Impossibly short (again) I know, but I'm in college now and it's draining my creative freedom -_- Sorry, it's just really hard to write somewhere in private where no one's looking over your shoulder (especially now that I have a roommate).

At once, an overwhelming force took hold of the God of Trickery. He stumbled back as the force coursed adamantly within him, pouring into every cell and streaming through his veins. Then very suddenly, everything was calm, better than calm, alive. Loki only blinked and the soul of the universe rushed back into him, his magic now connecting himself to everyone and everything. He grinned, made a copy of himself, a triple, and onwards until there could be a roomful. All of them began to laugh, even howl. This was what he's been waiting for. Nothing felt righter than once again possessing the power of sorcery.

"Loki," All Lokis stopped. The command Odin possessed became at once infuriating.

"What is it, Allfather?" slyly inquired the newly re-born Trickster.

"We are in need of your knowledge of the secret pathways. Do not let power and jealousy blind you as it has in the past."

"Ha ha, fear not father. I have larger plans in store than what pertains to Asgard." All the copies disappeared, and what was left was the sole Trickster. He smiled very sweetly and said, "I will hold of those wasp-like creatures but I ask for the assistance of the Asgardian army while the Avengers go after the Bull Beast himself."

"Granted, on the condition Thor may accompany you."

"You think me a fool, father? I know that once their rightful prince appears myself will be at once forgotten. No, Thor goes to fight alongside his new family against the Bull Beast, and I will command the army."

Someone from among the Avengers made an audible cough. Iron Man stepped forward.

"I have no problem looking after Loki if you need, Odin…King…Allfather – whatever."

Odin looked to Loki. "Will you at least allow that?"

Loki nodded and the teams scattered to their respective destinations.

Loki and Iron Man treaded softly and quietly along a dark stone-walled passageway, a passageway that one cannot enter or exit without the prowess of magic.

"Damn them," muttered Loki.

Stark gave a weak chuckle. "Never a fan of family reunions, huh?"

"Never. Reminds me too much of my childhood."

There was a pause. "Loki," Stark said much quieter.

Loki stopped and turned to Stark. "You're worried that I'll leave you now."

"Well yeah."

Loki darted forward and caught Stark's unmasked lips in a kiss, while brushing his hand against the stubble of an exposed cheek.

"I already told you I love you."

"And you said you would leave me."

Before Loki could reply Stark engulfed those lips again, which turned into a much more passionate kiss than before.

"Don't say anything about that yet. Let me believe my own fantasies," finished Stark.

Loki nodded and they moved on.