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A grin formed on Jason's lips as he looked down at the figure on the floor of the cold warehouse, he circled the unconscious hero chuckling softly as he knelt down making sure the cuffs were secured before he backhanded Nightwing hard across the face. "Wakey wakey Dicky" He rumbled, wanting the…

Dick glared. When he didn't feel the slide of his mask against his face, he knew it had been taken away from him. That, more than anything else, made him feel nervous.

"What are you talking about Jason?" Dick replied. He tried to look intimidating but his face wasn't working quite right. He pulled at his restraints.

Jason shook his head. "You'll find out. But first, I want to see more," he sighed. His hand twitched and Dick had just enough time to see a glint of steel before he felt the first tear. Jason laughed at the wince. "Did that hurt, little bird?" He cooed, bringing their faces closer than was strictly comfortable. Jason nipped at the very tip of his nose.

"I'm just getting started, Dickie."

Dick tried to pull away from Jason, his body refusing to obey him as he struggled "Jason this is enough, stop playing games"

"This isn't a game though" Another tear sounded as he felt cold air wash over well tones skin, "I want to see more and the damn suit of yours is in your way" Jason breathed out, letting his knife slice away at more of the Nighwing costume, grasping one of the gaps he ripped it wide open before sliding his hand over Dicks abbs.

Dick couldn't stop his muscles from jumping at the touch. He grit his teeth and growled. That was the closest he could come to sounding like Batman, but it was good enough. It made Jason pause and looked at him for just a moment.

Then Jason smiled and it was all over. He knew Jason wasn't going to stop for anything else now.

"Don't sound too angry, Dickie. It doesn't become you," Jason breathed. Lowering himself to his knees, the second boy wonder, bent over to very lightly breath along Dick's skin. Without warning, he bit Dick's stomach, his teeth sinking in, letting the copper flavor roll over his tongue. The smallest groan left him.

Dick almost shrieked. Had he not been a trained vigilante, his voice would have carried to the ceiling.

Jason lapped the blood up from the skin as he held down the others body "Always knew you'd taste so good" He purred before he looked up at those angry blue eyes. "Admit it, you enjoyed that"

"Bastard" Dick growled deeply, hands grasping for something. Anything to use but he found nothing at all.

Jason tsked as he trailed the knife along Dicks stomach up to his chest "Think about the position you're in Dick, no old man Bats to come and save you this time. He's rather busy elsewhere" he grinned, green eyes flashing.

"I'm not the one who needs Batman to come save me," Dick spat.

He knew it was a stupid thing to say before it even came out of his mouth. But, he was infuriated and he couldn't stop himself.

There was a flash of undiluted fury on Jason's face then the knife was being dragged across Dick's chest. This time, Dick couldn't stop his scream. It was one thing to get hit in battle. The pain didn't usually last this long. But Jason was pulling out the pain drop by drop.

Jason's smile was tight and twisted. "Scream for me, Dickie. Scream like you wished Bats would come for you. Like he never did for me."

Dick felt angry fingers dig into the newest wound on his chest. His back arched, trying to pull away. "Fuck… You," he gasped out.

"Careful, because I might just decide to fuck you instead" Jason ran his fingers over the bleeding wound, licking his fingers as he looked down at Dicks angry expression "because I love hearing you scream, and love the taste of your blood even more"

Dick's knee shot up, knocking Jason's hand away. "Don't act like I can't fight back, Todd," Dick hissed, his teeth clenched tight.

Jason laughed, the sound low and dangerous. "It's not fighting anymore, Dickie. It's just more of a struggle. And I like that." Ignoring his lost knight, Jason leaned forward, once again bringing their faces close. "But, I don't like when it gets in my way."

He felt the teeth sink into his lower lip before the nails dug into his thigh.

Dick yowled in pain as he tasted the blood on his lip, trying to get away at Jasons bite turned into a hard and brusing kiss. He bucked his hips trying to knock him off as best as he could but all he got was nails digging even deeper into his skin. Legs pushed open even wider.

"Didnt know you wanted this as much as me Dickie" he laughed, grinding his hips against his.

There was a growl from Dick and he jerked his head back. He didn't care if his lip tore, he just didn't want Jason touching him anymore.

Jason chuckled and ground his hips down.

A little flare of heat rolled up Dick's spine. He couldn't stop the gasp and his hands clenched in anger. Before he could stop himself, his hips rolled up to meet Jason's. He was granted with a deep groan from the other male, but it didn't make him feel any better.

"Just roll with it, Dickie," Jason cooed.

Dick didnt want to roll with it though, he didnt want to feel any lust or enjoyment from Jason and this abuse but damn it. Jason seemed know just what to make him moan, what made his uniform even tighter then it already was.

"Like hell" he shook his head, trying again to get away only to be struck hard across the face so his head cracked against the stone.

Jason tutted and grabbed Dick's chin. With a harsh jerk, he pulled the original boy wonder to look at him. "Dickie, you need to stop being such a child. You know, adults just take it." His hand tightened.

Dick could feel his jaw creak in tension.

