole. He was, thankfully, at the Burrow and Ron was still fast asleep on the bed next to him. The window across the room was filled with the light of the sun that would soon rise. With his breathing back to normal and his nerves some-what calmed, he laid his head back on his pillow and awaited the rising of the sun.

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