Just saw Cars 2, and though there are a lot of things about that movie that bugged me, the HORRIBLE lack of Sally was way up there. So, to make up for that, I'm writing a series of vignettes about them, mostly revolving around missing scenes from Cars 2. Just little fluffy stories that we all know we enjoy. (:

It's been a while since I've written Cars (I had a few old fics I've taken down due to me not liking them), so hopefully I'm not too rusty.

Story 1: Whirlwind

Right after McQueen comes home from his first Piston Cup

Before Sally started dating McQueen, she never knew what it was like to really have people talk about you. But as soon as the press snapped their first picture together, it was a whirlwind of attention that sometimes managed to sweep her up into its craziness—more than she'd ever admit.

It started right after he was taken away from her the first time—below the reports of the evil, tiny town that was keeping him hostage, there was always a blurry picture of him calling to her, or them talking beside Mack. "Who is the Mystery Woman?" they would always say, "And why was McQueen calling her name?" She didn't know—possibly because you were interrupting a very important night between them?

Then, after he made Radiator Springs his home, it was always just the usual tabloid crap she'd gotten used to seeing about other women. "Is McQueen and his girlfriend on the verge of breakup?" "Is McQueen getting eyes for someone new?" "Is McQueen's now four-year-long relationship holding him back?" She was more often referred to as "The relationship" or "McQueen's girlfriend" then any variation of "Sally Carrera". Lightning had, on more than one occasion, told her that fact was always what offended him the most.

"I can't believe someone would look at you and not know you are way more important than just my girlfriend!" he'd say.

"Thank you, Stickers," she'd reply with a small smile.

Of course, she would never even think of dumping him for something as silly as paparazzi. She was too strong and loved him too much to even consider that an option. But it would be nice, really, really nice, if she could be even seen talking with her male motel customers without headlines about her cheating on him, or if he could go down a single MPH during a race without all of his fans in the internet whining that she was "obviously" to blame (in, of course, ALL CAPS), or if none of her quiet nights were interrupted by a screeching, teary-eyed fangirl crying out that he's "too good" for a (insert word Sally couldn't believe a girl that young would know) like her.

There was a reason Sally didn't usually join him on his racing trips. Part of it was the fact that someone had to be back home to care for their motels, and the other was that they both didn't like her getting caught up in the drama. Really, it would distract him more when he was racing if he was worrying about her and how she was doing. He'd be much more at peace knowing that she was watching him from the comfort of their lobby, cheering him on in her heart. And he always knew that she always did.

It was his fourth Piston cup, and she couldn't keep the smile off her face. Partially out of pride and joy for him, and partially because that meant he was coming home soon; racing season was finally over.

A rev of an engine.

She smirked over the guest list she was studying.

"About time," she said.

She could hear him chuckle behind her. "I'm home."