Title: To The Extreme: Seth's Story

By: Dontrun

Beta'd by: TwiDi

Prereader: PaigelovesRob

Description: A future take and flashback done in Seth's pov from my story To The Extreme.

Was part of the Fandom for the Tsunami compilation.

AN: Does contain spoilers.

Seth's POV

"You ready, man?" Looking over at Edward, I grin. We've come a long way since when he referred to me as kid.

"As I'll ever be," I reply and he laughs.

"Don't worry, once you see her walking towards you, it all comes to focus, and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner." He assures me.

"Like you waited?" He reaches down and twists the platinum band on his hand.

"When you know, you know, kid." I roll my eyes at him. "Plus, I was never known for my patience."

"How well I remember." My sister's voice calls out. She walks over and adjusts my tie. "Cullen and patience is like oil and water, they just don't go together." She turns her head to wink at her husband.

"And you wouldn't want me any other way, Princess." He winks back and gives his side grin that always causes my sister to blush.

"No, I wouldn't," she assures him, releasing her hold on me to go and kiss him.

"Jeesh, guys, enough with the PDA." I swear it is a wonder they haven't been arrested for indecent exposure, or some shit, with the way they go at each other most of the time.

"Hahaha, like you and Heidi are any different?" Edward raises a brow, his hand still on my sister's ass cheek.


"Hey, guys, I hate to break up this up, but we need to get out there, so Seth can get his ball and chain attached." Emmett sticks his head in the room, pointing at the clock on the wall, and giving me a pointed look. "Don't forget, I got a car by the back door full tank and keys in the ignition if you decide to bolt."

"Not a chance in hell," I tell him with a grin.

"Yeah, I didn't think you would take me up on it, but as your favorite bro-in-law, I had to offer."

"Guys, can you give Seth and I a moment?" Bella asks them; and they both nod. Edward pinches her ass then heads out the door with Emmett. Bella turns and pulls me into a warm hug, I can hear her sniffle.

"Hey, sis, you know you'll always be my number one sis."

"You will always be my number one brother," she says between her tears, "my sweet Seth. How did you get so grown up? It's like one day I woke up and you were a grown man, graduating from college, then getting engaged." She sighs. "They would be so proud of you, Sethy."

"They would be so proud of you too, Bells."

"Charlie would have loved Heidi. And Sue may have thought her good enough for her son." Bella giggles.

"Charlie would have shot Edward on site." I joke.

"True," she says with a serious voice. "But once he got to see the man inside, he would have loved him as much as we do."

"You know I'd probably never have met Heidi if it wasn't for Edward."

"I have this feeling you would have, Seth. Fate has a way of sneaking up on your and kick you in the ass."

"Quoting Esme?"

"Yep, smartest woman I know." She grins.

"Well, I think you are the smartest woman I know, sis. Even if you are slow on the uptake when it comes to love." I remind her.

"Poor Cullen, I really gave him a run for his money."

"That you did, sis." That you did.

"Can you believe that it was a little over ten years ago that he blew into our lives and changed them forever?"

"He saved us, Bells, in more ways than one." She nods, remembering too well just how much he saved us.

"That he did. They all did. He gave us a family."

"And you gave me love." Edward says coming through the door. They stare at one another, and you can feel the love flowing between them. I just hope ten years from now Heidi and I are just like them. "We should go; the bride is going to start worrying." He breaks the stare, looking at me. I give him a grin.

"Let's roll. Heidi doesn't like to be kept waiting."

As we walk towards the altar I can't help but remember the road that has brought us to this day. To this moment. In all actuality, if Edward and Bella had never met, my sister might not have been here today. And I may not have been the man that my Heidi fell for. I would probably be a shell of a man, all alone. I'm thankful everyday that instead I have a wonderful family and a great support system. An awesome life over all. Of course after loosing both my parents, I never thought that life could be awesome again, I'm so glad I was wrong.

My thirteenth birthday brought more changes to my life than I could have ever imagined. Good changes, for the most part. Though I have to say emo Bella wasn't my favorite. I couldn't understand how two adults could be so dumb. She liked him, he liked her, yet she kept trying to push him away. Thank God that ended quickly, I don't think I could have taken it if it lasted any longer.

"Seth?" A soft sweet voice sitting in the front pew gets my attention. I walk over and kneel to her level.

"Hey, shortcake." Faith giggles when I use her Dad's nickname for her.

