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For some reason, I've taken a very different tone for this story than my other stories so far. I kind of like it, but I digress. Enjoy the story and remember to comment and favorite =)

Somehow they had done it. Somehow they had apprehended the great trickster, Loki. Not in the way you might think, however, as both teams were forced to unite against a common foe. This foe was an enemy never-before-seen by either the Avengers or Loki. A great beast in the form a demonic bull, with dark wet fur matted with the fresh black blood of humans, taut muscles exhibited in every stride, and sharp pointed horns capped with the bodies of helpless victims. With every kill it gained power, and with every encounter with the Avengers, it won, and he laughed so cruelly every time, a low, deep rumble that shook the ground and both chilled and mocked each of the team members who sought so passionately to rid the Earth of its terror. Then every time he'd declare directly to Thor that his purpose was to amass enough strength to find his way to Asgard and destroy it, to imprison Odin, and to crush the heavenly city beneath its polished hooves in retribution for the past wrong-doings of a certain group harbored within its gold-laden walls.

That was when Loki appeared. He was up to wreaking havoc on the lowly mortals once again, this time by granting the pigeons of the city abnormal strength, short-tempers, and a desire to deliver fatal wounds to unsuspecting victims. He laughed while lounging in the shadowed branches of a nearby tree, the mortals scattered in vain, arms and faces decorated with bright gashes, the sidewalks painted red, their screams a symphony to his ears that meant chaos. Of course, the Avengers shortly arrived to ruin it all. He expected the police to deal with this "small" matter so with controlled panic he realized he wasn't ready to quarrel with them.

Although slightly apprehensive, it was comical seeing the Avengers scramble to attack the skillfully dodging birds, and it gave him a particularly loud cackle to see his birds craft a large gash upon his brother's cheek. From their upbringing, Thor instantly sensed it was magic. It didn't surprise Loki.

"Reveal yourself, Sorcerer! You coward!" he yelled.

Of course Loki did, only to take credit for his work. He approached them with a smirk upon his face and a pigeon sitting peacefully on his shoulder. Thor charged towards him. He quickly muttered a few words of enchantment under his breath as Mjolnir swung past him.

"There is no time for this nonsense, Loki!"

"Any why not, Brother? Are you already exasperated by my attempts of trickery?" Loki mocked. Both already knew the answer.

"The Bull Beast threatens Earth at this moment," he ignored his brother's inquiries. "Soon he will gain enough power to march into Asgard."

"I've heard. So?" the Trickster glanced at his painted fingernails with a bored expression on his face. "I'm sure our father, Odin, will be able to contend with the creature."

From its initial point behind the tree Loki previously occupied, an arrow pierced through air and exploded upon the Trickster's back. His vision was spotted with black as he stumbled back onto his feet. He cursed himself for not being swifter.

"Avengers, halt!" his brother yelled.

"But why, Thor?" the purple one asked, Hawkeye Loki recalled was his name.

"Loki," he turned back to his brother with much seriousness in his face. "Asgard will be destroyed if you don't comply. You'll be ruler over Nothing. The city will be ash and dust if you continue. Call off your birds so that we may speak!"

"Ha! You lie!" The air turned still when the pigeons ceased their frantic cooing. Loki wanted a battle of him alone with his brother, and with his final statement, he spiraled a fireball towards Hawkeye who dodged it, but now Thor had come up from behind and pinned his arms and covered his mouth to prevent any more strings of enchantment. Unfortunately, that Loki melted into air, a clone only, the real one appearing behind the one in the tin armor, Iron Man. He simply touched the suit and tiny blue lightning bolts danced across its surface. Tony screamed in pain and Captain America called out.

"See my power, Brother? I have always been the rightful heir to Asgard!" Tens of Lokis appeared, surrounding them, huddling the Avengers into one easy target. They all laughed in unison, the simplicity of it.

"Can we attack now, Thor?" asked Tony irritably.

"No wait. I know I can bring my brother to join us, if only with a little more coaxing."

