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Darkend Tide

Summary: Being a vampire and merman in one is tough for a teenage boy like Naruto. He has a very complicated life living in the sea and then feeding on humans by becoming one himself. He had chosen Sasuke as his next victim, but love decided to intervene. Now he must not only risk his life but also his way of living for the young boy.




Chapter One: Vampiric Merman

Sometime in the past:


'Someone help me!' A young blond merman boy screamed to the other fish trying to escape a shark which was chasing him. He had wandered away from his father and now he was in serious trouble.

'You can't get away from me you little boy...you're going to be my next lunch!' The shark laughed maniacally. The boy dived deeper and swam into a chasm and into a small cave small enough for only him to fit into. He swam until he came to a dead end and hid in a crack in the cave walls.

'Little merboy...come out, come out where ever you are!' The shark called out swimming past the cave entrance. Feeling helpless the young boy swam deeper into the crack until he entered a shute and it led him into a large air pocket.

"Oh wow! Where am I?" He asked swimming in a circle, the walls sparkled like the pearls in the oysters he finds. The boy swam to a small edge tilting his head in curosity at a cave entrance.

"I am not a scaredy cat! Watch I'll go down and get you your green yo-yo Kiba!" A boys voice shouted, the blond boy ducked under the water and swam a bit a way watching as a black haired boy walked in. The blond boy poked his head out and watched in curosity as the other boy who looked to be his age search for something.

"What are you looking for?" The blond boy asked out loud startling the other boy.

"Oh...um...yea a green yo-yo...Have you seen one?" The dark haired boy asked.

"I don't know what a yo-yo is...I'm not a land creature." The blond said pushing off the wall and let his tail come out.

"Oh...wow so your a mermaid?" The dark haird boy asked.

"NO! I'm a merman and vampire in one! Weird huh? My mother is a vampire and my father is a merman." He explained smiling.

"Yea that is weird, but it's cool! I'm Sasuki by the way." The dark haired boy holding his hand out.

"Naruto...It's a pleasure to meet you!" Naruto said shaking Sasuke's hand.

"So...do you want to help me find this yo-yo? It's round, green and has a string in the middle of the circle." Sasuke explained laying on his stomach.

"Sure! I'll check the bottom of the cave!" Naruto smiled and dove under the water and swam along the cave floor where he found a green yo-yo among sunken pirate treasure. He grabbed the yo-yo along with a gold necklace with a black gem connected to it before swimming back to the surface and over to Sasuke.

"Is this the yo-yo?" Naruto asked handing the round device to Sasuke.

"Yea! Thanks Naruto...You're a great help!" Sasuke smiled happily.

"I'm glad to be...Here this is for you so you can remember me." Naruto smiled holding out the necklace. Sasukes eyes light up and gently take the necklace from Naruto.

'Naruto!' The boy jumped and spun around to see an older look like man.

"I...I have to go...Hopefully I see you again." Naruto said and swam away towards the man who was giving him a hard look.

'Gomen* Otou-San*.' Naruto telepathecally said to his father, his father only dove to beneath the water with out so much giving his son a look or a word of anger. Naruto waved to Sasuke before diving back under.

'Do you have ANY idea how scared you had me? And besides seeing your mother, how many times have I told you NOT TO GO TO THE SURFACE?' Naruto's father yelled at him as the swam back through the chute and to the small caze he was suprised to see that his father was able to fit in. Naruto only kept his mouth shut.

'I hope that one day I can see Sasuke again.' Naruto thought privately as he and his father returned him

Fast forward into the present:

Naruto opened his eyes starring at the ceiling of the cave he had been visiting since he was child and now it was his sleeping space after feeding. Only a couple years ago when he turned thirteen his mother taught him how to get legs and feed like a vampire. Since then he hasn't been able to feed like a normal merman.

"Naruto honey you need to get back to your father he's probably worried." A woman in a black dress said sitting at the ledge letting her feet slip into the water. The woman had violet eyes with red specs in them.

"Kaa-san...he's in a prissy mood again...I'm just going to lie here." Naruto said flapping his tail up and down in the water.

"Why's that honey?" She asked leaning back on her hands.

"He misses you...he wishes he could be a human or a vampire like you...so he can be with you." Naruto explained locking his hands behind his head.

"I can understand that. He has to stay in the underwater kingdom waiting for his son to come home from being a human in the night and can only see his wife every full moon. It's sad that he can only be a human for one night. It must be hard on Minato." Kushina explained opening her eyes to reveal sadness.

"Yea, I wish I could do something to help him so we could all be one big huge family...But thats probably never going to happen." Naruto said before sitting up and starred at his orangish red fin. "But you're right, I need to get home." He said again and slipped into the water.

"Remember honey tonight is the first night you get to hunting solo, consider this as a test... If you panic you know where I lurk." Kushina explained before vanishing in a black spoke.

