Above the old warehouse a feline figure was sitting on the ledge of a rooftop, looking down. Watching as Jason took off down the road on his cycle Selina Kyle grew interested in what the male had found so…pleasing in the building, so with out a second thought she made her way down onto the ground and towards the building.

Inside Dick had managed to get the remains of his uniform on enough to cover himself as he struggled to sit up, the blood slicked the ground under him so he just slid back onto the stone floor ."Fuck…" he groaned softly. He knew he needed to get out of here but there was no part of his body that wanted to move in any form. "ngh…fuck Bats is gonna kill me."

"Looks like someone already did Little bird"

Dick turned his head to familiar voice before groaning softly "Catwoman…piss off"

"Tsk Tsk…is that anyway to speak to a lady?" the feline frowned down at him.

Dick growled, actually growled. His eyes were narrow and furious. "What do you want?" He hissed as dirt thick air teased against his less than interested body.

His answer was a soft sigh. Selina rested her hands on her hips. "Well, Bats certainly never taught you manners." She shook her head at the ceiling as if it felt her pain with her. Looking back down, she frowned. "Just wanted to help a little bird."

"Why would a cat help a bird?" Dick snapped, dragging himself to his knees. For just a moment, his world wobbled and he found it hard to stay focused.

Selina Kyle, long time thief and a constant mistress to danger, laughed. "Why, indeed."

The sight of Dick falling forward onto his arms had her tilt her head before making her way over to him "maybe…because you need the help for once, or maybe its because with out you around Bats wont be as fun."

Dick grunted, it hurt to much to laugh and he just shook his head "What do you want?" he didnt get an answer instead he felt warm leather on his side where blood was soaking the fabric of his suit.

Selina took a good look around before managing to find a crate with some packing cloth inside, she ripped that into strips before wrapping what she could. "Stop whining and sit tight little bird…"

There was no stopping the grunt of pain that escaped him. "What do you want Selina?" He demanded.

"Using a woman's name, very impolite," Selina replied, smoothly, continuing to bandage the wounds. "I don't want anything. Honest," she added after Dick's snort. She pulled back when she had done what she could. "Batman always gets a little funny when something happens to his birds. So, I'm doing him a favor." She smiled, the expression oddly brilliant and charming. "Unless you want me let you bleed out in Gothams slums."

A stark contrast to the smile.

Dick's eyes darkened and slowly, infuriatingly, he shook his head.

"That's what I thought," she cooed.

Though he didn't have the trust in the thief that his mentor had, there wasn't much of a choice as with the condition he was in. "What makes you think he is going to appreciate this?" he looked at her carefully as he sat back, holding his side.

"You need to learn to stop asking so many questions, unless you want to tell me how come you let that man fuck you up so badly." Her head turned as she started to leave, "now try to behave while I go find your Daddy"

"You—!" But just what Selina was, she would never know. For she was already up and out of the warehouse, her leather flashing mockingly back at him. "Fuck," Dick hissed.

It was never hard for Selina to find the Batman. Just look for the tallest building or the nearest crime. Gotham was never short of either. In fact, it didn't take long to find him at all. Soon, she was crawling up the side of Gotham Tower. Pressing herself close to the wall, she slinked around to Batman's gargoyle.

"Hello Batman," she said, letting her voice weave through the air.

The gotham knight looked towards the voice "Catwoman, what do you want. Its not like you to come seek me out" his own voice a deep rumble.

"I came to pass on some news that I know you might want…" She sat herself close to him, long legs crossed, continuing as Batman turned to leave "Its about a certain bluebird of yours."

That caught his attention, turning he frowned at her "What about Nightwing, what have you done?"

"Hey! Dont take that one with me, I haven't done a damn thing to him" Her lips pulled into a scowl, eyes slit "someone else got to him, not me"

Had she been anyone else, Selina might have missed the wave of shock that rolled through Batman's body. However, she caught it and smiled.

"You better get to him before he bleeds out," she said, lifting a hand and pointing.

Batman's cowl shifted slightly. A movement that could mean any number of things. "Where?" He demanded, less a human noise and more of pure animalistic growl.

She tilted her head to follow her pointing finger. "Gotham docks. Warehouse three," she said smoothly.

Before she could blink, the cape twitched and Batman was gone

She waited only a moment before fallowing after him, heading back to the docks with enough time to see Batman slip into the warehouse. He found only signs his son had been here, the shreds of the black and blue Kevlar, bloody strips of cloth and the mess left on the ground at his feet.

"I left him here Batman" Seline looked around before facing the man, she tensed though.

Batmans body had gone rigged with rage, his fists clenched tightly as he spun around to face her.

You should have stayed!" He snapped at her. He glanced around the warehouse. Behind the cowl, his eyes pulled in every possible detail. "What else did you see?"

His tone was so harsh and dark, she couldn't stop the jerk of fear. She swallowed. She didn't dare lie. "The Red Hood."

Silence dropped over them, thicker than Gotham night.

"Look…he couldnt have gotten that far, and I couldnt stay because Im not a medic" Selina spoke carefully, watching Batman as she worded things next "We can find them okay? I patched him as best as I could but he still needs medical help, anger wont help you find him."

He barely spoke to her as he took off out of the warehouse, "Lets go" he growled deeply. Once he found his sons, there would be hell to pay.

Dicks eyes opened quickly, he hadnt realized he had passed out or that he had apparently been moved but the screaming of his body told him he had. "Agh…fuck"

There was a rather annoyed snort right beside Dick.