Jason's free hand ran down his body, taking extra care to catch along fresh wounds. Finally, his disturbingly cold fingers, dipped down past the last shreds of fabric to curl around his manhood.

"Don't." Jason hissed when Dick attempted to pulled his head away.

Dick clenched his teeth, glaring at Jason as he steadied his breathing trying to keep as calm as he could with the attention to his arousal. "Stop this Jason," he tried to reason with him this time.

Jason looked up at him before frowning, he pressed his fingers into dicks mouth grasping his jaw to keep him quiet "Im going to finish what I start"

Dick bit the fingers until he could taste blood.

That only made Jason laugh. "You're cute." His hand tightened around Dick's steadily growing cock. "Did I ever tell you, you're adorable when you're angry." With shocking gentleness, he stroked the others length.

Forced to swallow the blood Dick quickly let go of Jasons fingers as he let out a low moan, shutting his eyes to hide his shame of this situation.

Jason watched him with a sharp grin as he stroked him slowly, while Dick was distracted he leaned over him as he quickly covered his nipple with his lips. Teeth nipping and lips sucking the skin, making Dick let out those sweet noises.

Jason's hand tightened right when he bit down on the over sensitive flesh.

Dick's eyes flew open and he let out a harsh cry. He bit back down on Jason's fingers, almost subconciously.

"There you go, Dickie," Jasons drawled, lightly kissing the bruised flesh. "Get into it." Jason pulled his hand off of Dick and in a deft moment, tore the rest of the fabric hiding Dick's front side. Removing his fingers from Dick's mouth, he trailed them down until he stopped just behind Dick's balls. "Beg for it, Dickie."

Dick licked his dark red swollen lips as he looked back at Jason, shaking his head "No," he groaned out, breath hitching when those fingers pressed even further along "I wont beg you for anything"

Jason raised a brow as he watched him, "Then I guess I need to make you"

Without another word, Jason tilted his hand and pushed his fingers inside. Two digits slid in all the way to the knuckle. But he didn't wait for Dick to adjust before he pulled out and slammed back in.

Dick's throat caught around a cry and his hips bucked upward. His body didn't want this abuse but in the back of his mind, there was a very small, very pleased voice.

"Come on, Dickie. Sing for me," Jason whispered, leaning down and licking back up the wounds. His fingers curled and pushed, trying to pull those sounds away from Dick.

His voice was strangled as he tried to muffle his cries, turning his head to the side into his arm hiding his eyes from Jason. His breath choked as his body was rocking back into Jasons touch. "No," he hissed, "I…don't…wa- ah!" his back arched.

Jasons teeth bit into his skin again, leaving dark brusing around Dicks nipple with just a little blood. "Mh, beautiful"

Dick arched when a little bundle of nerves was struck inside. "J-Jason," he groaned before he could stop himself. He looked down and met the others gaze. "Fuck," he ground out.

He was pretty sure Jason was laughing around his flesh.

Jason's hand tilted and soon he was hitting that spot over and over

"ngh!" he bit even harder at his own skin as he rolled back against the others hand, his cock twitching as he was so close to the edge. "Jay…" he swallowed, lifting his head to look at him "please…"

"Please what my pretty bluebird"

Dick swallowed, over and over, feeling the blood roll down his throat. His hips jerked and he wanted more. "Jay…" He cut himself off with a moan. "Please…"

Jason frowned at him. "You're not being clear." He leaned down and nipped at his previous bite marks, making the skin blaze with irritation. He sucked the trails of blood. Smiling as he felt the muscles twitch under his talented tongue.

Chest heaving against the thin shreds of his costume as he panted, a low whine escaped his lips, eyes closing half way "Jason, dont stop…please" he begged. "Please let me cum."

Jason smiled. "Of course, baby." He leaned up and licked at Dick's bleeding lip. "Keep singing, little bird." He bit at Dick's jaw, licked the bruise under his eye and he breathed against the little cuts. "You sound beautiful, Dickie."

Under him, Dick groaned and jerked. His hips pumped out of rhythm with Jason's hand. He cried and bucked. "Jason, don't stop!" He panted.

Jason smiled, all teeth and dark humor. His free hand reached down to curl around Dick's length and stroke it in time to his thrusts. He was going to drive Dick mad and nothing gave him more pleasure than knowing it was all by his hand.

Dick knew he would never live this down, never forget this pleasure blended so closely to the pain but right now he didnt care. He just wanted to have his release, to feel himself lose control and Jason was doing this to him.

His back arched beautifully under Jason as he came, his limber torso arching in a way only he could.

Jason soaked in the sight, this was something he wouldnt let himself forget.

"Such a beautiful bird," he whispered, slowly taking his hands away from Dick. He smiled. He reached up and unlocked the restraints. "Keeping singing for me, Dickie. One day, I'll come back." Without another sound, Jason disappeared.

Dick slumped back against the cool stone, his chest heaving. Staring at the ceiling he knew he didn't have long before someone came looking for him. And he most certainly didn't want Bruce or Tim to find him like this. But then, he couldn't really find the urge to move either.

Those marks were going to last weeks.