"Don't pass out," she says firmly.

"Gotcha." Jeesh you pass out one time after proposing and the whole family doesn't let you forget, even the eleven year old munchkin.

"My little man all grown up!" Jake, ahum I mean Jatina since he officially had his name legally changed, rushes up and kiss me on the cheek. "She better treat you right sweet boy, or I'll shove my size fifteen pump up her hooha!" With a pinch to my cheek Jatina joins Paul on second pew.

I look around and see Ben and Angela getting settled, her very pregnant belly on clear display, baby number three was coming any day now. Ben gives me the thumbs up and I salute back. It's kinda funny I owe him more than he'll ever know. Ben's job at the radio station led to the passes that led to Bella meeting Edward...

Ten Years Ago...

"Who is the best sister in the world?" Bella asked. My birthday cake all but gone, the presents open, and we are lazing around on our old couch.

"You." I told her. It was true, why lie? How many other girls her age would take on the raising of her teenage brother?

"So, I was thinking, I know clothes are kinda lame for a birthday gift—" I interrupted her.

"Bells, I love the clothes." I knew we were pretty tapped out, and Bella spent way too much to get me some cool name brand clothing.

"Good." She gave me a warm smile. "Hopefully you'll love these too." She handed me an envelope. I opened it and my breath caught in my throat.

"Holy crap!" I jumped up and grabbed her in a huge hug. "You are like the best sister ever, in like the history of sisters!" I scream and do a stupid happy dance. I may have squealed a little, but I'd never admit to it.

"Well, umm… glad you like them." She coughed a little and I'm reminded of our Dad, Charlie. Sometimes too much emotion could make them uncomfortable.

"I freaking love them, Bells. Thank you so much." Great seats and backstage passes? How could I have not liked them?


The next afternoon we sat in the stands. I was completely psyched up. I was going to get to see a real live Motocross race, in person. And Edward freaking Cullen was racing. The man was a legend, without being all old and stuff like Joe Montana.

"So, you really like this?" Bella tried hard to not show how uncomfortable she is with the dirt on the track and the really weird people sitting behind us.

"Yes!" I yell so she can hear me above the crowd. The racers were lining up for the first race and my sister is the only person actually sitting.

"Ok then." She nods and with a huge sigh she stands up. "God the things I do for you," she says with a laugh.

"Well, I am kinda great to do things for." I joke back. She laughed and gave me a nod.

We watched the rest of the race without any major conversation. Every so often she'd ask if I wanted anything and I'd decline. I knew there was no way that Bella could afford to buy food at the track and I really didn't need anything I felt like I was on a natural high and that kept my cravings for junk food at bay. I mean, I was right there on cloud freaking nine, and couldn't wait to get backstage—well it was a tent, but to me it was cooler than going backstage at a concert—and see some of these guys in person.

"You ready?" I asked her, when it was time to go, and she groans.

"If I didn't love you so much…" she groused in a threatening tone.

"You know you love me, sis. I'm your only sibling." She rolled her eyes and I held back another laugh.

"Only because Phil was shooting blanks." She taunted. I laughed and flashed my ID at the security guy. God, I felt so freaking cool.

"Bella, oh my God, that's Emmett Cullen!" I couldn't help but yell out in excitement.

"He races?" Her voice was filled with shock.

"No! Jeesh, Bells, don't you know anything? He's like one of the best mechanics in the sport." I explained.

"Ahh." Clearly she wasn't interested, but I still loved her.

"I'm going to see if I can get his autograph." I told her before walking over. I held myself up straight and was trying for that whole nonchalant thing that Jake told me he uses when he's trying to come across as completely cool. Standing in line behind two half naked women to get his autograph, I couldn't help but be in awe of the man. Not once did he glance anywhere inappropriate, and he didn't flirt back with the blond bombshells in front of me. Of course, he has Rosalie Hale, who the heck would need any other girl?

"Hey, little dude." Emmett gave a huge grin. I calmly handed over my program for him to sign.

"Please... uh... autograph?" He laughed and grabbed it. I clearly wasn't nearly as cool as I was trying to give myself credit for.

"Sure, kid. So, did you enjoy the race?" Holy shi... uhh shoot… Emmett Cullen was talking to me.

"Yeah, it was awesome." Ha! I got a whole sentence out!