"Going for help, Dickie?" Jason's voice drawled for the second time that night. "Now, you know that's against the rules."

Dick's body stiffened and he glared. "Todd…" He growled. "I don't want to deal with you again."

"Deal with me?" Jason laughed, the sound harsh and cruel. "Big Bird, you threaten like you have the ability to." The laugh echoed again. "Move your arms, I dare you."

Thank you so much infected! you've helped me get this rolling and dispite the fuss of it getting it all together you've been amazing so i will do my best to finish this~)

Dick didnt get what the former robin was getting at until he did try to move his arms, he couldn't do much more then tug them. His head snapped up to look at his wrists, even as his head swam, annoyed to find they were bound tightly to an old bed frame. "Damn it Jason, you've already gotten what you wanted so just let me go already" he spat.

His head snapped to the site as he was backhanded again, "Shut up, you have no idea what I want so just shut the fuck up dicky" Jason rumbled, his hood and mask both gone somewhere and his jacket hung up on the wall by the door.

"Ngh...bastered" hissing Dick turned his head to look at his once brother, eyes cold even as Jason knelt over him on the bed.

"You have no fucking clue what I can do Bird boy, unlike you...Im not constantly chasing after Daddies cape for his approval. I'm doing things my way, not his." Leaning down so they were a breath apart, lips nearly touching "I dont hide my feelings like you, I dont play the perfect little boy for daddy in hope he will pay attention"

"no you dont, instead you play the jealous brat who tries to get his attention by breaking the rules" Dick snarled as he slammed his knee into Jasons stomach, he had been aiming lower but Jason had moved back quickly.

"Tsk tsk, naughty bird" Jason grinned down at him before pinning dicks legs down under his weight, "Lets see if we can teach you some manners"

That was dicks only warning before thier lips crashed together and Jason dominated the kiss, biting Dicks lip until he tasted blood again. Lacking the energy to struggle this round Dick had little choice but to give into the other, letting him deepen the kiss even more.

Hands ran over his aching skin, smoothing over wounds he hadnt realized had been patched up. Dick fought a groan when fingers teased his nipples, a sharp pain shot up from his left side causing him to moan.

"dispite all you're struggling you still seem to enjoy this. Knew you loved pain big brother" Jason chuckled as he licked swollen lips before sitting back. Admiring the very naked male under him, the remains of the costume had been tossed out earlier "I think Im going to enjoy myself this time"

"Twisted Jason...really twisted" Dick muttered, turning his head away from Jasons.

Jason just laughed as he took his time exploring Dicks body, hands finding the places on the toned and wounded body of the first robin. Lips ran over bruises as his tongue flicked over dried blood and thriving on those noises dick was trying to suppress.

With Dick distracted for the time being Jason slipped his touch down to that well known ass, he traced his fingers down between the cheeks making Dick shiver. "Ngh..." He bit his lower lip refusing to look down at him.

"Come on Dickie, you know this feels good" Lips bruched over Dicks arousal that was steadily growing harder. Hips jerked as Jason teased his entrance again, Jason growled out"This time though, I want my own release"

Barely given enough time to adjust as his legs were moved out of the way, dicks head fell back with lips parting in a silent cry as Jason quickly filled him. "Fuck...you're tight" Jason hissed, stilling for just a moment to get adjusted to the sudden heat.

Fingers grasped at the bars of the headboard, Dick panted heavily as he fought the pleasure he was feeling, he didn't want to but oh god once Jason started to move he knew just how to hit the right places. It didn't take long for him to moan and give in, rocking back against the other with a look of pure pleasure, lips parted as his tongue flicked out over drying kiss swollen lips.

Jason came not long after he brought Dick over the edge, he didnt even need to touch him which brought a pleased grin to his lips. "I dont know if I want to let you go after this" he rumbled, slipping out of the bed and leaving Dick bound to bed frame as he went to shower.

Groaning Dick pressed his face into the crook of his arm as he caught his breath "fucking...bastared" he muttered, missing the shadow darken the room as it passed the window. What he didnt miss was the sound of a cape or the cool chill of a window, Dicks eyes widened as he realized who it was. He didnt want to be seen like this.

"Im sorry" That was all he could manage as the cuffs were removed and the blanket drawn around him, Dick closed his eyes not able to meet the face of his father and mentor.

Batmans arms wrapped around him, cradling the acrobat close to his chest with one look at Jasons bathroom door before he took off. He would deal with Jason later, right now he had something more important to take care of.

Dick remained silent the entiretrip, he kept nodding off in the Batmobile with hiis head tucked against his shoulder as Batman spoke with Selina, then finally he fell asleep before they reached the even reached the cave. Bruce kept checking on him until he could get him into a bed and patched up.

When Dick next woke it was to a familiar scent and an unexpected warmth, he was in a bed with someone stretched out beside him. At first there was mild panic until he realized the figure laying with him was simply Bruce Wayne. The older man had apparently had his wounds treated and changed him into something cleaner before laying him in bed where both now were. An arm was resting around Dicks waist as Bruces breaths came evenly.

Carefully Dick brought his hand up to brush his cheek watching him sleep before smiling a little and trying to go back to sleep. A shift as Bruce moved and he was suddenly tugged closer into his embrace, surprised but not against it Dick just burrowed into the warmer body before falling asleep. It was going to be okay.