"To think it's already been about two months since this all started and now it's over," Hinata whispered, getting out of bed. She found out from the hokage that Kakashi is fully healed today.

"Yeah, to think that all this time I had so much fun with you, but I know that it won't end," Kakashi said, walking behind her to kiss her gently on the lips.

"Yeah, you're right because we will never be split up because of our love." Hinata smiled at the one she loved, the person that she shouldn't love because it's forbidden, but still loves him.

"Hey, we should go out and do something," Kakashi said.

"Um, I'm sorry, but I found out since I'm done with this mission, I must go back to my house to tell my father," Hinata said, sadly walking off slowly.

"Can I go? I mean, to meet your dad. I mean, I should because I am dating his daughter now," Kakashi explained, smiling and walking by her side to the main branch. They opened the door to find Hiashi waiting for his daughter to come back home.

"Hinata, how did your mission go? I hope you didn't cause any trouble," Hiashi said in his normal angry tone.

"No she didn't cause any trouble for me she was quite useful and fun." Kakashi explained entering right behind Hinata.

"Kakashi, I heard it was you that got hurt. Well, I'm glad that my daughter could do something for you," Hiashi said, glaring at his daughter.

Hinata was too nervous with her father. Kakashi noticed this in her expression and took the chance by grabbing her hand right in front of her father. His eyes grew wide but the expression on his face he didn't seem too happy. "What's going on, Hinata?" Hiashi asked with a confused look.

"U-um, well, you see f-father, I love Kakashi-sensei and we are g-going o-out. Please a-approve of him and if you don't, well, I still won't give up because of how m-much we love e-each other," Hinata stuttered, squeezing Kakashi's hand tighter, waiting for her fathers response.

"Hinata," Hiashi said, seeming to be disappointed in his eldest daughter like he normally was, but something was different, she could tell.

"Yes father?" Hinata said slowly, looking up at her fathers face.

"It's your choice. You are getting older. I wouldn't have approved if you didn't tell me up front and also if he wasn't someone like Kakashi. But I do approve. He is a honorable man for you that is famous and is loving," Hiashi said, still with a straight face but began to walk forward to Kakashi and his daughter. He put his hand out to show he approved and Kakashi accepted it.

"I'm glad and kinda surprised that he accepted you so easily," Hinata said, walking off hand in hand with Kakashi, the guy she loved more then anything.

"Yeah me too. I was afraid that he would say no," Kakashi said.

"Yeah, but it all turned out okay." Hinata put on a big smile at her boyfriend which was also her sensei.

"Yeah, that's the good thing. It means we can stay together and do anything without any disagreements," Kakashi said, smiling at her and pulled her into a big everlasting hug.

"I love you, Kakashi," Hinata said, just staring at his beautiful eyes.

"I love you too," Kakashi said, moving faster than before to kiss her as passionately as he could, and there was more of those happy kisses from the man she loved that was to come.

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