"Then you'd better do it quick. I'm not about to take a beating," replied Stark as the Lokis brought their hands up into casting a spell.

"Lay low!" yelled Thor.

They all responded and watched as the God of Thunder swung his hammer in great circles around them before elongating its reach and send flying copies of his brother. The true one skidded across the grass a good distance away. Thor rushed to Loki's side to apprehend him. He too slow though, but not that slow. Mjolnir made harsh contact with Loki's suit and again he toppled, but not without summoned fire encompassing Thor's form. The God leapt from the flames, high into the air, aided by his hammer, and before the Trickster could dodge, it had landed on his stomach. He was trapped. He struggled like a turtle would to get back onto its feet but it futile.

"Curse you, Thor!" he spat.

The Avengers immediately assembled in a circle around him, weapons poised. Loki instantly felt hatred for them all.

"I don't think we should even consider letting this guy join," said the tiny winged fairy, Wasp. "I mean he's really fuming."

"Yeah, Thor. He's cute and all, but it doesn't seem as if he'd be much use to us if he doesn't want to help," came the metallic voice of Iron Man.

"Cute?" questioned Loki. He'd have to get even with this mortal when the chance presented itself.

"My brother knows secret ways into Asgard that my father isn't even aware of. They will be useful in overcoming the Bull Beast, and Loki himself, as you've seen, is a talented sorcerer that will be a great addition to the team and ally in Asgard. He knows the city as well as I do, perhaps better."

"You're correct on that, Brother," admitted the Trickster. He couldn't see any of their faces. The hammer prevented him from sitting up. He could only see the grey clouds above, remnants of the short-lived battle with Thor.

"Please, Loki, listen," pleaded Thor. The Trickster was amused at the sound of his brother's begging.

"I have no choice but to do so," he replied. "But first, what is it about this creature that troubles you more at the moment than the God of Trickery?" he asked impatiently.

"This Beast possesses a power unlike previous monsters that we have ever encountered. Its power grows exponentially and its purpose is to destroy what you seek to rule," started Thor.

Right away, his brother was aiming for his best rhetorical devices to convince Loki to side with him, and regrettably, what he said was true.

Loki snorted. "Beg for my help then and I'll contemplate on your wish. Obviously you aren't solely warning me in hopes I will abandon my play." It wasn't as if Thor wouldn't embellish the truth for his petty mortals anyway.

Thor looked to the faces of his group members for confirmation, Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-man, Wasp, Hawkeye, Hulk, they slightly nodded to him. Some, faster than others, with a couple not nodding at all.

"We'd like you to join us, Loki. We're brothers, princes, of Asgard. We must save it. We must set aside our differences and aims for the future of that city for now. Please, Brother," he placed his hand upon the hilt of his hammer and knelt, staring adamantly into his brother's face, those eyes begging so passionately it both pleased Loki and made him angry that his brother, the God of Thunder, was forced to take such action on account of another being, a being that was not him. That his brother wasn't begging him to spare his life, but to help spare the people of Earth and thousand others on Asgard, "set aside your anger at myself and our father, your selfishness, and help us."

A flare sparked within the God. "My selfishness?"

"I only mean your longing for power," quickly amended Thor.

"If you only knew how much I despise you," Loki hissed. "You think you're better than me. Father has always thought so too."

"I asked you to set that aside. If it helps I will be your servant and abide by your commands, questionable ones excluded."

The God of Trickery liked the sound of that. His own brother his servant? He licked his lips in excitement for the things he could make his brother do, all in good fun, of course - or maybe not. This was a deal he was certain he could manipulate. A smile played on his lips that Thor took to mean agreement.

"Then you will join me?"

"Ha! Never! You are my servant, Thor. Beg to your Master."

"Please, Brother. Save Asgard, our city - your city."

Loki then laughed so evilly and combined with the sky so dark, it sent shivers down everyone's spine. Thor had just made a deal with the devil, and the devil will exploit him. The sky started to weep then.

"I accept. So obey your master and set him free."