"Fuck yeah! It was." He agreed as he handed me back my program. I noticed the line forming behind me and knew my time was up. "Stay cool, little dude." He roughed up my hair and I thanked him before moving on.

On my way around the room, I was able to get a few more signatures from some moderately good riders. I was hoping to get Jasper Hale's, but the line was way too long and I needed to check in with Bella. I knew she would worry if I was gone too long.

"Bella!" I ran up to her with my program, excited to tell her about my good fortune so far. Only to be shocked. "Holy crap, you're Edward Cullen! Bella, do you know who this is?" I couldn't help but jump a little.

"No clue." She spat at him. She was radiating her pissed-off vibe, and I don't think she understood the importance of who Edward Cullen was.

"Bella, he's like the top guy in Motocross. Why couldn't we stay and talk to him, Bella?" I demanded, even though it may have sounded more like a whine.

"It's time to go, Seth, it's past ten. You need to get to bed."

"But, Bella! That was Edward Cullen." She just didn't get it.

"Seth, I really don't give a crap about some idiot with a death wish. It's time to go home." Someone made a noise behind us and Bella stopped to turn and once again glare at Edward Cullen.

"And I could give a fuck about a bitch with a stick so far up her ass, she can barely walk." He turned and walked away, you could see he was pissed off.

"Well, that seemed to go well," I told her sarcastically.

"You've been hanging out with me too much."

"Bella, I live with you, of course, I've been hanging out with you too much."

"Let's go home, Seth."

"Sure, sis," I told her, grabbing back onto her hand. I could tell she needed the support.

How was I to know that it was that specific night that would bring Edward storming into our lives? The kick-ass jersey getting to go to the compound and hang out with all of them. It was all just so much more than I could have ever dreamed of.

Bella tried to act like she didn't want Edward around. She'd push, and he'd push back. She'd bitch and he'd laugh. It was comical… and it was actually pretty heartwarming. My sister had met her match. I could tell it from the first time he showed up with dinner. I remember Bella and I had been talking about some school dance and then he was there.

"Are you going to the dance?" She had asked.

"Nah. I mean… I might. But dances are kinda lame, mainly for girls, right?" I was kind of asking her, but mainly was trying to be cool and tell her how lame dances are.

"Kid, I have to disagree with you. How can dances be lame, when you get to touch the girls while dancing? Think about it." Edward was sitting in front of our door. Edward Cullen was at my house!


"Hey, kid. Hey, Princess." He gave me a fist bump and winked at Bella.

"I didn't think we'd see you till Sunday." I said with excitement.

"Well, I was hungry and I figured after a long day of educating yourselves, the two of you would be as well. So, here I fucking am." Edward explained to me.

"Language!" Bella growled at him. It was funny as hell.

"Sorry, Princess." He just gave her a grin, clearly amused.

After we were all in the apartment, I locked the door up tight. There had been some break-ins and home invasions in our neighborhood and Bella and I had become security freaks. While I had been double checking the bolt, Edward plopped down some bags on our table.

"Well?" Bella had taunted him, pointing at the bags.

"I come baring gifts of Mexican delight. We have tacos, nachos, burritos, gorditas and taco pizza. All the good that Taco Hell can produce." Taco Bell!

"Awesome!" I had thrown some fist pumps, it wasn't often we got take out.

"I hope the other bag has antacids in it." Bella complained and Edward just laughed.

"For me lady…" Edward was trying to sound British or Irish I wasn't sure, he really kind of sucked at it. He placed a bottle of Maalox in her hands, and my sister giggles like those silly girls at school when they are flirting. While Bella was getting her giggle on, Edward pulled out more from his bag. "Desert and meal time entertainment?"

I used my eyes to beg. I knew Bella hated when we ate in the living room, she felt the table made us seem more family like. She gave me the nod saying it was cool. Edward and I sat down and began getting our 'eat on', while Bella went and grabbed plates. Clearly she was not embracing the whole eat in the living room experience.

"So, what movies did you bring?" She asked him.

"Uh… Land of the Lost and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I got Rose to toss some teen appropriate flicks in for me. I didn't think the Hangover or Texas Chainsaw Massacre would work for the kid."

"Rose?" Her voice held a little jealousy.

"My sister-in-law." Rosalie Hale, mental droolage happened.

"Rosalie Hale picked these out?"

"Yeah, kid. Rosie picked them out for you." Edward laughed, but I could care-less. Rosalie Hale was not only freaking hot, but she was a mechanical genius. The perfect freaking woman.