"I'm never going to figure out how she does that." Naruto sighed and dove under the water swimming back towards the under water kingdom hidden behind a wall of seaweed. The kingdom was built out of rocks inside a dead volcano. His father was waiting for him at the entrance gates to the cave.

'How was your visit with Kushina?' Minato asked greeting his son with a hug.

'It was...interesting...I chased a squirrel thinking it was a human...I've actually been doing that a lot lately. I've been selecting animals as victims than I do humans.' Naruto explained wriggling akwardly out of the hug, Minato only chuckled at this.

'Maybe its because you long to be like them...like how I've always caught you watching them since you were a kid. Ever since you talked to that human boy.' Minato explained the both of them swimming to their small home in the kingdom.

'You mean Sasuke...Yea, he's never came back to that cave since that day...So he probably only thought it a dream even though I gave him something to remember me by. By the way mom misses you to.' Naruto let him know swimming over to their under water *food storage and pulled out a bowl of fried seaweed*. Everything was quiet again, like it usually was, Naruto because he didn't know what to say to his father and Minato because he knew he couldn't stop his only son from going to the surface. Like every day under the sea Naruto stayed on guard duty with his best friend Hinata who was the princess.

'Is your father still sulking over the fact he won't be seeing Kushina for another month?' Hinata asked swimming above the seaweed wall on her back.

'Yea and because I'm never home except for an hour every morning and 30 minutes at before having to go to the surface.' Naruto explained his eyes sadening like his mothers.

'Be patient with him, he'll come around. Maybe one day my father will finally decide to stop having a sword fish shoved up his ass and have Kushina come down here and live as a mermaid and you a full merman!' Hinata said excitedly spinning in a circle.

'I want to be a human Hinata...there is someone I want to be with...Someone I need to find.' Naruto suddenly said pausing in his swimming.

'Then go for it! Spend your days on the surface and stay her at night with your father!' Hinata suggested swimming till she was right in front of Naruto. The blond stayed there and thought about it.

'If I do that Hinata then I can't come back, but...you're right...I need to go! Tell everyone I was chased by a shark and I just didn't come back.' Naruto explained beginning to swim away, Hinata only stayed there with a smile on her face.

'Good luck Naruto-Kun...I believe in you.' She thought watching her friend swim away. Naruto swam till he was in that small cave climbing onto shore and waited for his fin to dry out, waiting for his legs to appear before slipping on the pair of black boxers with baggy blue jeans and a black muscle shirt walking out of the cave onto the beach, for once in the sunlight. He was curious at watching all the teenage kids running around in the sun.

'Better go find one of those so call pay phones and call Kaa-San.' He thought heading to a set of stairs which lead up to the road. Many times he almost got ran into by bycilists or mo-ped drivers before he found a pay phone. With his magical merman powers he was able to trick the payphone into thinking he had paid for the phone call and dialed Kushina's number.

"Good afternoon this Psychic Reader Madam Uzu!" His mothers voice rang out loudly into the phone.

"Hi Kaa-San!" Naruto said waiting for the screaming to come.

"Naruto? How in the hell are you on a phone? OH MY GAWD your father is going to fucking kill me! I'm guessing you're still at the beach! You wait there I'm sending Mikoto my assistant to come get you! Don't you DARE move from that spot you're at!" His mother yelled into the phone before it went dead, yep he was right she was pissed and like he was told he waited on a bench not that far from the pay phone and watched the many people go buy.

"Like oh mi gawd you are such the cutey!" A girl with long blond hair said coming over and sat next to him.

"Oh...Hi there and um...thanks?" Naruto said compltly unaware on how to respond. This was his first official meeting with another human.

"I'm Yamanaka Ino...what's your name?" The girl named Ino asked scooting closer to him. Naruto was becoming nervous now.

"Um...uhh...Uzumaki Naruto." He answered deciding it best to just use his mothers last name.

"Oh Mi Gawd your related to Madam Uzu aka Kushina Uzumaki the most famous Psychic in all of Sapporo!" The Ino girl screeched and Naruto forced himself not mouth the word owe.

"Yea...I am..." Naruto said as the girl kept starring at him basking her eyelashes at him.

"Well then how about I show you around the town." Ino said scooting even closer to Naruto.

"Um uh no thanks I promised my mother I wouldn't move from this spot." Naruto stammered his face heating up.

"Oh come on do you always do what your mommy tells you?" Ino asked seductively beginning to climb onto Naruto's lap.

"N-no but sh-she is scary when angered." Naruto gulped stuttering a bit.

"Aren't all parents, come on you need to live a little." Ino smirked leaning in to kiss Naruto.

"I'm...I'mintoguys!" Naruto nearly shouted everything going quiet and still for a second.

"Oh...I'm sorry! I had no idea! Well thats a bummer, how come all the cute guys are gay? Even my ex-crush Sasuke is gay!" Ino wailed as a black limo pulled up and Naruto was yanked in by a black haired woman.


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