Cree's turn to be CREEped! It's sort of the same thing as Eva's, but you know.

Cree Lincoln slept quietly in her bed, unaware of the distance screaming outside. "AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Just then, the Nightmare King smashed and fell through the ceiling, standing up, drunk. "Oh, man! I need to-I-I need to watch where I'm-where-where I'm falling!" He took another drink. "Okay, CREE! Cuh-REE! Get ready ta SUCK some Darkrai!"

Inside her nightmare, Cree Lincoln woke up in her bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She then went to look in her dresser mirror, then gasped when she saw her face was covered in zits. "AAAAAHHHHHH!" She quickly ran down into the kitchen to meet her parents. "Mom! Dad! Quick! Where's Abby? I need more of that antidote!"

"She's over at the Treehouse with the wood and the friends and the vegetation and the-D'aww, you know what ah'm talkin' 'bout, bobibiblabagubagail!" her dad answered. She was just about to dash out the door to the Treehouse until a large group of teenagers stopped her outside, snapping photos of her.

"Hey, Pizza Face! Over here!" one girl shouted.

"Dude! Sweet stuff!" a boy shouted.

"This is going straight to the yearbook!" Chad exclaimed.

"I want one, too!" Maurice exclaimed.

Cree just shielded her face in embarrassment. "AAAAHHHHHH!"

"AAAAHHH!" Cree screamed, waking up in her room, gasping for air. "Huh? AAAHHH!" she screamed when she saw the Nightmare King staring intently at her.

"You're so beautiful! I would go out with you if I wasn't already in a committed relationship."


"Who am I? I'm Johnny Depp, bitch! That's right! I'm Johnny f#%king Depp! Who are-Who are you supposed to be? Oprah Winfrey?"


"Mmm, FINE!" he belched. "I was gonna-I was-I was gonna set you up with some guy from-from Fan-from-from Fanfiction! Yes, that's right! But-But you know what? NNO! I'll just-I'll just set you up with some GIRL!"


"Okay, okay, FINE! I gotta go scare-" he belched, "CHAD! To infinity and BEYOND!" With that, he jumped out the window, and Cree spent the rest of the night trying to contemplate on what happened.

What's scarier? The actual nightmares or having to wake up and see a complete spiritual stranger in your room? Oh well. Next up is Chad. Later.