"Who is Rosalie Hale?" Bella was confused and I had to fill her in.

"She is like the best freaking mechanic ever." Edward pulled out his wallet and showed her something.

"That's Rose and my brother Emmett, her husband." He told her.

"She's a mechanic?" Bella's voice held mild shock.

"Yep. A damn good one too." Edward replied and I nodded in agreement.

"Every waking male's wet dream." She said.

"Only on the outside." He laughed and began showing her more photos.

"That's my baby sister, Alice, and her husband Jasper."

"Jasper Hale, holy crap." I couldn't hold back my excitement.

"Wait Hale and Hale?" Poor Bella she really had no clue who these people were. And in the back of my mind passed all the excitement I couldn't help but think it was sweet that he wanted her to know who his family was, and what they looked like.

"The Hale twins. Their Dad Peter used to drive for Nascar. Rose grew up around engines and Jasper grew up craving speed. They were great additions to the fucking team." I noticed at this point Bella was no longer correcting his language, a sure sign she was wrapped up in the moment and not knit picking.

"But your brother and your sister married the twins?"


"Freaky. It's kinda like Grease, where the Pink Ladies can only date T-birds and vice versa? Did they run out of Hales for you Cullen?" Thankfully he found my sister's sense of humor funny and laughed.

"No, there's another Hale, but he's not my type. It works though. Perfect matches and what-the-fuck-ever. I couldn't imagine them with anyone other than who they are with."

"That's sweet, Cullen, who knew you had it in you." I knew she was caving in that moment. She had this goofy grin on her face. The fact that he seemed to love his family so much was enough to warm Bella's heart, even if she wasn't ready to admit it to herself yet.

"Don't let it get around, I'd hate for my bad-ass rep to get tarnished." He joked, with another side grin and for some reason Bella squirmed in her seat a little.

"Be right back." Bella excused herself.

"Hey, Edward?" I grabbed his attention while Paul Blart played in the background.

"Yeah, kid?"

"Hurt her and I'll take my baseball bat to your kneecaps."

"Noted, kid." We shared a moment and from the way his eyes drifted back towards the picture of Bella and Dad on her high school graduation day, and the soft grin that played on his face, I knew he was completely gone on her.

After that it was a rollercoaster. In all honesty there were points where I would have understood if he walked away. Though one day it was like a light bulb went off over her head and she finally got that Edward really wanted her, and that it was ok to let herself love him. After that, it was all about getting Faith to warm up to my sister. I swear a baby never hated someone as much as Faith hated Bella.

It worked out in the end between the two of them. Who would have thought all it would take to get that little girl to love my sister was...

Back to present time…

"Earth to Seth?" Edward taps me on the shoulder. "You there, kid?"

"Yeah, just lost down memory lane," I explain.

"Well, jump out of it. Your bride is getting ready to walk down that aisle."

"Hey, Edward?"

"Yeah, kid?"


"For what?"

"For being my best man, being my best friend and for always being good to my sister and teaching me how to be a man worthy of my Heidi." I swear he got a tear in his eye as I whisper that only he can hear.

"No need for thanks. I've loved every minute of it, and can't wait for the rest of the ride. Plus, you are the best kid brother I could have ever asked for." He claps me on the shoulder and leans over and whispers in my ear. "Thank you too, kid. For being you. Now let's grow a pair and get this wedding on. Last thing we need today is to get weepy, Emmett would never let us live it down."

"So fucking true," I reply.

"Language, kid, language." I laugh just as the music starts to announce the bride walking down the aisle.

I can't hold back the smile as she walks towards me. I can only hope that our ride is going to go as well as Bella and Edward's. In the end, if we can hit the bumps and still land back on the seat like they have, then I know I will be able to say that I've loved to the fullest and would never regret a moment of it. Edward's advice from when I asked him the secret of a happy marriage plays in my head as I watch her kiss her father, "When you kiss, remember it could be the last time, so make it count; when you hold her, remember how empty your arms felt without her there, and always love her to the extreme, don't hold back. Holding back is what leads to regrets."

As I take her hand in mine I give it a squeeze. While my Mom and Dad couldn't be here, I had the best substitute family ever with me. And I know that no matter where our ride goes, they will be with us along the way. I say my vows, aloud and promise in my heart to always love her the way Edward loves Bella. To the extreme.

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